Terrorist and Jews

Past & Present Terrorist Leaders

Past & Present Terrorist Leaders

We should all fear the terrorists in this country.

But who really are the terrorists?  Osama Bin Laden?  The late Saddam Hussein?  All of those guys with bandannas covering their faces wielding AK-47s?

No, the real terrorist are the 5.3 million Jews who live in Israel and their murderer leader who terrorizes and kills the poor rightful owners of the land.

Not that a single asshole American really cares what goes on in anybody else’s life other than their own, but this terrorist state in Israel and all the Jew backers are just another reason to hate America.

This illegal seizure of the land of Palestine has created something which may even be worse than Jews themselves, middle eastern, Persian, and Arab people, who shall be solely referred to as terrorists exist as a direct result of the Jews and the Jew backers.

The main reason for the illegal state of Israel is the so-called holocaust.  The holocaust was a made up, false event used to give sympathy for the Jews.  There is absolutely no debate about this.

WORLD WARS claim many victims.  All the money in the world couldn’t save all the Jews who died in the war.  Five times more Russians died and yet Jews are remembered.

If the money grubbing cowards stood up and fought, perhaps less would have died.  Now the Jews resort to using American firepower to kill the innocent terrorists of Palestine and the rest of the terrorist world.

This brings the main point of this blog.  Reasons to hate America.  The small minority of Jews in this country serve no purpose to the rest of the populace.  They only care about the survival of Israel which does not have any right to exist other than to steal land and murder the native people of the land.

This does not leave out terrorists.  Which is worse?  The rat that carries bubonic plague or the flea who transmits it?  They both should be destroyed and so is the case with the terrorists which the Jews have created.

Middle eastern people aka terrorists have no reason to live in this country.  They have no other interest other than to rape the United States and its people of money and resources to bring back to Arabia and fund terrorism to fight the Jews.

America has simply become a middleman in between a war of the illegal state of Israel and the rest of Terrorist lands.

The whole situation and the downright scum which is Jews and Terrorists warrants another 2 reasons to hate America.

