Mexican People

A hard working Mexican

A hard working Mexican

“Mexicans” are the poor people who come across the southern border of the United States. It doesn’t matter what country they come from, these Mexicans come across the border legally and illegally and spread like locust of the biblical plague.

While America won’t allow European, Australian or any other civilized people with money and good intentions stay in the country for longer than 90 days, Mexicans can come and stay at will.

Stay they do and spread. Mexicans reproduce at alarming rates. Immigration should not be the concern because the legal Mexican residents are the ones reproducing at such a large rate. The word, “condom” must not exist in the Mexican language.

A formula for a Mexican girl can determine how many children she has. Each 2 years after 13 = 1 kid. An 18 year old Woman will have an average of 3 kids with one on the way. That equals 3 likely inmates or dead gang members.

Mexicans are born gang members. You have to hand it to Mexicans. Unlike the gutless black people who become gang members, Mexican gang members tend to stab, shank, cut and knife their victims up close and personal.

If you walk down the street in an urban city area you can avoid Mexicans very easily. When you start hearing the oompa-loompa accordion and banjo it is time to turn the opposite direction.

Mexicans are the cockroaches of the United States and nobody likes roaches inhabiting where they live. You don’t shit where you eat and you don’t have any reason not to hate Mexicans or America.

A mexican in its natural habitat

A mexican in its natural habitat


93 responses to “Mexican People

  1. Why do Mexicans stab people while my brotha’s tend to shoot from a distance?

  2. Truly hateful, ignorant, and racist utterance. This is appalling.

    • Snatch Master

      You might want to clear your history. Your cleaning lady might get offended and quit. Seriously, what the fuck brought you to this webpage? You are part of the problem too, you know.


  4. You are exactly right…these mexicans/illegals,are fucking ruining this once nice country,what the fuck are we going too do?and for that asshole that you make me sick asshole….he must like paying for delivering these kids out of his paycheck every fucking week,hey asshole do you want your kids too school with theirs?I didnt think so you fucking hypocrate commie bastard…I fuckin moved too this fucked up state california,too get away from another element in New Jersey,and its worse here,thank the government and people like the You make me sick asshole for wrecking the United mexican and man on man cocksuckin states of america..fuck you

  5. Mexicans are the cockroaches of the United States…
    May God forgive you. all people are different
    you are very stupid

  6. Thanks for the generalizations. They’re quite telling. As an arab immigrant, you might find in interesting that we couldn’t wait to leave Europe and its’ bigotry. I even had cousins who left Canada for teh US for the same reason.

  7. man sad that white people think there God perfect people funny they must likely be the ones to bust hell wide open more then any one else

    • Snatch Master

      Sad that you yourself would make generalizations too, you racist piece of shit. Go sneak into Mexico; tell us all how easy it was. Because nobody wants to fucking be there. That being said, why would we want them here?

  8. This guy hates on everything under the sun, Mexicans are just another easy target for this demented blogger.

    • Snatch Master

      Mexicans are an easy target. Who’s fault is that now?

      • color dont mean a thing

        As a white person I am so very sorry for stupidity! Just like every other race and nationality we all are not alike and think differently. The people who must put down people because of where they come from are not true americans. We all came to america from some where else . If you look at history mexicans was here first we just pushed them out like we did American indians.

  9. You know, id like to agree with you on this, but your fucking wrong here boy. Mexicans do the WORST job for the LEAST money. im talking shit shoveling, picking fucking lettuce, rush limbaugh’s personal bidet. All for like .50$ and hour. Its modern day slavery. Seriously, next time you want to remodel your house, just hire a bunch of mexicans… you can get you roof reshingled for like 60 bucks minus materials.

    • Snatch Master

      You are correct. If we stop hiring the disease spreaders, then maybe we can give those shitty jobs back to Americans who need them.

      • i wonder y mexicans are getting the jobs white people suk at working maybe thats y mexicans get the job dumb fuk

  10. If it weren’t for the immigrants paying into social security without receiving the benefits later in life, our social security would collapse. You also would be paying $10 for a big-mac if some whiny white teenager or low-skilled adult was doing the labor. Go to Canada, you can’t buy a bottle of water under $7! And they aren’t overcrowding the public schools-you can blame that on McMansion developers who build shitty duplicates of garbage for ten miles straight without considering traffic congestion, the additional families with school age children, and street planning that’s equivalent to a rat maze.

