Chapter 1: The People

America... What a Country

America... What a Country

Let me introduce myself. I am a native American of 30 years. Hmmmm…

Let me re-introduce myself. I am a non-native, native American of 30 years. I was born and raised in this country and have traveled the world looking for another place to call my home.

In 6 months I will leave this country, perhaps for good, most definately to better my life in a place which someone is able to find the meaning of life without the harmful effects of living in such a terrible place such as the United States.

Unlike most people in this country who are brainwashed by the mass media and of course, the American Dream, I have kept my eyes, ears and thoughts receptive to what is going on around me.

Only being able to live in a single place, an urban city I can see exactly why many people around this great Earth cringe when they hear about Americans.

The first chapter of Reasons to Hate America is devoted to the People


2 responses to “Chapter 1: The People

  1. George Bush. awesome

  2. Damn you must have been really bored.

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