Black People

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

What is a Word which Starts with an N which you Never  want to Call a Black Person?


Leave it to white people to do what is worst for their own country. Well, leave it to white people to do what is worst for the country they took over by exterminating the native inhabitants.

Back in the day, when exactly, nobody cares, white people went over to the most violent, uneducated continent and kidnapped, murdered and enslaved its native people. Simply because white people only care about themselves or other people when it benefits them, they had the idea of bringing back a bunch of black people from Africa to do all their work.

Fast forward a few hundred years to our current situation and you can see how the ruling white people of a few hundred years a ago, who only cared about themselves have ruined America today.

Black people are poor. This is a good thing because if they had money there would be no limit to the crime and problems which exist in black America.

Similar to white people, black people tend to care only about themselves but use an extreme and violent method of showing this. The prison system in the United States is made up of over 50% black people while black people only make up less than 20% of the total population.

Black people cause violence. While a white person may neglect, cheat and lie, black people resort to violence to satisfy their urges. Each ghetto or terrible area of any city in the United States consists primarily of black people.

Black people will kill, rape, and harm anybody who get in their way, which is usually other black people, but sometimes white people, Mexican people, Asian people and whoever else.

Give a black person money and they will most likely use it for purposes which benefit absolutely nothing, not even themselves because they are too stupid to understand anything.

Black Americans are the most unintelligent ethnic group. Look at the way they talk and carry themselves. Their role models are nonexistant in their real lives so they resort to other black people who are negative influences such as rappers, criminals and inmates.

Accuse a black person about anything mentioned, and inevitably you will be called a racist. Black people use racism of dozens to hundreds of years ago as a pathetic excuse for “those people” to act like they just had a spear thrown at them and want to throw another spear.

Black people are like poisonous insects or reptiles which exist in your children’s sand box. The only obvious difference is black people are loud and obnoxious and unintelligent so you will easily know of their presence and be able to move away or avoid them so you and your children will not be raped or murdered.

Remember this is all based on stereotypes so it is not true 100% of the time, only 95% of the time. Black people are one of the 58 reasons to hate America. Wake up and smell the 40 of Old English malt liquor and you may come to your senses and move to the farthest place away from black people and live a happy life away from America.


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  1. what a horrible piece of shit you are.

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    Thanks for your intelligent comment. You can now go back to work at McDonalds on Monday and tell all your friends you can spell shit.

    Congratulations !

  3. It’s ugly, but it is true. We are paying the price for sure.

  4. man, youre just a hater, its peopel like you that make the world worse

  5. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  6. so white ppl dont kill people? oh i guess they just like sticking their dicks into little boys. There are a lot of good black ppl in America you just dont here about it cause the white boy dont want you to. do your research, bitch.people in poverty have high crime rates everywhere in the world. Get a fucking life.

    • no white people don’t murder people at and astronomical rate like blacks. and as far as molesters go, Hispanics are the #1 group for molesting. There are a lot of good blacks, but there is not one race, on earth, that can run and maintain a country like white men. Asians are oppressive, Hispanics are corrupt and lazy, arabs are lazy and smell, black people are the dumbest of all races (its been scientifically proven, and look at the countries not ran by whites in africa. all stereotypes are based on some truth.
      This is speaking on race as a collective group not race as individuals. This sounds racially insensitive, but facts don’t lie. there is not one 3rd world country where the majority is white. Sheena if you are white there is nothing wrong with being a member of the white race, we have the best nations, armies, inventions, political and economic systems, the best and actually the most generous race in the world. I’m going to deal with LaJuan and destroy him.

      • hey man, i agree with some of what you said. But in one of you articles, you mentioned how ignorant and stupid some people are for watching too much TV and listin to the news. Yet you call every race other than white bad because of what is on TV. Arabs, you called them lazy and smelly when most arabs in middleeastern countries are richer and cleaner than most americans, you are ignorant but i have been to the middleeast and what we see on TV is 10% true. I found arabs to be clean, friendly and they treat a guest like a family, and lazy? are you serious? they run circles around you when it comes to work. White americans are the laziest fuckers on earth and don’t get me started on women here. Women there in the middleeast have rights, what you see on TV is not always true, most women there have rights, they work if they can, they raise thier children the best they can with with the little they have and they still manage to look the best and stay in shape unlike women here who are mostly fat and lazy. Have you been close to a fact american lately? yea they fucking smell.
        Mexicans, i have never been to mexico but i assure you, they have good and bad, and to prove your ignorance, you said ” mexicans” which iam pretty sure you meant south americans as well, but you are ignorant and brainwashed by TV.