    • Snatch Master

      You are an ignorant slut. Maybe you would be happier in Mexico.

      • Snatch Master, what kind of name is that? You are a piece of shit. I would like to wipe my ass on you. Then flush you down the toilet. If she is so ignorant, why don’t you come up with the stats to prove it. Your mother should have aborted you, poison of the womb!

  11. you guys are fags mexicans are the best
    fuck you racist pieces of shit

  12. I am ashamed to share the same country as you racist pieces of dog shit!!

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Okay Carlito Gonzalez,

      You’ve made the point to let the world know you’re a incestuous piece of mexitrash.

      Go snort some bad mexican coke you cocksucker.

  13. Do the world a favor and FUCK OFF!!!

  14. Snatch Master

    I will be the first to say that I agree with you. More importantly, this is a prime example of Freedom of Speech. You can say whatever you want in this fine country of ours. Citizens and patriots gave their lives so that we may enjoy reading, or not reading, anything anyone has to say.

    Anyone who cannot admit that illegal aliens are taking advantage of people’s misguided sense of right and wrong, is an ignorant piece of shit. Thousands of immigrants migrate to America every day, legally. Thousands more leave. It ebbs, it flows. Illegal Mexican aliens are not doing the jobs nobody else wants, they are doing the only jobs they are qualified for. There are American citizens, born and raised, who do those same jobs for slightly better money.

    Now then; if Mexicans would clean up their fucking act a bit, maybe people wouldn’t think so poorly of them. And fuck your Mexican National Pride. Go the fuck back to your dirt poor headquarters and wave your flag where it belongs. If you wanted to be in America so fucking badly, prove it. Do something besides shave your head and pull your socks up knee-high. Nobody cares about your plaid patterns and your below the knee shorts and your white fucking t-shirt. At 5′ tall, you are a joke. Act like a decent human being that is worthy of being in my country, and maybe you’ll get some respect.

    Otherwise, enjoy my tax dollars in prison as I feed you, clothe you, and ultimately put you to sleep like the brown dog you are.

    • Go ahead and have your freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to it. But if you’re going to bash a group of people, do some of your research first, maybe learn a bit of history… it only makes sense, and try not to generalize. The reasons? Below.

      There are a lot McDonald’s-eating, redneck in-bred, WHITE trash, meth-addicted, crackheads living off of welfare, drinking nothing but BUDWEISER, and living OFF of YOUR tax dollars. I can sit here and generalize and stereotype white people the same way. You are no exception.

    • you dont under their situtaion snatch master
      do do know any shit.

    • Snatch Master,
      While you made some valid points that Mexicans often have shit jobs and receive very low pay, how are they supposed to receive an education and escape the burdens around them? In many cases, those who work in fields or some other undesirable job aren’t able to make it out of their neighborhood because they aren’t given the resources needed and funding for this such as educations can be very hard to come by.
      Now I know you’ll probably say something along the lines of, “They should go back to their own country if they can’t make any money…” but don’t you think they left their country because conditions were even worse there?
      If there weren’t any illegal immigrants, who would be doing all of their jobs? Us. Which is great for creating jobs, but in today’s world where greed is the number one priority, most Americans wouldn’t be willing to do that work and would demand a much higher pay.
      In many ways Americans and Mexicans feed each others economy. Mexicans come here to work on very low wages, buy products sold in stores, etc. Americans often vacation in Mexico and pay a lot of money for hotels and other expenses.
      Oh and I’m pretty sure that there are many Americans who are 5′ and shorter. Why do so many whites and even other races think that being white, tall, skinny, etc. make someone better? It’s disgusting that people of a race other than white think they have to alter themselves to become beautiful like whites. For example, many Asian women have received surgery on their eyelids to make them look more alert and more like whites. Sadly, it may be necessary for them to alter themselves because of social acceptance. Many (not all) employers have a bias whether conscious of it or not, making it hard for other races to stand out when applying for a job. An example of this is when an employer looks at two applicants, a white female and an Asian female, he/she hires the white female. This could be due to a better resume or a racial bias.
      I have looked at many of your comments on this page and it’s good that you are consistent with agreeing with the article; however, I think you should really look into sociology and how the white man ultimately benefits in the American society and how it can be very difficult for other races to succeed and step away from the stereotypes placed upon them.

