Asian People

Happily Trying to Turn America into AsiaHappily Trying to Turn America into the Orient

America, what a country.  Asian people were brought, or came to the United States with promises of the riches involved with building the railroads.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and Asians have multiplied like ants.

Ants take over with numbers.  Ants are not extremely violent like black and Mexican people and they are not totally passive like the white people who use other people to do their dirty work.

Asian people come to America and slowly but surely have began to consume tremendous amounts of resources while they exponentially replicate while producing absolutely nothing.

Asian people make up a completely worthless sect of society.  You will often see clueless Asian people milling around in the street in your city.  75% of all pedestrians struck by cars are Asians.  You may also see them buying 10 gallons of cooking oil at your local discount grocery.

Asian people function like they are still wherever they come from in the orient.  Asian people, also known as Orientals come from throughout Asia where they form inseparable groups in your local town.

Orientals serve absolutely no purpose being in America except to consume all of the resources which were probably made in China anyway.

Why are Orientals or Asians even in America if not to suck the country dry without producing a single thing?  Why not stay in the Orient if they continue to act as if they live there?

The evidence can be seen in every city to a small degree and in large cities to a large degree.  From Chinese restaurants, to sushi restaurants Asians are trying to take over the United States one business at a time.

If you goto a big city, you can see evidence of the Asians taking over parts of the city, Chinatown, Koreatown, Japantown in your major city are irrefutable evidence that Asian people are like deadly ants which are ganging up, although quietly, to infect the United States with an unwelcome, worthless Asian influence.

Just another one of 58 reasons to hate America.  I hate all of you reading this by the way.  I hope you all goto hell, or better yet, spend all your money on Chinese goods and Oriental food and die poor, leaving your offspring nothing.

Asian Personality Flaws + American Values = Murderer (future of many Asian Americans)

Asian Personality Flaws + American Values = Murderer (future of many Asian Americans)


78 responses to “Asian People

  1. As an Asian American I can honestly say that Asians are superior to white people, blacks, mexicans and jews.

    • If you think you’re so superior then why not go back to china? Why stay and be racist towards the people whose country you’re breeding in?

      Asians have brought nothing to America. You’ve done nothing at all, so just fuck off back to where you came from.

    • Being that asians are the ugliest, smallest most annoying race on this planet, I disagree with you.

      • hey there! stop racism please. in the eyes of the law, every one weighs the same, except for violent american racism fatty fucks.
        this is beyond hilarious. of all the stupid things you can come up with!
        such immature thoughts. get your ass back to your cave, if you have nothing better to do. I could literally point out a million ways that asians have helped us. but what kind of fuckery is this?

  2. Your not superior,you just think you are,your just a fucking gook who ate from the garbage cans in your country and came here ,with your forged college degree,looking too use our resourses

    • haha! grow up, and calm down kiddo!
      it not always about america, you know. there are many developed asian countries with a lot better lifestyles. yea, i would rather be a japanese, they fascinate me. but what do i know? i am an american and boring, and i must say i am quite ashamed of having racist fucks like u in our country.

  3. I love your stuff , it’s very entertaining. I was getting pissed until you finally admitted at the end that Asians contribute food. I think you could have tied in the bulk cooking oil at the discount grocers in with that a little better. See they don’t just contribute food, they bring their traditional tasty recipes and load it with oils and MSG. Sneaky little bastards (as you noted). Oh I hope you die poor too, because I am an American!

  4. reasonstohateamerica

    Asians also contribute the bulk of the repressed introvert in-the-closet homosexuals as well. Have a fine day, be careful, don’t slip on the cooking oil and break your rice eatin’ dome.

  5. “Taking over”? Taking over from whom? In large part, we aren’t burdened with your adolescent tribalism, something that charaterizes the majority of the Europeans I’ve dealt with. The polite ones just whisper it – but it always eeks its’ way out, and it’s always irrational, but revealing: anti-Americans just can’t seem to live in anything that really looks like a meritocracy.