  7. Black people are in prison only because white people try to keep the black man down.

    Blacks are physically superior to whites so whites use their numbers to suppress us.

    • no there in prison because that is there excuse for being lazy and incompetent. hey dumbass don’t just look at football and basketball there are thousands of sports mostly dominated by whites. dont get me wrong i did play college football and i had speed like a brother but blacks are not superior. Worlds strongest man white. fastest swimmer white, i can go on and on blacks are not physically superior. They are mentally inferior also. because the brain mass in a black is substantially less that a white. we don’t use numbers we are smarter, one white man equals 12 black men. why is it an all white 30 man platoon of army rangers can kill 12oo Somalians, when the fire power was evenly matched. m-16 vs. AK-47. Black people were enslaved by every other race on earth due to the fact your physically and mentally inferior. the British waxed the Zulu, the dutch fucked up refashions, even the french kicked some ass in the congo. think about you would not even been able to make your post unless the white man invented the computer, and we did, and made them better, manufacture them the overall brain behind every entity is white. You can be a middle manager though to keep jesse jackson off our back. one other thing, i would tear your bitch ass up at any sport. nice name LaJuan your parents obviously had no sense, i mean your mom, cuz u don’t have dads. It probably does suck to know that you will always be poor because of the white man…I guess thats your excuse.

      • When he said physically, he also meant it doesn’t take much for the darker skin to dominate lighter skin. If a white woman marries a black man (vise versa) and has children with her/him, the baby will be darker naturally. Blacks have the capacity to dominate the world physically. In fact, black people are the majority in the world. And in numbers they can rule.

        But with the “white” system of government, of course, they’d be better at ruling their own system of government because they destroyed everybody else’s and put their own system in it.

        But if the white people were so good at running the world, we wouldn’t have had an issue like the “oil crises” which was caused by a white-owned business that had nothing to do with the government. And who invented that idea of laissez-faire? White people.

        They are destroying the earth, the animals on it, the poor, heck, their own people in war. This planet is going to be destroyed because of white people. Nice job, white people, you even killed yourselves with pollution.

        The only people who ran the earth correctly was the natives who took into consideration the nature and how we should share it. White people are too stupid to understand that concept. Their idea of “education” is so twisted that it’s not even free to go to college. To get their “education” you have to be rich and be in the higher “classes” of society. That education is not the best education.

        And white people didn’t improve computers, the Asians did. Almost everything in your house is made in China. Read the labels…or maybe you don’t know how.

        What you need to remember is it takes all races to make a whole: the Human race.

    • Or a F’n idiot. Yes blacks can run faster (thousands of years of practice) but Whites would fuck you up… Look at the UFC… For the most part Whites dominate… Lesnar is the Heavyweight Champ. St. Pierre is champ… I could o on and on.. Whites are the more physically impressive specimens. Whites run bodybuilding as well. Gotta love black bush though!

  8. I said 3 months ago… if another republican pres in the white house I’m moving to Canada, and a blackey has to get voted in,

    I guess I’m moving down to Mexico

  9. Every race has its own evil and shit in it..america is just fuckin doomed… I love this site.. its so good that you can ” talk directly” about how fucked up people really are”and yes..the greedy white man,did fuck this country up… i dont see any blogs about the financial jewish monster here,why not?the need too be irradicated

  10. Mexican isn’t a race

  11. reasonstohateamerica

    Mexican ain’t a race, a true dipshit

  12. And like any good authoritarian obsessed with governmental “social management”, you probably imagine that you could just “ban them”. We’ll leave that predeliction for fascism and boxcars to the likes of your heroes, and do our best with our individual freedoms – the same ones that are building the black middle class. In case you’re wondering they’re the most prosperous of any minority on earth.

  13. reasonstohateamerica

    I just took a shit and ate it, tasted like African Food.

  14. I think it’s really really unfair if you would judge people that GENERAL. Remember, NOT ALL Black people do the most horrible things.

    No offense to other people, but let’s admit that MOST of the black people in black communities really are dangerous. That’s why, there’s a community called THE HOOD, and it’s a really scary place. Why? Because the kind of attitude of black people in the HOOD are really scary.
    It’s in the way they are raised. Let’s admit it. Most black families living in America are poor, have very hard emotional problems, are into drugs, and some other bad things. And if they have a problem, they tend to lash out on others to make themselves feel better. Like black gangs. I’m not a racist or anything but, It’s really what I observe.

    Also, I heard the story about the murders Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian where all the suspects were black people. It made me really scared on black people. Research it in GOOGLE. It will scare the heck out of you. I feel so bad for them. May they already find peace…

  15. Another, I think all people of different races do very bad things. it doesn’t matter if you are black or white or latino and etc.

