What a disgrace

Facebook is another web vehicle for scumbags, pedophiles, criminals, losers and egotistical showoffs to bring attention to themselves.

The website serves absolutely zero purpose yet is used by millions and possibly billions of people around the world.

What is the Purpose of Facebook?

Not unlike the Jews in what became  Nazi Germany, Facebook is a network that caters to Jews and Jew backers.  Facebook claims it is about “connecting with people you know already such as classmates (homosexual partners), friends (cell mates), family (incest) and co-workers (people you hate)”.  This is a front for the real purpose of allowing Jews and Jew backers to plan their hostile takeover.

The ridiculous System

If facebook was in the real world, every person would spend their entire days masturbating in their mother’s garage to scat porn.  Fagbook encourages censorship and antisocial behavior.  Facebook also places importance on things which are not important.

For example take a look at what happens if God Forbid, you try to “Connect” with new people on facebook (below).  It is if to say, when you walk outside the house, you cannot talk to anyone who you don’t already know.  Oh well, there’s always homo-erotic fecal scat porn masturbation in the garage.

There is so much negativity associated with facebook this post is being cut short due to the writing of the Reasons To Hate America book, soon to be available on Amazon.


American Football


Typical American Football Game

They call this violent mess of a sport football yet only 1 player on each team actually touches the ball with their foot.  To top it off the ball isn’t a ball, it’s a weird egg shaped thing with stitches in it like a pastry for dessert.  They obviously shape it like a pastry to please the obese black Africans and white fat slobs that make up 1/2 of the team.

American football is played on what amounts to a prison yard.  The players are encased in hard plastic exoskeletons to help avoid the battering by the defensive players which are the equivalent (literally) of violent criminals and rapists.  The field is surrounded by cameras to catch every single criminal offense and to shield the violent, sociopathic crowd, consisting with a mix of homosexuals looking at the grown men wearing tights with their testicles and penises protruding, n0-life losers and of course alcoholics and inbreds.

60-80k Scumbags in 1 Arena

The fans and players are separated because even though the sheer number of obese American alcoholic fans are more dangerous than the ex convict players on the field.   If the fans and players intermingled, a bloodbath would no doubt ensue but the American Football League found a way to remedy the problem.

To dissuade the fans from trying to come to the field and violently assaulting the violent criminals known as players, the white supremacist, racist, slave-owner team owners raided the nearby brothels for the finest whores and assembled “cheerleading squads.”  These groups of disease ridden prostitutes were given drugs and often given silicon breast implants and told to act themselves (selfish, fake, Godless whores) to take away the violent tendencies of the fans.

The Most Racist Sport in the World

American football is by far the most unjust and racist sport in the world today.  Only black African niggeros are permitted to be the stars at most positions while whites are appointed the kicking or throwing positions.  The referees are dressed like zebras to remind all the black African Niggeros that just like Africa, they must run from the slave masters.  The slave master of course, is the white man playing the throwing position or quarter back.

Asian, Persian and small people are not permitted to play and although the league is made up of 99% black Africans the owners of every team are white, 99% of the fans are white and all the zebra wearing referees are white.

Dangerous Violent Criminals

The sport is filled with almost 90% violent criminals including rapists, child molesters, murderers as well as too many to count  drunk drivers driving down streets with the intent of mowing down innocent pedestrians.  The violence taught from an early age in the juvenile detention centers is carried on through each player’s career in this horrendous and violent sport.

When players decide to leave the game they usually have more money than people of their color deserve and they buy guns, knives and vehicular weapons that they assault innocent people with.  The sport of American football makes no sense and is easily one of 58 reasons to Hate America.

American Football Player's Pension Plan

American Football Player's Pension Plans

Apple Macintosh

Taking over the World, 1 Yuppie Scum at a Time

Typical Yuppie Scum Mac Consumers

Typical Yuppie Scum Mac Consumers

America is the birthplace of Apple Macintosh.  This horrible creation was spawned by the master extortion artist himself, Steve Jobs.  Other than the statistically proven 90% of the rest of the world which is ran by the upper .01% of Jewish bankers Apple Macintosh is ran by a criminal with a devious mind.

The company also known as Mac is one of the most harmful entities to enter the retail world since homosexual fashion designers decided to put their name on products and sell them for several thousand times more than what they are actually worth.

Mac Products are Specifically Designed to Divide

The primary purpose of the existence of Mac products is to divide the population to the point where people who have a Mac iPod, iPad, iMac, or iPhone are upper class and the people that don’t are lower class.  The domino effect creates a worldwide class divide between these two groups.   This causes countries outside of America to charge astronomical prices for these pointless products

Perceived Innovation = Pointless Excess

Apple Macintosh products are perceived to be innovative when in fact they are nothing but phallic objects for dysfunctional, mindless corporate drones which populate Americas upper and middle class areas.

These Americans are so inept at leading a successful life, they turn to these phallic objects which serve ABSOLUTELY no real purpose to help them bury thoughts of suicide and homosexual urges.  They go to Starbucks and drink a coffee

Recent Studies have Proven 95% of Mac Users are Homosexual

America has a huge homosexual problem and there is no coincidence that there is a direct correlation with the rise of Apple Macintosh product ownership and a rise of the homosexual problem in America.  This creates a problem for the entire world as people see these Americans

Typical Apple Product Launch in the USA
Typical Apple Product Launch in the US

Rap Music

Dressed by his Mother Scumbag Rapper

Scumbag Rapper

Obviously Dressed by his Mother

Only in America…

Would a RAPE belt buckle wearing, piece of human excrement who is dressed by his own mother be worshipped by millions.