  15. This website is ignorant there are people in Mexico that are as white as Anglo Americans but they Spanish and French Heritage . Yes there are many Meztisos which are the majority some poor and some rich. Some Meztisos do not have a choice since they were born poor and come to the USA for a better life just like every other wave of European Immigrants. They gave Irish and Italians a hard time when they first came over but now they are the best of the best and the Irish are the third wealthiest ethnic group surpassing the English.

  16. There is a lot of sterotyping going on. Yes there are many hispanic youth in gangs but that is a personal choice. There are also many hispanic business people. This group is growing and will one day outweight the negative sterotypes. One day the anglo father will pray that his daughter marry a hispanic since they are hard working andcan give her a good life. This is realization in Mexico City and Mexico City has a gross domestic product almost equal with Kobe/Osaka Japan. Give Mexico City a few more years and they will equal Tokyo,Japan or Berlin, Germany.

  17. The day will come when Americans will seek jobs in Mexico. Some Anglo Americans are probably Laughing but Mexico has already had a steady stream of imigrants from Spain,France since the early 1800’s, Lebanon since 1890, Yugoslavia, Hungary,Italy,Germany, Great Britain and Palastine early 1900’s. There are also Black,Chinese, and Japanesse Mexicans. So Mexico has its share of Immigrants. Veracruz Port should be called the second Ellis Island.And did I forget to mention Gypses and Jews since they are part of Spanish Culture and Have given Spain and Mexico its Heritage.

  18. what gives you the right to judge them? If im not mistaken werent americans doing things far worse? slavery, hate crimes and theres still people like the KKK that do this sort of thing, you still think USA is any better, im american but still this is wrong and im not proud. Dont you dare judge these people when WE have done things worse and WE are a joke to other countries that are more powerfull and have more culture and class !….you are ingorant and should be thankfull of these hardworking people that allot of them work to make most of the things that you use in your daily life in factories and places like that . …RACIST BASTARD….who knows, you might have some mexican blood in you and you dont even know it…or admit to it ..

  19. lol, at first i thought this blog is serious, now i see it’s just about hating EVERYTHING!

  20. Are you talking about ilegally people or about mexicans in general, because is very different, trust me.
    i have seen many american people in Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

  21. Hello there ma fellow North Americans, I would like to say that i kind of agree with my american Snatch master. Let all mexicans go back to mexico, spend the money we earned cleaning Snatch Master’s pool while we watched his sister giving head to Juan the Gardener. lets get drunk in mexico and comeback and do it again. I apologize for any misspellings. i went to school in mexico, border hopped and made it to 5th grade elementary…o yeah i forgot, i saw American Snatch Master’s sister getting gangbanged by 5 mexican policias in Tijuana…that bitch is everywhere…

    piz(peace) im out…SI SE PUEDE!….SI SE PUEDE!

  22. You are so right about Mexicans!
    And what is worse, is that soon we will all be speaking Spanish in California! There is only room for one language, you know.
    This is true, I know because other morning I got up, I looked over at my husband to say “good morning” but the only thing that came out was “buenas dias!” This is the day after I mistakenly chose to eat a burrito for lunch! True! Later that morning, I went to the store to get some good ol’ bacon and frozen waffles, but the market was out of everything but beans! So I thought, OK, I guess I’ll have beans….and I took them to the checkout stand and all the friendly white grocers had been replaced by –gun toting mexican gangsters and eighteen year old girls with babies on their hips! OMG! So I ran home, and got informed by my husband that his mechanical engineering position had been taken over by a Spanish speaking house cleaning lady. What are we gonna doo!? Soon our whole country will be speaking Spanish, and all the jobs will be taken by Mexicans, and we will all have to go on Mexican run welfare, and we will have nothing to eat but beans!
    Please God, Don’t let us white anglo americans end up like those brown Mexicans. I don’t want to work in a field God, and I don’t want to eat Beans, I want to eat McDonalds. And please don’t make me speak Spanish God, I can’t even roll my ‘r’s. And God, I want my baby to have blue eyes and blond curly hair with little flecks of red in it. Please make my baby into your image –white. And Please make my baby speak your language God-English. And Please God, don’t forget that your baby Jesus was born as a white–english speaking American boy, so please make all the children of America match His devine image. Amen.