    Still, it’s unfair to judge people that generally. Look at Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Neyo, Tyler James Williams, they are black people yet they have good reputations.

  16. ive lived in america my entire life and this is one of the biggest reasons why i cant wait till i move back to europe. im not a rasict exactly, i just cant stand how ignerant black people really are, and the deffintion of nigger is ignerant. (dnt mind the spelling and caps)

  17. ffffff, get over yourself. reasonstohateamerica, likewise.
    Steve, pretty much.
    nonrasict, every human since the dawn of time has been making the world worse.
    Sheena, white people do kill people, and we do rape little boys, but mental problems dont discrimanate. everyone knows theres good black people in america but theres so many bad ones that it really gets old.
    Lajuan Washinton, wth? the white man keeping you down? and stop boasting. blacks arent naturally stronger or faster to whites, its just that most african americans used to work till they died of exaustion.
    MIKE MORRISS, yea, most everyone in america is evil nowadays. and white people used to be the worst.
    Joe Norey, i dont think he plans on banning black people, becuase this websites called reasons to hate america, not what i want to ban. and yea, the black middle class needs to grow alot, no effense.
    reasonstohateamerica, lol, ur ghey.

  18. I think it’s very funny that you can call black people ignorant, but you can’t even spell the word, or about 10 other words on that very short post you made.
    Ignorant – uneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication;

    That definition is what comes up when you type “define ignorant” in google. Wonder what would have come up if you tried to define your version. 🙂

    Anyway, if you are gonna call someone else stupid, should make sure you spell it right.

  19. We all know that racism exists, but the level of hatred and ignorance on this blog truelly scares me to the core of my soul. Thankfully I can choose not to be around it.


  21. LOL, it’s Truly sad that somebody spelled truly, “Truelly” which shows that most people reading this blog are probably just what is said in it 😦

  22. Well, you have a point here.

    Blacks are the bane of America, and will eventually break it…just by being what they are.

    You still miss the mark on 95% of the rest of the site, though.

  23. Wow, this blog is such an interesting social experiment. Kudos to you for drawing your readers out in such a completely ironic way.

  24. Most blacks are generally fucked up in the head ,and it could have too do with their white oppressors , but for those decent black folks out there , who would not send their kids too school with a wild bunch of monkeys, I respect you too the fullest,the ghetto,hood is worst than a jungle, 99.9 % of the people are fucking lying stealing cheating, fucking or trying too fuck relatives and close friend’s, from the afterhours night club and then too church on sunday morning crying the blues about the devil, listen nigga I know crack and cocaine and guns arent made in the hood , but you put it in your hands and your peoples arms and lungs and further sabatage your people, so if you are one of thoses niggas cryin the blues bout the whiteman put;s these drugs here.. which obviously we know he does, too keep the courts and the jails and the money flowing, its up too you,you are youre own victim because you want too be, so acess you life if you give a fuck,



  26. dear blogger: I would like to meet you in person, or even see a photo of you, because i KNOW that your a fucking pasty white kid who has led a sheltered life and doesnt know a fucking thing about the world, and i just want to confirm it.

  27. I’m not an American but as a member of an allied army I have worked closely with Americans for almost 10 years, in what are undoubtedly the most difficult and stressful conditions anyone will ever encounter.
    It is during these times that a person cannot help but drop the facade that they travel through life showing to the world.
    Now from my own experiences Black men
    will break down and cry faster than any other,
    they are also far more likely to make mistakes under pressure, they have difficulty working as part of a team and are more likely to settle conflict with co-workers usin violence.

    Now for the upside. Black Men seem to have a
    empathizing side that I have not seen in any other race. They know when you are troubled or hurting and genuinely care about your response.

    By the way I am aware that this comment settles nothing but thought you’d still like to know.

  28. wow KKK must of wrote this article … What a P.O.S Piece of Shit,,, Ppl like you make me ashamed of being white myself

  29. reasonstohateamerica

    LOL @ the people who voted 0% True in the poll.

    People in denial are the worst kinds of Americans which include all Christians and these non-racist apologists.

    What a shithole country, lol

  30. whoever dis blogger is is gonna GET A PUNCH right on his stinkin ugly face!!!!!!!!!!
    GET THAT SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. I blame the education system, it’s failed, and that’s the reason that idiocy runs rampart in all races, however the part about them resorting to violence in any given conflict is spot on, luckily since natural selection DOES INDEED apply to humans, I say all of the black americans will go first, from no other reason then from themselves.

  32. haha love your blog!