  6. if ur so mad why dont u pick up and move ur entire family to a completely different country, learn their language and live like them! see how easy that is! And the reason asians steal so many jobs is cos they’re smarter, duh!

  7. I love the Webmaster

    Hey webmaster, would you love me long time? I’ll let you suck my donkey. Cause I’m pretty sure thats what redheads do.

  8. I hope it’s not a 1-inch donkey, judging by the Asian Poster of the previous comment.

  9. LOL…. y’all little white fucks. I got a 10 inch dick and I usually gang rape white bitches with my Latino and Black friends anyway.

    Anyway, asian girls are the best and I shot up a white asshole trying to hit on my asian girlfriend.

    I go to Harvard too…you white fucks.

  10. AND yo, whoever the fuck responds to my post must be a demented fucking blogger who hates on everything and gets hated back for his foolishness.

    He probably fucks his own mother or sister anyway, for some comfort in his sad isolated world.

  11. reasonstohateamerica

    Don’t forget to vote for McCain!

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  13. Did you know that Scientist have discovered that
    reflexes and spatial awareness are directly related to testosterone levels. Thats why women cant drive
    and I would guess that asian men suffer the same affliction as women.

    In response to ‘Asian American’ and ‘Ella’ s idea that Asian people are intelligent there have been stable societies in China for 5000 years and Japan and other areas for over 1000 years.
    A stable society is the most important factor needed to innovate and invent.
    Why is it that when you look around the room you are sitting in, or for that matter any other setting you may find yourself in, everything has been created by white men.
    There has not been a single useful object created in the Orient. (btw gunpowder isn’t a Chinese invention, look it up)
    Any Asian who achieves any level of success will find themselves surrounded by peers who can match anything they can do and spend a hell of a lot less time trying.
    Problem is, Asian people don’t seem to see that creativity is the greatest form of intellect.
    Spending your entire life studying doesn’t make you intelligent, it just make you a robot.

    If Asian people were truly as intelligent as they seem to think they are then where is the proof. A new button or two on a DVD remote doesn’t count. (Fuck you Japan)

    One more thing America, did you know that China snub international Patent and Copyright laws. Everything you create they copy and use against you.

    The time is now

    • Lol the cars are built by Chinese. The diamonds mined by African Americans. Corn by Native Americans. Im sorry, but White people just have a long history of back-stabbing and exploitation.


    Hey, AsianAmerican
    Im Asian American. QUit bing a dumb B****. Nobody is superior u dumb f***.
    This site is made by sum f***ed up people or person who has no life, hates the world, is depressed all the time, and is problably high or some s***. The world isn’t perfect and if u hate America and the internet and what no so much, WHY THE F*** ARE U WASTING UR F***ING TIME MAKING THIS SITE!

    • Our home of the free and the brave is still white-dominated. Not even by population, but in general. People in the middle area of the US still wave the confederate flag. After the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights movement, the rest of us are still lower than the white people. GIVE LAND BACK TO NATIVE AMERICANS!!! AFTER ALL THEIR LOSS, THEY DESERVE IT!!!

  15. i hate orientals they all cheap sluts

  16. If you will trace it to ancient times, good luck America. You owe your blood to Asians. ;p

    • whites don’t owe anybody (especially chinkz) except for our native founders… Afterall, they found the land that we take for granted every day.

  17. lets just say



  19. I am an Asian Canadian who lives around Detroit and I sincerely apologize that I have not brought gun violence such as drive bys or the expensive cracks that is guaranteed to shorten your life span and allow Americans to be even less productive. Oh hell way to not bring the white men down… I have done everyone such a disservice… 😦

    • woo CANADIANS!!! i have learn from travel that it’s best to call myself a Canadian. The rest of the world looks at Americans as spit on the ground. Why not?! Americans are so fucked up!