Poor Terrorists running from Real Terrorists

Poor Terrorists running from Real Terrorists


30 responses to “Terrorist and Jews

  1. I am the daughter of the man,whose face is identical to Joann Paul II. In Italy he is known as Tata Giovanni (Father Giovanni) .He lived in Rome and worked in the USA. I lived with adopting family in Yekaterinburg in the place of killing Royal Romanov family. Why? Who from my own family is a queen? My own grandmother? Or what does it means? Address was Moskowskaya street 9-31. In Moskovskaya street 9-20 lives Hussein family with daughter Aleksandra. My real name is Anna-Kristina-Aleksandra. What does it means? Who fined that information?Who really have aggression against Muslims countries and against Iraq and Hussein? I know that my own grandfather Naum was Muslims friend. And when he invest his money in Russia he took gold as financial guarantee. May be in Iraq and near Hussein my enemies searching that gold?
    I know that everything my relatives had they left as inheritage to me. I need to find, who has management of it in his hands, and which is the state of property and assets. I don,t know how my identity could be hidden, because I have unique right leg, which was disfigured from birth. This is my unique sign, nobody could be mistaken normally in my identification. Business of my own grandfather was oil and gas, casino and hotels of Las-Vegas. Own father too. During 10 years I was under strong financial pressing. And lived with my younger son for 60 dollars per month. Who became a manager and do that? Since October of 2001 till 2007 all the force of repressing machine was put on us. I have savage fascism in Lithuania in my own flat and in my own life and life of my son. We came out of there on our four. We have total control. Causes – multi billion assets in-heritage from my own relatives.
    Since 1993 year I was pressed financially at first, I lives with my son and we have 60-100$ for month. And even it is well known that a person is dead without money, my attackers didn’t stop – since 2001 year I had seven savage attacks on me on a territory of Lithuania – was poisoned with HCl, toxicoids,I was systematically trivially beaten, I had a traffic accident – was hit by a car on the pedestrians on green light for me, poisoned with hallucinogens and with my son pushed out to bogs in winter, where we have spent 3 nights.
    Those attacks started 3 weeks after twin-towers in the USA were ruined. They were ruined in 11.09.2001. I was born in 11.06 – month of twins-Gemini. More, the only citizen of Lithuania died in that crush, who was constantly living and working in the USA in twin-towers Jelena-Helen Gavriushina-Melnichenko – her mother was director of the school my children got education. Director of the school Gavriushina was born 6th of June. I have a friend in my childhood. Vladimir Vladimirovich Gaper. He was born 6th of June. Who is that friend? Everybody knows one Vladimir Vladimirovich, but he wasn’t born at the 6th of June. Putin is a friend of Kerkorian? Who is that my friend born 6th of June? I found that one. In the USA in Las Vegas. Kerkor Kerkorian. After reading his biography I saw that his owned MGM hotel, casino blown 21.11.1980. Interesting, that all those digits are digits of mine and my children’s dates of birth. More, even ID’s are the same. That friend was my own father’s and own grandfather’s manager? Why then the property wasn’t returned to me? Interesting that Bill Clinton had a nickname fly. After exact translating to Russian this mean to fly – as a pilot, a flyer. Manager was a pilot, a flyer. Why Bill Clinton, you ask?If bill – is billion, who clean’t billions then? Do you remember what is Bill Clinton wife’s name? Hillary Clinton. What is hillary clinton? Hi-Larry-Cleaner. Hello, Larisa who got in fly and cleaned… understand, yes? When I lived in Freesk ( Wolsk ) I have a friend – my friend Arkadij Chainy from Wolsk had curious second name – Aaron’s son. The name of father of pilot-manager was Aaron. And who knows what all does it mean? Why they forgot to return me property, but do not forget to organize me attacks? Monica Lewinski came into cabinet in White House at 28 of february 1997. Adopting family’s son Sergey Lopatinskiy was born 28 of February. Who knows what does it mean? Who during that time took over grandfather’s and father’s spheres – transport, oil and gas in Russia, Italy, Poland or UK? How connected with that former russian agents in UK, who transferred assets from Russia? What exactly Lopatinskij and his wife took over?
    Another savage attack against me began 20.10.2002 – 23.10.2002. In 23.10.2002 – 26.10.2002 there was Nord-Ost in Moscow. My son and I had the same diagnosis as victims of Nord-Ost. Who do it?
    In 1980 ch I lived in Freesk (Wolsk).I moved from Freesky to Poland. Artists Oleg Yankovsky( Ivanovskiy) and show group “Combination” moved from Saratov to Moscow at the same time. Mentioned group consisted from three girls Tatyana Eatingoats, Natalia Pigeonnose, and Alena Father. Who know what that combination is?Tatiana’s Eatingoats face look like the face of princess Diana. In Ekaterinburg I lived at the same time with Tatiana Diachenko (Elcina).She known in Rissia as Tatiana Evil.
    Oleg Lobov is also from Yekaterinburg. Ex-secretary of Defence Council. Lobov and his son were close friends with Sergej Lopatinskij. Lopatinkij’s wife – Bondarenko. Natalia Bondarenko by herself – prostitute, dolly. It is interesting that Bondarenko’s mother worked as medical staff in jail clinics.And she didn’t ashame herself when she stole from imprisoned people butter and bed linen, which during that time was rare thing in Soviet Union. Later in Lithuania Mrs. Dalia Gribauskaite with the Bondarenko’s face became minister of finances of Lithuania. And was delegated to Bruksels for headquater of EU.Famous Mr.Idrak Dadashev in”Penki Kontinentai” Media accepted Mrs. Dalia Gribauskaite as a sex symbol of Lithuania.Who knows what does it mean,when at post of minister of finances we see dolly? In the “Godson” film she was called “Bank of sperm”. So who was financed in Lithuania from my finances and from my own father’s (Tata Giovanni) finances? And who did that?
    In 10 .06.2006 in Diana,s Spencer family house resident of Russian special services Aleksandr Lebedev organized a meeting to memorize death of Raisa Gorbacheva. Michail,s Gorbachev wife died 20 09 1999. But 11.06.2006 I celebrated my 50 anniversary. It means all the strange recollecting organized just before my birthday. Why? How it is connected with the fact that 9 months before Raisa Gorbacheva died, 20.12.1998 died Jevgenij Bondarenko-son of Natalia Bondarenko who became also Lopatinska,ja after getting married with my adopting brother. It is she who is used to get my money without me to agree nor accept. Who helped her?