  33. Hey, this is great! Where have you been all my life? I’ve not laughed this hard in a LONG time!!

    Nicely done…and I’m just getting started reading…LOL

  34. Look at africa today and rome 1000 years ago. Nigger apes are the cancer of humanity.


    Please don’t feed the trolls!

  36. Not on your life

    Wow. You’re just awesome! Even your comebacks are great. I totally understand what you are doing and I love it! Nothing is funnier than the truth and I have been laughing my ass off the entire time on this site. The best part is I’M AMERICAN! I really hate what has become of this potentially great place but damn it’s great to have a laugh with someone else that completely shares the same ideology. You spelled shit right, LOL. That’s just great. LOL LOL

  37. this is so fucked up and racist

    • I seen a black dude talk spanglish. 1 chicken wing my wife plays the lottery so chicken wing 2 wheelchair. I only have one water melon but don’t worry wheelchair. those negro’s live in large inner cities together with latinos and the language gets switched over.

  38. I love this guy, you know you are great. You should write a book some day I’ll be the first to buy.

  39. oh dont even fool yourselfs nonracist fucks commenting on this…black people are the shit stain of this country they are completley worthless most of the time taking advantage of welfare so they dont have to actually constribute to society…while spending most of the day gangbanging smoking weed and eating their usual diet of fried chicken,koolaid,and watermelon.

  40. Niggers smell

    Listen, the bottom line is NIGGERS RUINED THE WORLD AND SOCIETY. Thanks alot niggers for rap (not even real music), AIDS, and an increase of poverty and crime. Go back to africa and kill each other over there, with ur aids and ape like behavior.

  41. Xnigs smell bad

    Listen, the bottom line of the matter is NIGGERS RUINED THE WORLD AND SOCIETY. Thank you niggers for the following :
    1.Rap (not real music)
    3.Increase in crime and poverty
    And another thing, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SLAVERY. Oh look at me, im black, and bc my ancestors were slaves OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO it gives me the right to be a lazy nigger and take advantage of welfare and NOT work. Fuck u make me fucking sick. You all need to go back to africa, stay there, and kill each other over there with ur AIDS and ape like behavior. See you on the national geographic channel, spades.

    • i hate racist people

      Stuipd people like you need to be shot or killed damn what fuck is wrong with you white people came to america ruined they they are best race in the world but they arent they are most racist and volient and most stupid race they think its okay control people and think they are better than someone just cause skin is lighter wow that most stupidest shit i ever heard people like make the world terrible i wish i new who u were so i could fucking put u in ur place how bout u go back europe bitch ur fucking wow even just reading ur comment made me drop 10 i.q points it was so untellingent

    • all normal people have to do is breath the same air as them and get infected with the Acqueerd immune Deficiency syndrome.

  42. Clearly all of the deluded people who have cried out against “racism” in this post either have never lived among the filthy, primal, sub-human apes called blacks or are a few IQ points away from being clinically and certifiably retarded. Blacks (among other things) are, as others have said, a malignant cancer that has plagued this country since their introduction here. I agree that America has itself to blame, but let us admit fault and proceed to rectify this issue, or perhaps better put, to cure this malady. I call for the indiscriminate extermination of all niggers in this country, and preferably in the world; notice I did not say “blacks,” since, admittedly, not all blacks are niggers. The lives of the leftover blacks should be systematically reviewed and be allowed to either live or die (or to stay or leave), based on societal benefit (or detriment) that would result from permitting their continued existence.

  43. LOL, fuck niggers!

  44. Niggers ruined society

    Listen, the name says it all.

  45. Clearly all of the deluded people who have cried out against “racism” in this post either have never lived among the filthy, primal, sub-human apes called blacks or are a few IQ points away from being clinically and certifiably retarded. Blacks (among other things) are, as others have said, a malignant cancer that has plagued this country since their introduction here. I agree that America has itself to blame, but let us admit fault and proceed to rectify this issue, or perhaps better put, to cure this malady. I call for the indiscriminate extermination of all niggers in this country, and preferably in the world; notice I did not say “blacks,” since, admittedly, not all blacks are niggers. The leftover blacks should have their lives be systematically reviewed and should be allowed to either live or die (or to stay or leave), based on societal benefit (or detriment) that would result from permitting their continued existence. I would bet that most of the remaining blacks would also be killed or ejected from the country by this process, since blacks generally do no good regardless of whether they have decayed into niggers.