  23. you poor retarded bastard! Ignorant!!! you have got to read! Mexicans are not how you think they are! stop watching movies! You fuck!!

  24. I agree with danshi lol…mexicans are indeed civilized and very really smart, those mexicans who cross the border are really poor but the whole other country is really great….your kinda dumb dude

  25. Luke Jones Chicago

    Mexican women swallow my big black johnson, mexicans are punk asses who my people love to beat up.

    Black Power.

  26. You’re awesome, soon a book?

  27. this is BS. there’s only one race. the human race!!

  28. lol u were cool for bout 2 seconds. mexicans r shit sir. n i aint even mexican. i hate when ppl say they’re taking all the jobs. my ass they are! theyre doing all the shit u lazy ass white ppl wont. i dont see yalll mowing lawns n cleaning up bathrooms n hotels n shit. and they do it for barely nothing. if u wanna job so fuckin bad dont bitch bout sum one stealin it cuz they’ll werk harder for less. steal it from them by werkin even harder for even less. duhhh.

  29. im just sayin yo..i aint cleaning no toilets. n i know damn well u aint either. so if they gon do it and for cheap as shit who am i to say no.

  30. You know you are a unique bred of idiot. Actually I take that back, you’re not unique at all. You’re just like every other idiotic piece of shit that thinks that putting other people down will some how make them better.

  31. I like how he describes Mexicans as cockroaches and how they spread like locusts. If anything, he’s probably forgotten how America came to be, by the the Europeans coming into this land and spreading like cockroaches themselves. This land, in which was already inhabited. If anything, this person is just another uneducated person believes the world owes him. The good news is, he’ll soon be the minority and be put in his place just as he well “deserves.”

  32. Mexicans really are shit… Send all the Mexicans back except the hot little latinas w/ hairy bushes. I LOVE it!!! They can def. ride a long thick white cock and enjoy it. I love their dark pussy lips. Those bitches can FUCK!

  33. Gordo feo taco.. i fucking hate them cock sucking mother humping roachyy beaners. they are ruining our country. (here sharky sharky) i seriously go to school and i see 50 females with 2 or more babies on their hips its pretty pathetic.. they reproduce the wrong way(grabs a rope and heads toward the tree(:) hahah. MPRA (Mexian population reduction agency) i think this would work out for the best.. thanks for reading.

  34. MAN dude dont fukn hate on mexicans cus we do it better den white stupid people. If it werent for us the “Mexicans” America wouldnt be where it is right now! so shut the fuck up ! && DONT BE FUKN WRITING YUR BULLSHITTY THAUGHTS ABOUT MEXICANS OKAYY!!!

  35. Fuk u muthafuker and stop fuking hatin on mexicans fool. Its us mexicans that CREATD america haha..and u kno mexicans do it better just like us mexican girls lol and yea we do stab, shank, cut and knife our victims up close cuz we aint no fuking pussy ass muthafukas we handle our shit on our own..and u better get ur shit straight cuz we aint no fuking roaches.. Nd fool u better get a fuking life and stop hating on mexicans LMFAO

  36. Beaners suck.

  37. so fukin stupid. get a fukin life. talkin about mexicans like that. the only reason you be talkin about them is cos you dont got nothin better to do and only want attention! hope your ass gets worst shit then wat you just called us mexicans.

  38. I’m a white guy. I have to admit that being white in America is actually very good. It’s so good, in fact, that I don’t think I’d trade places with a rich black guy. If your a rich Black or Hispanic person, you still have to deal with the crap associated with being black and white. Example: I blew past a cop the other day going 85 in a 45. I got a warning.

    We really need Mexicans in this country to do crap work for crap money, because I sure as heck wouldn’t do that type of work for any kind of $. Remember that the Southern ecomony was built on slavery to produce cheap goods (cotton) back in the day. Mexicans are serving a similar purpose, only we pay them pocket change to do work formeraly done by slaves.

    • First of all whitey, you are not white so stop trying to make white people look bad by pretending you’re white and then saying dumb shit. if you are white then your a fucking idiot just like 95% of the other people in here.

      I’ve had mostly good experiences with mexican people and some bad experiences. i try to think of all people the same but its hard when so many of the stereo types are true so often. there are many white stereotypes that are often true as well.

      The real point here is that stereotypes ARE true a lot of the time but they are not based on skin color, rather they are based on culture and the way people are raised. To think this way will help your tiny brains understand why things are the way they are.