  20. I hate asians my ex of 3 years left me for a asian and now I cant stand looking at them…. Call me a rasist but it is what it is. She once told me my life wont be complete until I fuck a asian. What a bitch.

  21. :/ well that’s mean. Well i’ll say that all white people are good for is conning people. The whole history of the world is marked by white supremacy through conning and enslaving the rest of the non-white humans population. White people are a minority in the world. And this minority has pissed off the rest of the world. I’d LOL of the whole world decided to wipe the white race off the face of the Earth. You’re only successful from lying and cheating. Except white people in Southern California. They’re cool because they’re actually fine with all the diversity of races here. The rest of you are retarded for not understanding that there is a lot to learn from all the cultures of the world. Except white culture. That’s just stealing from other people’s hard work.

  22. Here’s a good poem for you all. ‘Once Upon A Time’ by Gabriel Okara.

  23. Well, I think everyone’s opinion is irrelevant. We as humans cannot judge one another. Jesus had skin like copper and hair like wool, right? sounds like Jesus was of a mixed race, or two, or three..or who knows? I was born a caucasian female and I was taken in, raised and adopted by a black woman. WE ALL BLEED RED BLOOD. Lets stop being IGNORANT and do Gods work by LOVING EACHOTHER like we’re supposed to. p.s.. You cannot stereotype an entire race by what a majority of the race may have done. Live and let live people. We are all just one breath away from death. Tomorrow is not promised.

  24. i am a white irish/aussie and i think you are a cunt

  25. kenneth delancey

    im a white man of 55 years of age.i dot like america anymore because there are farto many foriegners here now.especially asians.i dont like them because they are all prospering emensely from a soft weak america.if whites try to go to their countries they will spit on you and give you nothing.i like the african americans because they helped build my country.i like the chinese because they helped to build this country and i can even tolerate the japs ecause they are mosty ordinary americans just like me.all other asians i cant stand including vietnamese,cambodians and i even dislike filipinos because their are just to damn many of them here and they seem to land all the good jobs by bonding together and helping each other.thiers is certainly a prosperous poverty isnt it.the government is blind to all that is happening in america and this country is going down the toilet fast.once the foriegners drive out the white folks and officially take over its going to be fun to watch them all consume themselves in thier own greed.slowly destroying themseves just like they all do in their own stupid im gearing up to retire to cambodia where i will live like a king and fuck beatiful little slant eyed whores everyday for breakfast.ahhhhhhh so

  26. African Americans like me are not worth cow shit, but we love to convert Asians to like our music and talk black. And they adopt into our R&B rap music with poor rappers like M-flo who nobody knows about him except the Asians’ imaginary traditional world that they like to spread through their propaganda called “anime”. But black people still shank and kill and murder because we are stupid. We think we are de-educating Asian people, but really Asian people are getting smarter by our system of de-education, which we still haven’t figured out how to use properly. So it’s not working with Asians.

    But de-education is working with the white man, which is why we have Justin Biebers running around influenced by the black system of de-education…and that’s why Justin Bieber was able to join the Illuminati as a wigger, and win BET awards…

    I like this. I like hating America. 🙂

  27. anna…what you think is not important. i refuse to stoop to your level and bash you by calling you an ignorant, lame ass bitch. see me face to face. i have to remind myself, im supposed to love you as a child of god. but i will tell you to get a life. and for the record, if god created the world AND man, cant ANY of his children live ANYWHERE on HIS earth? i would think so. stop being bigots people. live your life to the fullest and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing. thats whats wrong with america. NOSY

  28. Ever heard of manny pacqiaou bruce lee Kyoto machida

  29. Look, everyone. Flibble. Okay? Flibble and ye shall flerp.

  30. America should kick all those scum from the far east out of the country. The only good oriental is a dead one. Chinese,Japanese,Philippinos and Vietnamese are the ugliest people on earth ,even monkeys are better looking than those geeks.



  33. slugs and snails are a higher life form than chinese and japanese and everyone of asian descent.