  46. In a moment of anger, I googled, “How do you make an ignorant black person shut up?” And this page came up. I’m currently having problems with a new group of people who moved a few houses down from me. They are horrible. They steal from our yards, curse and yell all day, the children are on the porch at noon when they should be at school, they give dirty looks and the children curse at us adults, they taunt and tease the dogs on our block, and their grandmother is a Section 8 ignorant woman who does not discipline her kids, but rather enables them by attacking “us white crackers” for caring about our street. I have never had a real problem with black people before. I don’t consider myself a racist. I believe all people deserve a fair shot and equal opportunity to be the best they possibly can be. Discrimination is vile and unfair. Hating someone because of their race, religion, etc (no matter how true the negative stereotypes may prove to be from time to time) is racist. When I meet a black person, I do not assume they are going to be violent. That’s just ridiculous. I also don’t think my new neighbors act the way they do because they are black, but rather because they are ignorant and trashy. This woman actually accused me of labeling her children and called me racist to try and shut me up and evade the issue at hand–her children are deviants and she can’t/won’t teach them how to behave. Meanwhile, she made some very nasty comments about the way I look and basically called me a “dike”. I saw red!…Then I asked her if she wanted to come inside, turn the lights down and work this out over a glass of wine (Just kidding). Over the last few weeks I’m beginning to make racial slurs and say things I never thought I’d say to myself. I am angry and it’s extremely frustrating to try and speak reasonably with a person who is combative, irrational, and to be perfectly frank, STUPID.
    I’ve read and thought about all that has been said. I have been teaching in the NYC public school system for 10 years now and I like to think of myself as an expert on this topic. What I’m about to say is going to sound racist, but it’s just based on experience and facts. My school is 90% black. Black parents love their children, but they do not equip them with the proper tools to be happy and contributing members of society. I have over 120 students a term, and for Parent Teacher Conferences I meet about 20 parents if I’m lucky (that’s combined over two days). The really sad part is that the parents who DO come up to meet me are the ones I don’t really need to see. These are the parents who actively care and contribute to their child’s education–and EDUCATION is the true key to power and success in many different ways. Education is not really valued in the black community. It’s thought of as a “white thing”. Speaking and writing proper English is also considered a “white thing”. I understand that teenagers are rebellious and generally don’t care about school, so I do take laziness with a grain of salt. However, the lack of parent involvement is terrifying. There are many students who come to class regularly and try very hard to do well–even ones who don’t try very hard but at least make the effort to come to class (which is more than I did in high school). But I firmly believe that they do this because they want to, not because their parents are encouraging them to. I call homes, send letters home and try very hard to get parents involved, but it seems that teachers are the parents when it comes to teaching morality, ethics and goals. I am hopeful that over time, there will be a rising up in the black community once it becomes a part of black culture to value education and start viewing as something valuable. Ghetto mentality is the true problem. The person who started this topic does have their facts straight for the most part when it comes to history and statistics, however, I find it very hard to accept the idea that black people, or any people for that matter, are genetically superior or inferior to others. I am certain that if I was raised in the ghetto, I’d be ignorant as well. It’s a touchy and complex conflict we have on our hands.
    I find violence and racism sickening, and yet I am finding myself thinking very violent and racist thoughts. I don’t really know what to do. I don’t like how I feel. I know it’s wrong, it feels wrong. But like I said, I’m very angry. I don’t want to fight with my neighbor and her terrible children. I don’t have a problem with them living on my street, but I totally have a problem with people who have no respect real understanding of morality. And this brings me back to the opening of my rant: How do you get an ignorant black person to shut up?

  47. Blake Erikkson

    Fucking hell this page makes me sick. Some of the people commenting back are just fucking dumb! “LOL Fuck Niggaz”. Come on!! And blaming black people for aids, poverty, i don’t even know where to start on that but i guess there is no point rationalising with most of y’all. The ring leader on the other hand, the worst type of ignoramous, one who thinks he is smart! Run for the hills good peoples!!

    Seriously though, the words, bitter,stupid and clouded come to mind. It clearly must have occured to you that it is the ghetto that breeds the things you attribute to black people, and why are black people there in the first place? Have a think about that. You know these things but your angry and enjoy the righteous blame game. Its people like you that are the real problem, power blog! zap the world from my computer!! Cunt lord.

    You start with an almost accurate point but where racism lies is where your default protocol is to pre-judge based upon origin or race. Funny that a black man is the most powerful man in the world now, and funny how he is also the smartest president to run America in a long long time. I guess he played the white man’s game huh? Stop being so selective, flip both sides of the coin before condemning every thing that exists that isn’t you. Superiority complex much? Bet your a hoot to be around!