      As far as illegal immigration goes, my only gripe is the fact that there are literally billions of other people in the world who live in poverty and it’s just not fair that mexicans can waltz over to america and then be allowed to stay here when there are so many people in places like Cambodia, Africa, etc that can’t and need help even more.

      There are also good points to be made on both sides of the financial benefits/downsides of having illegals in America but i don’t want to get into that.

      Finally, i can’t believe i wasted time posting this on such a fucking retarded website. To whoever runs this site, although some of your comments are funny due to their insanely ridiculous nature, you are a truly ignorant fuck face. eat a dick.

  39. Well i have to say snatchmaster you are very badly informed about mexicans because there are alot of states in mexico and you can lots of differences in the people on the outside and inside. My friend has whiter skin than me, baby blue eyes, and blonde hair and she is very tall she’s from jalisco which is a state in mexico and her parents are both lawyers… so please stop all this hate.

  40. The good thing I like from Mexicans is that get alone with everybody. I’m white Mexican, I love my country. I just notice how hypocrit are Americans. They smile at me and say Hi! But when they heard my Spanish their face’s expration change totally. In fact, I love my people because they are unique with their beautiful mixture of color skin. I wish I have their skin tone.

  41. First, i haven’t seen any mexican girls have babys up to their hips. The ones that do, they were rasied wrong but that does NOT makes Mexicans girls all the same and if you don’t remember WHITE people chased away the mexicans away from C.A! I’m not white! There, I’M NOT WHITE!!! I was born here legelly←think i spelled it right→but i don’t act mexican! I can’t read, write in spanish, thats retarded (Don’t eat mexican food). I can speak very little but i have an accent. I’m a true american and if anyone needs proof, i will fuckin beat the crap out of you. I agree that one day…….one day, Americans will be looking for jobs in Mexico. Until that day comes, fuck the haters.

  42. Well, just to let you know Mexico is part of North America, for that reason people from Mexico are Americans too, I guess the concept of American people does not only refer to white folks only but the rest of the Americla continent. Please people read.

  43. Hate speech makes me realize that you are:
    -One of those idiots who thinks God is American and Republican
    -Horrible high school academic performance
    -You were a bully at school
    -You’re in the construction business, maybe a laborer, so you resent the Mexicans for doing a better job than you do.
    -You drink a lot and smoke pot
    -You’re what they call white trash
    -You live either in a mobile home or in a low income housing project
    How’s that for stereotypes? Excuse my english, I’m not an American. By the way, how many languages do you master? I mean, you’re calling yourself superior to Mexicans.

  44. meskins jews and blacks need to leave or be incinerated and also some white people too I hate the rich.

  45. you are SO WRONG! this is soooooooo STUPID
    wow i cant even begin to express how wrong you are
    how racist this is, how disgustingly discriminative you are
    thank the LORD I live in Canada
    we dont have many racist, disgusting pricks like you living here
    by the way, no im not Mexican

    • how can you act so innocent when you just contradicted yourself. you are calling us racist but you just said your not mexican you are the biggest racist of all.

  46. i lOVE mexicans and im proud to be lATINA ..BROWN N PROUD

  47. i gotz rexpect fo yall bean eatin’ mexis but yall aint shit comparred to us niggaz

  48. Look all ya dat is talkin shit bout mexicans need to stop kuz we be doin all ya fukkin food and shit lyke dat . Yuh need to qet a life and stopp talkinn shit kuz ya fukkin racist and so wut if we do be doin dat gang shit and get pregnant yung dats our fukkin lyfe not yurs nd yu kno wut mexicans found america so i dont kno wy da fukk ya dont fukkin wunt us here .by da ways da more yuh be tellin us to qet out da more we kumm in.


    • once in high school their was a mexican guy and all he talked about was hoto this and hoto that calling everyone a fag so I started making advances at him and it really pissed him off. he went to the principles office to report me and low and behold it was a god damn nigger and this nigger talked shit to me to my face in front of my parents I just wanted to beat the living hell out of him. bottom line is minorities are trouble.

  50. screw all you minorities the only one that did anything right was the great dictator.


    • I’m sorry guy but minorities have absolutely NO order mexican people listen to nigger music and what do the niggers do for them? what do mexicans do for each other or for themselves maybe some people in mexico are not so bad but the ones in the US are pricks.