    7.09.2006 I loudly got idea why russian oligarh Arkadij Wolskij had such recognizable for me name, he disappeared after two days. He died 9.09.2006. Did he became ashamed, that he didn’t complete my own father’s ask, Ivan’s (John’s, Joann’s), who’s second name after father he had got, or someone didn’t want very much, that Arkadij Wolskij would became informed, that he was frauded, and instead of Father’s daughter shew him other woman, making swapping?
    One month later 7.10.2006 was killed Anna Politkowskaya. Reading information about Anna Politkowskaya I found out astonishing that she lived at Moscow, Lesnaja 8. I don’t know if Politkovskaya lived by that address anywhere, but completly exactly know that by address Lesnaja 8 in Swietoszow lived me with my own family in 80-ths. As I wrote my real name is Anna and I am a journalist. By the way, the newspaper where she worked and was the same newspaper ( Novaya gazeta)which took advertising from Yukos, but didn’t give me work. Was it fault of Yukos? Was it their’s condition? Anna Politkowskaya was the only person from that newspaper who always first greeted me. She was born in the USA. What did Anna Politkowskaya knew about me?She knew who I am, my real name? Or she knew my own father? Who knew that my real name is Anna and killed Politkowskaya? Wasn’t it that person who did so, that I need now even to prove that I am a daughter? Interesting moment – head of security of Jan Paul II during very long time was a person with the name Camillo Cibin. Connecting it with the name of my cousin also Cibin – that surname is rather rare – how do you think where should I look for my own father?
    One month later 23.11.2006 in London died Aleksandr Litvinenko( Litva-Lithuania).His face was look like the face of russian moscow journalist living in Lithuania Vladimir Vladimirovich Killer. Not far from death Litvinenko look like Bondarenko’s son.His wife Marina Litvinenko have a face of my friend from the clinics when I have unical operations Irina Raisova. Irina Raisa’s daughter. Gorbacheva?Many years ago Irina Raisova look like Marina Berlusconi. Aleksandr Litvinenko was a friend of Berezovskiy. Berezovskiy is not only surname of Boris Abramovich but is the name of gold place near Ekaterinburg. So, who need my grandfather’s Naum gold so much that want to lie,to kill and to have agression against Muslims countries?Andrey Lugovoi have a surname as Lugovaia village when many years ago Sergey Lopatinskiy’s own mother was born. What does it means?
    One month later 14.12.2006 unknown person pay for Orlen( Orlen is the owner of Mazeiku Nafta ) oil company 1,5 billions euro. Who and whom was blackmailed? 22.12.2006 I and my son was unblocked in Lithuania where we was blocked,arrested and had real fascism and we run out from Lithuania as quickly as we can.
    Bush, Primakov visiting Lithuania organized “accidental” meetings with me and my son. First used his security officers, second by himself. 11.03.2008 Poland visited Hosni Said Mubarak. 14.03.2008 we were proposed to leave Poland. We were getting by auto-stop in Italy. As well as we arrived to Italy, to Italy came Putin, who visited Poland and came to Berlusconi.Some years ago Berlusconi became Prime Minister 11.06.2001.In my birthday. What does it means? They have my money and business? They robbed me? They were so poor that needed my finances and my incomes? We live with son at street wearing some floor clothes. Was my father such a bad person? Is he blackmailed in such a way? Where is he now? Multiple applying to Silvio Berlusconi does nothing. What could be this person whom in my childhood I know as Silvia in Italy – my “mother” with wig and with man,s cigarettes, and which I must find if I need a defense and help? Why should anyone organize me credit, when my own father left me billions financing: who stole from me that financing? Who answer for that? Who should liked my money so much that I wasn’t even shown graves of my own grandfather and own mother in Italy. Nobody told me where is my own house which I knew as “Swallow’s nest” in Rome. Mr. Napolitano ignored my ask.
    I know that part of finances former soviet agents transferred to someone in England. Queen Elizabeth and her husband visited to Lithuania (16.10.2006-18.10.2006)Jan Paul II became Pope in Rome 16.10.78. What Elizabeth and her husband need from me? After theres visit 21.10.2006 Hubertas Grusnys was killed, he was owner of radio stations and Lithuanian millionaire, whose radio Lietus a week before told about poisoning with toxicoids me and my son in our flat. In Lithuania for my financing and living my own father gave 10% shares of AO LUKOIL company to the oil company AB MAZEIKU NAFTA. For my financing in Lithuania responsible A.Brazauskas, B.Lubys (as everybody know Mr. Lubys is a friend of Mr. Nazarbajev), G.Chapanidze, V.Shkil. Mr. G.Chapanidze is in jail since 1996-1997. I was not financed at all. And didn,t ask nobody to sale or to present my finances or shares to anybody. I know that there are most of assets, which didn’t get in hands of those who robbed me.
    May be Mr. Alekperov knows what does it mean? In 19.8.1995 in Omsk died someone Ivan (Jan,Giovanni, Ioann) Lickevich. Do you know what does Lickevich means in polish? This is translated as calculate. What and whom calculated Lickevich?Ivan Lickevich was the director of the Omsk oil rafinery. In 3.7.2000 died with his son Gediminas Kesus.They are killed both. Gediminas Kesus was the director of the Mazeiku oil rafinery.When he was killed in Lithuanian newspapers was published information – some documents Gediminas Kesus put into some England bank. What the documents it was? Who started to kill the directors of oil rafineries and started putting the money into his own pockets? My money.In such way Lukoil go for another hands.Rats hands.
    I have personal individual characteristic by which I can be easily identified – my right leg was disfigured while my mother was pregnant, and I was born with unique diagnosis. After many specific medical operations, my leg became passport, which couldn,t be forged. I demand to change my managers and carers, want to change place of living, ID documents and I look for a country which could accept me and defend me.