    The fat people debate too, i mean you have a lot of solid (albeit obvious as fuck) points but its clear from your vitriol that your lack of empathy is clouding the truth. You are sick of the shit, i get it but empathising with a problem is a means of understanding it wholly. Try it out sometime…try just pretending to like a black man just for a day if its not too much of a struggle?? Don’t worry i’m sure he/she won’t stab or poison you if you relax…

    You run too far with your points, ramming it down, force feeding that shit like you are the king of all knowledge. Your not a voice of reason, your more an arrogant little turd burgular. Problem seems to be you block your brain and it leaves you a bit thick really. Do yourself a favour, open your mind and contribute something intelligent, there are far more capable and well informed bloggers out there you are just edging yours out with racist and bitter tirades. You carry on this way you’ll turn into David Icke.

  48. You know another reason to hate America. Stereotypes, you hypocritical ass.

  49. reasonstohateamerica= got fucked in the ass by a black man, he likes it now so he’s all mad and shit..

    dude get over it your a closet gay…. get out of the closet man.

  50. numberONEhater

    according u, is there anything good about America? e.g. U?

  51. Well, I’ll tell you this. You probably should use the term “some” black people. It’s not all. Just like “all” white people didn’t kill the Native Americans and take blacks as slaves. That’s the problem right there. People keep generalizing a class of people.

    But sadly you are right about some of the black ethnicity. It is the way they are taught by their grandparents who are still living and who lived through racism. It is called “Slave Retention” Though it doesn’t exist now, the scars from the grandparents do. If your grandparents who were Jews told you stories about how they were abused in concentration camps by Germans, how would you feel? Or if your grandparents were Irish and told you about how the Protestants/Catholics offended your nation of people, how would you feel?

    But as our grandparents begin to die off, the past will be forgotten, but remember, Civil Rights only ended a little over 40 years ago, many of those parents and grandparents are still living, so people are defensive of their family, and feel heartbroken of the terror their family had to face for over 100 years.

    It might take another 60 years of equality in order to match those 100 years of terrorism.

    I don’t feel blacks should do those things either. It makes me uncomfortable around my own race. But when people are poor and starving, they do insane things. Also, many black men feel they have no political power, no financial power, so they use the only power they feel they have: brute strength and weapons. That is the only things they have access to. Though blacks could get an education, many of them don’t have the foundation and have too many problems at home to concentrate. Many resort to just wanting money.

    Furthermore, it’s one’s own perception about “role models”. Some people say we should look up to people like Thomas Jefferson but he had many affairs with women.

    Personally, blacks haven’t been through the worst in the country. But it is the way they have been taught to handle the past. The way they’ve been taught to act. And it’s ignorance and lack of education.

    I’m sorry if blacks have given you a bad impression. I just want to let you know it’s not all black people.

  52. What I don’t like is people classify “race” we are the human race. And then there are people saying “the white race” is dominate. What the fool? They can run every country? Of course they can, because they set the system for how it should be run by creating their own systems and destroying old systems of government. But every race contributes to the whole. We are a HUMAN race.

    “whites” can’t even run themselves without going to war and destroying themselves. Yes, they build machines and inventions and are running “banks”, but look at the oil crises! They are destroying our planet with their “system” of running things. I think the best race to run the whole planet was the Native Americans.

    Our planet doesn’t need banks and inventions, it needs help. And white people don’t know how to help this planet alone.

    White people ruined the planet. That does not make them the best race, that makes them the stupidest race.

    So if all of us have stupid points, why point out just one group’s flaws?

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  54. im american i am also WHITE YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO HEAR NIGGERS EVERY DAY TRYING to say there better than whites? i hate blacks almost all whites do prepare for the next race war ihope other countrys join us or the niggers willall move to your country we nee to stand up!

    • 100% true. we need to let off steam and have a civil war already too many different ethnicities in one little place.

  55. nigga please !

  56. Blacks have problems but have through a lot. But what is wrong with White Americans- showing up at tea party rallies, bitching about building mosques, tax hikes for the top 2%, crazy for guns, etc. I think most white Americans- at least of the Conservative type- are fucked up in the head?

    This is especially true for the born-again Christian crowd. Always talking about being visited by imaginery Jebus, the end of the world and how all my hard-earned money should be sent to Israel (you love the Jews so much take the next El Al and go to Israel bitch!!!!).

    As an East Indian guy who’s damn well educated and employed- I believe I have the right to say this about you Whites as much as you have the right to put down Blacks!!!!! Suck on it Dawg!!!!

    • I LOVE that fact that you brought up the whole Christian thing. Being white, I am ashamed of white people who try and force others to join their religion. It’s a joke.

  57. I don’t know why you guys are mad. It’s all true. Maybe if blacks changed, there would be nothing rude to say. And by the way, I’m black.