  53. Cockroaches I say The last census says hispanics have multiplied 28%Holy Shit! All other races have slowed growth by neg .9 percent. Government should offer free condoms to the beans. It really has to stop.

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  55. Alright guys, alright. So imma speak up here for a second.

    So the continent this is now called America was inhabited by native indians. They lived here, probably had some battles here and there, but they mostly lived their lives happily and care free. The Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans, all created huge structures called pyramids, created the concept of zero without outside influence and created a calender out of stone that is still accurate to this day which was based solely on the star movements. Things were good till The Europeans came
    English came with one intent, colonize by any means necessary. Stealing and lying to take land, creating genocide agaisnt the natives, spreading their nasty filthy diseases brought on by filthy lifestyles in Europe, and excuse my french, fucking the whole place up.
    Spanish came as well, intent on colonizing and taking gold, but that was not all for them. The Aztecs were such a proud race that every single soldier ready for war battled the Spanish till there were no soldiers left. Then the Spainish pretty much enslaved who was left and raped the women, Becuase we all know Europeans have no pride.
    The Americans then brought Africans to work as slaves,because lets be honest, Southern Whites think there too damn good and too damn lazy to work their own assess off. All this was a result of letting these damn Europeans step on the last piece nature left on this Earth, biggest mistake ever.
    So right now we got whites that think theyre so damn good, starting wars in the middle east killing innocent people as well as their own children for no god damn reason. Racist whites are scared because of one reason, they will no longer be the dominant group in this country
    See us, Mexicans, and latinos in general, we have something we carry called pride. Pride in the way we conduct ourselves whether its for are great sucesses or even our evils we commit. Many africans cant even respect themselves or educate themselves, there more of a joke to any culture. We got Asian Americans, who have no pride in themselves thier culture, and want to be americanized. Asians are the weakest spined group out there, i think thats why so many asians date outside their culture, but saying were great cuz were educated. Whites, there are many kind groups of you guys out there but the racist ones make such a big reprsentation it kills it for all lot of you.
    Mexicans, we like to live our lives to the fullest. If it means crossing the border to have a better life for our children, fuck it, well do it. We love to work compared to, other people. We like to enjoy life, which means a lot of loud music too enjoy, driving in our things we earned, drinking and making good times. We also like to fuck, we do it the best and we have a lot of kids

    Heres the breakdown of the country right now. Latinos, were going to be the majority sooner or later. Mexicans are going and living in the lands that were ours since before any euopeans set foot. First wave is the immigrants, second is thier children, the third is their educated children. Things are going to change, for the racists out there. Get used to us, were going to stick around, or you should go back to where your ancestors came from. Mine were always here.

  56. Domingo cruz dumb beaner

    Brown wetbacks are just as bad as blacks. They’re lazy, stupid, they have no ambition other than be janitors, dirty, smelly, short, fat, walfare collecting leeches. Don’t be so happy, dumb beaners. If educated whites/asians disappeared from north america, you low IQ spics would be sitting around with your 10 little beaner litters licking garbage cans.

  57. I am a Mexican-American earning 120k a year.. That’s more than the Slavic scum running this site! These people have become so obsessed over a Slavic only world that they have become part of the poor inner-city niggers, and wetbacks which is why they tend to hate them, that’s all they know. Meanwhile over here in the top life, I’m enjoying time with Diego and Dora luxuriously.. Problem, Slavic scum?

  58. TheAmazingRacist

    Fucking Faggot Slavic Scum.. Denying my comments like a bitch… typical eurocunt.

  59. Those roches are ruining America!! all the beaner girls do is suck dick all day and produce millions of babies and live off the fucking system. If you beaners love and have so much god damn pride in Mexico then get the fuck out!! they were throwing a riot in Cali because they think this country is still Mexico. Those roches are an ugly soul that brings more crime rate into the U.S, they are the kids of the devil.

    • Iv’e seem plenty of those mexIcaNS in my neck of the woods they all seem to have attitudes with me that is until they get a hold of my car and take the stereo and speakers and battery and navigation system.

  60. if it wasn’t for the white man mexicans negros jews wouldn’t have technology that is why minorities are at the bottom they lack brains and simple mathematical equations. they kill each other. they point the finger at each other all you minorities deserve each other.

  61. Califagia is the land of the fruits and nuts.

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