  2. No country cares about the welfare of another country aside from their own. I’m sure your fellow Saudis can relate to that as well.

  3. reasonstohateamerica

    WTF? was that first comment, someone is expected to read that jumbled mess of Zionist or anti Semite rhetoric?

  4. reasonstohateamerica

    WTF? was that first comment, someone is expected to read that jumbled mess of Zionist or anti Semite rhetoric?

  5. Several millions of us also happen to be Arabs in America, but disagree with you. It usually takes someone disconnected with reality – one taking their emotions as an overriding objective reality – to arrive at that kind of nonsense.

    On a lesser scale, you are no different and no better than the propagandists of old: Goebels, Derjinsky, and others… the purveyors of “the big lie”…

  6. “They only care about the survival of Israel which does not have any right to exist other than to steal land and murder the native people of the land.”

    you moron. By your judgement the USA doesn’t have a right to exist either! All you inbred fuckers did was steal land and murder the native americans. YOU IDIOT :))

  7. worthless.

  8. You “Americans” are living on stolen lands…remember all those indians you slaughtered? Guess you forgot…you hypocrites.

  9. There are There kinds Zionists, religious jews,and real Jews. Ashkenazis are mixed Jews , proof when titus destroyed Jerusalem 90% of jews perished Women and some children were carried off as slaves. The Jewish Women were raped by Rome’s enemies and their offspring made it to Spain and Rhineland Germany.The Ashkenazis are in reality Hittite Heritage because when the Romans were sacking Jerusalem The Jews of Turky won many proselytes into the Jewish Faith. This why Jews have the Turkish Nose and Asian Features. The ashkenazis are more related to Turkish People and Armenians since they live in Turkey for ages. The Real Jewish Homeland is Turkey and not Israel this has been proven in craniun observation and 50% of Jewish blood is Slavic or Polish and 10% Kazarian since this tribe converted to judism. The Real Blood Jews are The Sephardic or Spanish Jews and Rhineland Germany Jews. Most of the German Jews Perished in the Holocaust so the only surviving jews are the Sephardic Jews which make up only 10% of the Jewish Population and are the only one that are the chosen and do have a right to the state of Judea and not Israel since 11 of the Tribes are Missing. One Tribes does appear to be found in Ireland and that is the Tribe of Dan but they would be insulted if you called them Isralite because they are Irish and are Catholic and Protestant. Other nations also have middle eastern heritage for example Sweden, The Svear decend From Tiras seventh son of Japhet. Ancient city of Troy was Their city state. So Swedish Heritage also has a claim to Western Turkey and the Danderlees but you dont see Swedes taking up arms against the Turks to claim their ancient homeland which they have a right to do. The Swedish Trojan Homeland. Ridiculus.!!!!

  10. Laugh at yourselves people!

    What a sad, sad existance it must be to think this way… Even if this is for humor, anyone who would agree with anything here must be very lonely… Hating the universe is time consuming!!

  11. although i consider hitler as a terrorist but he said something i wont forget:
    they asked hitler why he didnt kill all the jewz? he answered i killed half of them and left the other half so that the world will see later why i was killing them.
    and that’s what’s happening now.jewz not all of them but more like israelies are their turn the terrorists by killing palestinians and stealing lands

    • I consider Hitler a modern day hero he let the world live in harmony and everything was back to normal the recession was over. holLyw0od makes Hitler look bad especially movies with adam sandler.