  58. Yo, Deez commentz iz wack. First of all you got a uncle tom sista saying itz all true but the rest of yalls a bunch of crackaz. Us niggaz get buckwild and crazy sometimes but thatz because we ghetto, our parentz iz from the ghettoz of America and their parentz parentz iz from the ghettoz of Africa.

    Deez crack ass honkies aint in the know and if I had a chance I’d bust a cap in all they azz. If the punk azz trick who wrote this rhyme came forward I’d fuck him in the azz until he love me like the faggit he iz.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Thanks for your insight, you’re really helping your cause, put your black fist in the air, then point at the prison guard and ask him to bitch slap your dumb ass.

    • typical nigger shit…..I don’t know who your tryin to impress with this nigger babble boy
      I could use you to wipe my ass bitch ass jungle monkey

    • Yeah, seriously. In America, we use proper english. Not whatever that is you’re writing.

  59. I totally agree with you. Altough I don’t hate America, I hate the black people from this country. They’re mean, rude and violent. And they still ask themselves why they aren’t ,,equal” to white people…that’s because they don’t want to be equal to others, they want to be superior.

  60. Way to lump all black people into one category. This is the reason why genocide had happen through the centuries over minority groups. Black people in this country are a victim of social-economical plight, and its a lot more complicated that what you think. Don’t be a Nazi, be smart. Its funny because if you meet black people from other countries, you will not run into the same behavior, especially in Europe outside of maybe the Muslim minorities there, but that is not even an race issue.

  61. Many, many years ago a young black boy appeared in our all-white 6th grade class. The teacher had us write “I went to the store” and hand it to the person next to us to be corrected.

    I got the boy’s paper. It said: Ah wen ta da sto. I remember I hated marking all the words wrong and the teacher soon came around and collected all the papers. They black boy was gone from the class the next day.

    Since then I’ve met and known many blacks. Some were good people, some were not, but most of them were better, more affluent, and smarter than they’d ever been before. Time is the answer here but those in government will not wait. They want instant results now. I know it must hurt to see so many of your race underachieving, unable to communicate and blaming everyone but themselves.

  62. black males have about a 1 inch brain span the black mans thinking is quite distorted they can’t decide whats right from wrong knock knock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no response brain activity 0% if it wasn’t for technology blacks would be like gorillas walking around. monkeys have a 13% brain span black males at 0%.

  63. I agree with this page completely. People say “don’t believe in stereotypes, they aren’t true” but in this case, they are. There is only a small portion of the black population that can succeed in the world and they is because they act like white people. The rest of the population is full of criminals who start gangs, women who don’t respect themselves, music (if you can even call it that) that doesn’t seem to say anything other then “let’s have sex” and a language that has somehow morphed from American English into a loud, uncomprehending, mumble of words. I 100% agree that this is why people hate America.

  64. When you see a young nigga the best thing you can do is avoid him like the plague this is a terrorist you can’t trust them now white people you can trust more but a mexican will skin you in all ways possible.

  65. This web site is rasist, this type of site tells every black person that all white people are rasist. Every country is ignorant all people are ignorant. Not all black people are extremly ignorant, same for othere races. Usually people only act he way they do due to the seterotypes they are being brian washed into believing. If black people werent viewing theses cancerous images they wouldnt act this way and if the people who were resposible for taking care of them weren’t ignorant they would’nt do this. FYI the ignorant black people only call each other the n word because they watch and assilimate to other ignorant ass black people they see in the media. If extremly intellegent black people were displaed on TV 24 7 (this will never happen in america because rasist white people fear smart black people {this is a fact}). There’s nothing wrong with any race of people, what’s wrong is the cancer of rasism in every country.

  66. Didn’t you start off by saying Whites enslaved Africans to do THEIR work hundreds of years ago?

    Who is lazy?
    Who is evil?

    The immorality of slavery is unfathomable. Yet you blame the African-American for the crimes of the White man. Did you ever stop to think that 40% African-Americans have a low socioeconomic status due to an unfair playing field? People HATE it when Blacks bring up slavery , however, it is not something that can simply be swept under the rug in shame. It happened. And racism still persists even in the 21st century. But blame the African-American for airing the White man’s dirty laundry.

    As far as the ignorant dribble you posted about Black’s and money, are you aware that Oprah Winfrey is one of the wealthiest people in America; ranked 562 in the world in 2006. Guess what, she’s Black! And intelligent as well. She runs a school for young women in Africa and donates to charities. Therefore, I believe her money is going to GREAT USE. There are many African-American pioneers, perhaps you should read up on history a bit before you make ludicrous statements such as these. You only embarrass yourself, and YOUR race.