  34. I agree asians are taking over america and its pissing me off…. Its america home of the free…soon enough america home of the chinks! Stop them now!!!

  35. oh! nice attitude there. 🙂
    every one commenting on this, and well as the writer of this article is a racist fuck. I am so ashamed to know that such hatred, jealousy and ignorance still exists in our MODERN american society. havent u heard the news? racism in most of the world is old news, but clearly thats not the case with us, violent americans. what a bunch of ignorant pricks your people are? i recommend getting a job instead of raving about all the stupid things you people can come up with here.

  36. What Sandy said, plus:
    I”m pretty sure that the article writer decided to hit on Asians like ME, maybe because his bonehead self doesn’t know a shit about the Asians. Pent-up aggression racism up above, I’m gonna go to bed and hope that you die.

    damare, baka…

  37. The myth that Asian women are desirable to anyone but other asians:
    Asian women are ‘attractive’ because they’re little and they make you feel like a man/I’d say it’s because they age better but black women age even better than asians and I don’t hear men going on about black women, so that’s really more of an excuse. Anybody with the oily skin type ages better./ And I guess they’re skinny, but common! Don’t you realize how much a person who is that skinny’s body looks like the body of a prepubescent child? But more importantly; what does that say about the people who find this attractive? (I would suggest keeping any small children you happen to know away from them). The ancients of many countries thought that men should be lean and strong looking in order to be able to run up to prey and kill animals and what not, and women should look as if they’re ‘womanly’ or fertile, so they can do their job and make the babies. That basically means they were expected to have a few extra bit’s ‘n’ peices on them (like boobs, hips, etc) To be really skinny was unnatural; which is evident from how little you’re allowed to eat and many hours you need to workout to attain it.. I just don’t see how this I’m-a-cancer-patient-who-can’t-bump-into-anything-or-else-I’ll-break-all-my-bones is all that sexy for women. AS a matter of fact I’ve seen japanese porn and I can tell you; those people have some deep issues to work out LOL
    um.. what else is there, they take your shit willingly 🙂 I’ve never seen women more insecure, more willing to pretend to be what she’s not to get approval from the opposite sex than asian cunts. This guy online said that he likes Asian women because they’re more “forgiving of his flaws”. He also said his (asian) wife and him are doing well because she doesn’t divorce him.. (Eyebrow raise) Do I need to spell it out..? They’re insecure and they’re needy enough to let you fuck them up the ass whenever you please. AND Asian girls always seem to have this little pathetic need to bitch about other women. It’s ridiculous ! I can’t stand stupid gossipy bitches. It’s a myth that all white men (or asian men, for that matter) want asian women. Take off her caked-on make up to reveal a bitch who thinks she’s so superior to every other person despite being ashamed of her asian features so she dyes her hair and wears contacts for crying out loud.

  38. Asians are good for one thing. Their brains. What they lack in being cool, being strong, being attractive, and having a male genitalia worth mentioning they gain in having a natural ability to understand mathematics. They are good at math. That’s it. Asians are, otherwise, useless in every way imaginable. They are perfect clones of each other. I’m not saying that they evolved from shit but…….. well actually I am. I’m sorry if you are asian, there is nothing you could do about that. On the other hand, if i could think of several things to do it would be return to China with the rest of the clones, use your intellect to help that lame country, stay off of Starcraft 2, and suck my BIG FAT WHITE DICK.
    Thanks, Fish

    P.S. Asian men do have significantly smaller genitalia. I know for real because I am a CNA and we studied the various ethnicities reproductive organs.

    P.S.S. You are all clones. Every asian looks alike. It’s a fact. White people are not. You can come and get me when you find 420,000 white people that look alike, or could even be related.

    P.S.S.S. All asian women are is 3 holes. A mouth. An anus. A vagina. No looks, tits, or even nice butt to think of.