Following false idols is what Americans do best.  It started with the made up bearded guy who is nailed to the cross and now every suburban city in America has millions of rich, upper class white kids worshiping rappers and listening to rap music.

These white suburban kids drive their parents BMWs and play the loud utterance of noise known as rap music while they make believe they are a thug from the mean streets of urban America.

Rap is Crap

The term music can be loosely used when you talk about the syntehsized garbage and yelling from men dressed as children with the intelligence of infants.

Rap music is not music but a form of poetry created in the prison system to make it easier to get raped by the cellmate Bubba.

America is the birthplace of rap music, a reason in itself to make it one of the 58 reasons to hate America but the rappers who perform this garbage make it even worse.

If you took every single chart-topping rap artist you would have the equivelant of a 10,000 pound steaming pile of animal dung.  These rappers or hip-hop artists make money off the low intelligent Americans and spread the American plague all over the world.

Rappers are often in-the-closet homosexuals who are dressed by their parents and they act tough, showing off their street cred.  The fecal matter of America could be considered rappers.  Rap music and rappers are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Where Rap Started and where Rappers Belong

Where Rap Started and where Rappers Belong

Digg and Reddit

Digg and Reddit Suck

Digg and Reddit Suck

You thought Fox News was Bad

Americans are the most informed people in the world.  If they are not on the internet, they are watching tv, and if they’re not watching tv or on the internet they’re listening to the radio driving their SUV that is stuck in traffic.

Americans are the most uninformed people in the world.  The average fat and lazy American sits around and takes in multiple forms of media.

On the television they watch American news stations which broadcast all the happenings from the skewed perspective of Jewish owned news media.

On the radio they listen to social outcasts on NPR who talk about everything under the sun which matters to other social outcasts.  On the internet with regards to news, there are 2 types of Americans.  1.  Americans who visit the websites of the Jewish owned news media stations and 2.  Americans who view Digg, Reddit and other social websites such as facebook, technorati, etc. etc.

There is no other way to put it, people who use Digg and Reddit which are the largest bookmarking sites are complete and total losers!

These people have no motivation to find the meaning of life so they find the most insignificant stories about some complete hogwash and then comment about it.

These immature comments from immature idiots are then rated by other complete morons until there is a giant pile of E-fecal matter piled up in cyberspace.

What happens is these Diggers and Reddit Retards start looking for different versions of the same story and try to make smart allec comments to get thumbs up from other losers that thing their comment is witty.

The E-fecal matter which is the result of these American “social bookmarking sites” is becoming some crude form of reality for these people who couldn’t function in a functioning society.

Lucky America is not a functioning society so Digg and Reddit and all other social websites are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

People who use Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

Americans all Speak 1 Language:  Functional Illiteracy

There is a saying that goes around which goes like this:  Most bright people speak 2 languages.  Very intelligent people speak 3 or more languages.  What are people called who only speak 1 language?


This is only partly true.  Americans speak a crude form of English which is only understood by other Americans.  The language which most accurately could be called American makes the country as a whole look completely idiotic.

The problem with American is people create their own words and combination of words.  While this may sound like a productive way to advance a language it is NOT, in America.

In America people string together words with profanities.  Profanities which include a slew of four letter words and various combination of words actually have no defined meaning.

These words are used by unintelligent and uneducated people to express feeling which they are not smart enough to express without profanity.  Profanity causes the idiotic to look completely moronic and vice versa.

Profanity is often used to be loud and make an insignificant point.  This happens often when people want to voice their loud, yet insignificant opinion.

Case in point this blog called CENSOREDinappropriate.com This blogger obviously has nothing to say, or observations to discuss so he uses profanity.

It looks like it may be a collaborative effort between in-the-closet homosexual lovers Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh but then again it could be this individual.

This blog is not about opinion.  This blog is about observation.  There are no prejudiced opinions on this blog only years of observations and there is not 1 word of profanity.

Myspace & Facebook

Saigon Street Whore Hard at Work

Saigon Street Whore Hard at Work

Which American Creation Spawned this Skank ?

If you’re not a moron like most of you idiots reading this post, you will know that it was myspace which spawned the reality show superstar.

Tila Tequila who thanks to myspace is out in LA or something rather than working some corner or being a bar girl in Saigon.

Myspace has created the fake friend revolution which has dominated the internet as of late is one of many reasons to hate America.

Before Myspace other websites such as classmates tried to innocently spam you into getting to know or spy on the losers you hated in high school.

Where classmates failed, myspace tricked you into thinking you were creating a webpage for yourself when you were really creating a webpage for the idiots you hated in high school.

What happened is people became addicted to their online representation to where their real life is secondary to their “pimped out profile.”

Any sensible person would think that only young kids would fall to this debauchery but it took the world by storm.  It all started with myspace which allowed for people to have the freedom to make themselves look cool when in fact they were total losers.

After internet scumbags desecrated myspace with Adult Friend Finder type spam, people jumped to the more secure Facebook which is like a douchebag breeding ground.  Facebook allows users to create their own world free from the outside world which is obviously cruel to them.  It allows users to block and sensor everything like their own personal fascist dictatorship.

Whether myspace,  facebook and all the other copycat sites are here to stay is one thing, but there is one thing for certain, myspace and facebook are one of 58 reasons to hate America.