    Prison’s are not completely filled with African-Americans ignoramus. Really, this topic isn’t worth my time. You allege that only African-Americans commit crime?? Really? I am bombarded with images of White children shooting up schools and White men molesting children daily. Daily. Think before you blog. Goodness. And you say Americans are ignorant..

    As far as unintelligent goes, you have got to be the most UNINTELLIGENT life-force for believing the garbage that you do.

    I am an Intelligent African-American. And proud. I will not allow your racist-yes RACIST-comments to bring me down.

    Good Day 🙂

  67. humans the belly of the beast

    TRUTH: ALL HUMANS ARE INGORANT…YOUR COMMENTS ATEST TO IT. It is the Arrogant man, the Foolish man that is making this world lousy. We are one race HUMAM…DO I NOT BLEED BLOOD,RED AS RED AS YOUR OWN WHEN YOU BLEED? EACH HUMAN HAS SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, its sad that we have let hatred, propaganda and fear to dominant our thinking. As a Black “American” female I am sadden and sicked by how the “black community” defined by the media, and due to there own ignorance how they define each other, I have never been accepted by the Black community because I was told I sound and act “white”, and I well never be accepted by the white community because I am a “nigger” So…..I only look to be accepted by my peers other humans. From reading your comments I know that you are not my peers but lowely one cell organisms in Human form. True HUMANS HAVE HUMANITY, LOVE AND RESPECT for others these are traits all of you lack, and since you lack these traits it makes you INFERIOR. Have a nice day!

  68. Niggers are stupid cuz Isrel of God curse Niggers people….. like famine,plagues,etc……. i must serve my Israel of God equals 666….
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rapists must put to death……. Hindu people bless My Israel of God’s people who are israelites… i don’t care about Niggers….
    i can call black people niggers…. i don’t care black people…i don’t care about faggots…… i hate lesbians… i hate homosexuals… i hate idol worshippers….. i don’t pity people who don’t serve my Master HaShem equals 666..

  69. You know what funny ?? All races in america are THE SAME . People all get sick, get diseases, act rude, sometimes are poor and use the government’s money .. where i live, many WHITES and blacks live use the government for money and stuff.. not trying to be rude but ghettos and rednecks are the same . Both live in broken down trailers, cheap, hate everyone not like them, and rude as hell sometimes .

  70. niggers look like their eyes are popping out and their weak brain cells but still they are better than mEXIcans.

  71. I can’t believe I wasted 15 minutes reading this crappy/over-opinionated piece of shit writing and all the racist comments to go along with it.This is absolutely disgusting!I love all blacks,whites,and Asians. I don’t care if their gay,lesbian, straight, bi- sexual, and/or transgendered. Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, whatever. I don’t care.And if your racist or sexist…I still won’t care, I’ll just pray for you. ..I will pray for whatever racist wrote this,and all the racist commenters.God bless, you truly need it.
    – A “nigger”

  72. i wasted my time reading this

    i wasted about 20 mins of reading this shit cause ovibouisly this person who made this is either stupid/mentally retarded or is just fucking stupid person

    • hey man it’s all true you deny the fact you are afraid to park your car in front of a bunch of street niggers and mexi’s or be in the wrong side of town past midnight.

  73. I can make a very compelling argument that as fucked up as our nation has become we would be significantly better off if we could snap our fingers and make all Blacks disappear. They are a poison in every society that they inhabit in any large numbers. Some of you morons may be influenced to the point of brainwashing from the media, that you actual believe what you see. on tv, movies, commercials etc. The “magic” Blacks that you see in TV commercials DOES NOT EXIST I know this is hard for you to understand, but there are forces in America that want you to believe that Blacks are not as fucked up as those of us with brains realize they are. Unfortunately way too many weak willed white people fall for this ploy and not only believe this garbage, but start to emulate the behaviors of Blacks as well. Most of this is accomplished through the adoration of athletes and moronic hip hop, rappers etc. The bottom line is that it’s plain to see that America is becoming a total social garbage heap, and with the unrelenting media onslaught of Black culture force fed to us, the process is speeding up.

  74. Finally someone says something about black people instead of just ignoring them. The way things are going now, every black family decides to have about 2-3 kids when they can’t even take care of one. Sooner or later we’ll have a country filled with blacks and all the other countries will watch as America is slowly destroyed.

  75. Lmfao.A race war…Really?
    Do you even know how stupid that sounds?I swear you red-necks need to go back to school..And what’s up with the improper grammar, capitalization,and no punctuation? Smh.Well, that’s America for you.

  76. Nigga I aint worried about nothin’

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