  12. There will come a time when these very same in-bred Jews will be ashamed to say that they are Jews. My Husband is Russian, there is always a place to send them in Russia in the very deep of Siberia. If you throw a Rubul (Russian Money) on the ground, these Jews will grab it, they all watch and see the filth in their minds – the greed. Bernake, Cheney, Bush (his mother being a full-blooded Jew), most of congress are all Jews. Please hang tight and don’t loose hope – truth prevails. Also, a good suggestion to some facts is http://www.whatreallyhappened.com.

  13. you disgusting piece of filth. have you seen the pictures??? people transformed into skeletons. dead children lying in heaps. the remains of the death camps. the pictures nazi officers took themselves and the records they made. the people who still bear the tattoo given to them in the death camps. so what did 6 million Jews and 5 million other people just disappear off the face of the earth? evaporate into thin air? you ignorant, filthy nazi

  14. I respect your opinion but if you are well attuned with human nature, you would understand from all perspectives that each race dividing the world is just a result of genetics. Therefore, what you must realize is to look at people as humans, not as Americans, not as Asians or whatever you call them. Humans are perfectly imperfect that is why you cannot expect them to ride on with your ideals. Even your closest friends would sometimes clash with what you expect them to be. Now, if you have a bad feeling about jews and terrorists, so are the others. However, have you asked yourself how hatred kills the very hope of a beautiful world? You are intelligent. Next time, make a blog that discusses “58 Ways on how America can be loved”. Maybe that’s a better way to start a world you’ve always wanted.

  15. @ virgomonkey – “No country cares about the welfare of another country aside from their own. I’m sure your fellow Saudis can relate to that as well.”

    What is it with your tendency to paint every critic of America as an Arab? The author doesn’t sound remotely like a Saudi but I guess your American mind isn’t intelligent enough to figure that out.

    @ iyonna – “Next time, make a blog that discusses “58 Ways on how America can be loved”.”

    We might as well make a blog to discuss “50 ways how Nazis/Islamic terrorists can be loved”. Same thing, really.

  16. Encyclopedia Americana (1985):
    Encyclopedia Americana

    “Khazar, an ancient Turkic speaking people who ruled a large and powerful state in the steppes North of the Caucasus Mountains from the 7th century to their demise in the mid 11th century A.D… In the 8th Century it’s political and religious head… as well as the greater part of the Khazar nobility, abandoned paganism and converted to Judaism… (The Khazars are believed to be the ancestors of most Russian and Eastern European Jews).”
    Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition):

    “Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian tribes that established a major commercial empire in the second half of the 6th century, covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia… In the middle of the 8th century the ruling classes adopted Judaism as their religion.”
    The Jewish Encyclopedia:

    “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.”
    The Encyclopedia Judaica (1972):

    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries C.E. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism… In spite of the negligible information of an archaeological nature, the presence of Jewish groups and the impact of Jewish ideas in Eastern Europe are considerable during the Middle Ages. Groups have been mentioned as migrating to Central Europe from the East often have been referred to as Khazars, thus making it impossible to overlook the possibility that they originated from within the former Khazar Empire.”

  17. Sajjad Zahoor

    Jwes can never be sincere to any other nor they can get peace. they are the approrite for the revenge of God.(By what tyeh do)

    • reasonstohateamerica

      I really hate hook-nosed, kike Hebrew bastards just as much as I hate any brown skin towel head, dress wearing, camel riding, huka smoking, stank middle eastern mofos.

  18. Wow, way to go. You struck again. At first, I thought you were a mean bastard.

    I still do. Except now I think you’re a mean bastard but a genius.

  19. whatwecomingto?

    Everyone throughout history regardless of ethnicity has been at some time or another persecuted for who they are. That is no justification to do the same to others even if it was yesterday or thousands of years ago. Grow up children, get over yourselves, we all share the same planet regardless of our personal beliefs.

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  22. Clearly the person who wrote this IS a terrorist. What an idiot

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Clearly any lesbian whore named Jill wasting time writing blog comments is a fucking pathetic loser. Go back to work overtime at Wallmart cunt

  23. Welcome to the wonderful world of Jew and Christian hating Islam. People, do yourselves a favor and read up on the religion of peace. It’s a pip.

  24. I was watching a video on I guess it was youtube it was about its wrong to hate jews and they contribute more to humanity than any other race. this fool was english I have met a few people from England and the are really rude pieces of shit. this dude has it all wrong everyone contributes to humanity in some way or form. I think jews are taking away our freedom one penny at a time.

  25. jews are dirty rotten pieces of garbage that are good for absolutely nothing. they are the main reason why the US is falling apart. get rid of the minorities.

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