    • Haters, hahah stop the hate and jealousy and please kill yourself. If you can’t crying you’re doing then move somewhere else sucker. Cause all the people you whine about aren’t going anywhere! Let’s go by your stupid mentality for a sec, if it were true that they were all similar. They would look and fuck better then your internet bitch ass. Suck on aids bitch. HAVE SOME! Peace, Love, & Unity.

  39. So much anger in a lot of people on this discussion site. Did you guys know anger is the secondary human emotion? Hurt is the primary. The reason is, you get angry because you’re hurt. I sense a lot of people who were hurt or feels that they were…even though that’s a fact of life. I wouldn’t single out Asians being the problem, that’s dangerous and you’re just provoking people to get angry. Just because Asians stick together with their groups doesn’t mean they hate anyone who is non Asian. There were many gangs/mafias that were formed (which was a drag on society) when European immigrants came to the U.S. especially in the early 1900s, how is THAT any different than now??

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  41. Whew its a good thing these guys are concentrating on us, this way our friends the Mexican people can come over without notice and take whats rightfully theirs, this land. Hah-hah-hah!!! Ahhh…. Mexican people have always been kind to me so I respect them a lot and I believe the good people of this world deserve the most.

  42. americans are the most vulgar species in this world. bastards hires asians in their research centres and boast of being the leaders. they cant even tell 2+2=? poor , asshole , ignorant americans

    Oriental asian+indian only dominate 4.8% of the usa population by 2010 while mexican alone is way over 7%. Go and rape the world more plz white guys, so fuken dumb

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Wikipedia? are you kidding me? Go back to getting sodomized by niggero rapists, please

  44. well I have to admit I love chinese food and chinese don’t bother me but I can say they are are not smart. oh yea but the make ok vacuum tubes but Brits are better.

  45. Asians are parasites, end of story.

  46. Not an Idiot.

    I have to say this so you all are being ridiculous, what happened to equality? Everybody is the same, what ever the race you are… WHERE THE FUCK IS THE HUMANITY? This is the undoing of the human race. None of us get along. Honestly, I don’t care what race is the one to come out on top, so long as the Human race survives. I don’t treat anyone different. All I read were “Fuck white people” Fuck Asians and Mexicans” Any one person who said bitch or pussy or any derogatory insult here should be castrated. By the way I’m a white male.

    • it all happened when they brought niggers first and then the mExiCANs invaded and used up the welfare system along with the lazy niggers and started killing innocent people and then kikes use it in hollywood to make a boring movie about burning shit down and killing people and they get brain washed and go out and do it in real life.

  47. Domingo cruz dumb beaner

    I don’t have any problems with asians. Asians (Mongoloids) and whites (Caucasoids) engineered everything you see around you. I really don’t know why east asians (South koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese) would ever want to immigrate to america. I’d much rather live in east asia than nigger/spic infested USA any given day

  48. You guys are dumb asses.Asians are smarter/better-looking that white people.It’s 2011…get a fucking clue!:P
    – “spic”

    P.S Asians,Blacks,and Mexicans are taking over the US…so fuck you lazy asses.

  49. Wow. Everyone here is ignorant. You may say fuck you but it doesn’t change the fact that.. you’re still an idiot. Just because my asian ass has a tiny penis and looks spooked all the time, it doesnt’ mean that you should hate america because of it.

  50. An Asian American

    I love to see anyone of you racist fucks tell that to my face

  51. a read a lot comments here about us asians…
    you call us parasites, chinks, etc… what do you call your white race??
    i should call u “fake americans” that u are the parasite and a tumor in this world… AMERICA has a VERY HIGH CRIME RATE than in any country…

    You so called Americans go back to europe where you came from… SO WHY UR ANCESTORS MIGRATE in “NEW WORLD” ha?… do you forget that the true natives there are indians… hell… by reading ur comments.. i can say that majority of americans are racist and assholes and self justifying INGRATO….

    the Emperialism of your country will be ended soon.. hahaha

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