White People

A Devil in a 3-Piece Suit, Honkey Scumbag

A Devil in a 3-Piece Suit, Honkey Scumbag

The so called ruling class of the United States may not 100% be the cancer which makes the United States unlivable. White people are the carcinogen which has helped create the the terminal cancer which plagues this doomed country.
This is not a malicious racist article about white people but an observation about white America. Stereotypes are not 100% reliable, just only about 97.5% reliable.

The problem with white people in America started hundreds of years ago. Immigration allowed enemies to live amongst each other. The inner breading of enemies and polar opposite ethnic groups created a mutation in the genes of the people of the united states hundreds of years ago.

Hundreds of years later the country is experiencing the effect of the biggest problem this Earth has ever faced. The mixture of ethnic groups which make up white people are directly responsible for the accelerated planetary problems which will eventually cause Earth’s demise prematurely.

White people care nothing about anything but themselves. The pure lack of altruism has caused a parasitic-like quality of white people which has taken away their ability to think rationally.

White people consume researches like no other force this planet has ever seen. Consuming is not the problem. White people consume without producing any resources and are sucking up the planet dry.

If you know white people, they only care about themselves and would do nothing to help anybody outside of their families. White people don’t understand the importance of balance which has caused an obesity epidemic and increased health problems.

White people have also interbreeded with people of other color which has further mutated the genes and has destroyed social order.

White people interfere in other people’s business only when it can benefit themselves. They are compulsive liars who have an altered sense of reality. If they see a problem with people of other color, they will intervene to satisfy their urges. As soon as they are satisfied, they will let the other people suffer again without notice.

Americans, the scum and plague of the planet earth, its ecosystems and cultures. Just one of 58 reasons to 58 America.


33 responses to “White People

  1. You are either one ugly fat woman, or one gay pedophile. White trash no doubt, get a life.

  2. This is all horrible bullshit. Your blog should be taken offline. You make no valid points and all of your sensationalist banter makes you a complete jackass.

  3. Your a twat.

  4. Niggers are Retarded Criminals

    You are obviously a filthy idiot negro, because it’s pretty fucking obvious that if there were no Europeans to help civilize the other races you all would still be running around impaling each other with spears in the jungle… essentially “white people” granted you 10,000 years of technology and civilization in about 200 years. So by all fuckin means, if you think its so bad here go back to your dirt hole motherland Africa and try to start from step one. It’s pretty much in the same condition it was 500 years ago, save a little more technology. Maybe you can show us “white people” hows its done ehh? You worthless dumbshit, you and your entire race should be forever grateful that those Europeans didn’t wipe you out when they first happened upon your god-forsaken asses, and instead chose to share something we call society with you.

    • This blog was actually made by a white person. Who’s the nigger now?

      White people was a disease that allowed vitilligo to become normal in the common society because they were tired of being too weird. The growth of the white society has since spread like bacteria where they are not wanted, infected everyone who is was better than them.

      I love treating Americans wrong. 🙂

    • Stop thinking like this is 1928 stupid fuck!

  5. If it wasn’t for white people niggers would have never gotten to live in America, yet they bitch still.

  6. You fucking mother ass bitch cunt nigger! The only reason why White people are a failure is because we FAILED to exterminate the fucking niggers when we invented AIDS to kill them all.

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank you wonderful people for showing off your witty genius!

  8. Oh well. I know a white girl who thinks white guys are retarded anyway, and most of the people I know hate white Americans…

  9. Also, Bush is ghetto.

  10. funny when hateful things are said about white people, it’s funny… No white person is driven into a foaming rage about it. Ha ha.. “honkey”
    Why is that? Because we know it’s just not true.

    But with Black people we have to tip toe around actual historical facts.. You can’t say anything about how they never produced a written language and have to stand there and nod politely when Afrocentric loonies claim Blacks brought civilization to Ancient Greece..

    You cannot even mention all the simple statistical facts about crime or AIDS or deadbeat dads without a ten mintute preamble about how terrible it must be to be black in America.

    I guess that is the P.C. solution to our nation’s problems.. Don’t ever mention them ..

    • Are you serious, obviously you didn’t read the first couple of posts of angry white people…..maybe you can’t read.

      That’s because white people are constantly becoming dumber and dumber as evolution takes it’s affect on the vitiligo born nation.

  11. White people are the majority so there are more white scumbags than any other race, it’s a matter of math!

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  13. if america sucks so bad then get the fuck out

  14. bigdickasianman

    i hate racist ass white people 1 day you all should be afraid because you have made enemies with the entire world. you’re all just cause you have to do penis surgeries to make you a better man and catch up with colored people its funny you guys stole everything for everybody else but your demise will come soon buy all the guns you can little dick white racist man….lol

  15. bigdickasianman

    from everybody else…. damn thieves……. fucking neanderthals… cave people

  16. bigdickasianman

    honestly it just shows how pitiful you white people are, and this is coming from an asian, you steal, you cheat, you lie, your racist because you have baby dicks, & because the white women hate but love black men and my chinese ass to. do all the other races a favor & go kill yourself…. i would love that so much… 10 yrs & counting in the Marine Corp. try me..lol (bigot)

    • Seriously!? Its a proven fact (do some research). Asians have the smallest dicks. U know and everyone else knows it! Every time I fuck an asian (I love their hairy bushes) they can barley take my dick. Asian = Baby dick (and they know it)

  17. bigdickasianman

    oh 2 gus man your mother sucks really good dick.. fuck man

  18. bigdickasianman

    honestly think about it you’re the majority so fucking what but your women is starting to get tired of the lying ass white men & are going for other races of men leaving your hatefull ass to go & fuck other racist white men….hahahahahahahahahaa you white demon

  19. bigdickasianman

    honestly us asian don’t like white people non-whatsoever we just use yall cause yall are ignorant monkey’s

  20. I’m really urged in meeting you. You could write a book, i insist, you are great! it’s funny, and real (accurate measures) in describing humanity.

  21. ronpaulfreemason

    i LOVE the absolute truth of this blog. got less than 2 years left in this stinking toilet bowl part of the earth. the sheeple have no clue that more and more each day they are closer to being a banana republic. can antone say baah……..http://www.theamericansheeple.com

  22. now I know one thing holds true in my book. where I live we got whats called the bluff and when you get in someones way youa asking foa trouble over at HE# foods they ram theya shopping cart at you if they don’t like you I know I do it all the time.

  23. I was reading your blog about white people in America. Too funny! You made me just laugh. I also read the comments to your detractors. People getting offended for nothing.

    Clue people–You don’t like it, don’t read it!

    I am a white person, and an American.

  24. I like white people and they are cool too hang out with. go to a white persons garage sale and see how well they take care of their stuff. don’t you feel like just burning the mExIcAn flag

  25. too fuckin funny! some people just don’t get satire.

  26. Well, the blogger does have one point. Who besides whiteys ever vote Republican? That’s how we got Bush 1 and 2 foisted upon us.

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