American Women

Confused American Female?

American Women.  Nothing further needs to be said.  Using the word women may be a push.  The women in America are about as far from females as you can get.  Females in America are similar to women, in the fact that they have a vagina, uterus and ovaries but that is where the similarities end.

A genetic mutation unleashed sometime during the 20th century has began to destroy American females.  De-evolution has began in the United States at multiple levels but none further than with the female population.

Unless you are a moron, idiot or even worse, Christian, you believe in the theory of evolution.  The only true purpose of the female gender is to serve men, carry a child, and raise it, cleaning the house and washing the dishes along the way, of course.

In America, raising a child is 2nd or 3rd nature to most women.  Instead of being the feminine, motherly queen bee, which ensures the survival of the human species, females in America are robotic, masculine worker bee drones who serve no purpose to the survival of our human species.

American women care more about manly things such as voting, working and building their career, than raising a child.  American women are basically men.

American women think they are above men, higher beings who are equal or even better to men.  The fact is, women are physically and mentally weak from the hormones that god, evolution or whatever you believe gave them.

They are weak for a purpose.  So men can dominate them.  Take them home, and install their seed in the womb to create life.  American women have turned into something different.

People from far away lands come to America and are shocked.  Females in America consist mostly of disgusting fat slobs who are proud of their absolute hideousness.  Even the beautiful feminine looking females shock foreigners.

Instead of a womanly attitude, American women have a poor attitude and no values outside of the self only attitude which is consistent

Proud to be a fat slob

Proud to be a fat slob


If everything written does not sound right, you are either an American female who can’t believe that people know exactly how you think, or a brainwashed American who has their eyes closed.

Get away from the TV, internet, or your church and walk around your local city and just open your eyes and observe what is going on around you.

It may be hard not doing what the mass media, your parents, and your American government have told you your entire miserable life but try.

You are not a racist if you see black people shooting others, Mexicans stabbing others, white people walking their small dogs or Asian people wandering aimlessly about the street.

All you are is someone who has unplugged yourself out of the matrix and became a free person.  That is, until the man of the relationship, your American wife, bitch slaps you and tells you to get back to work.

American women rule the country because spineless, in-the-closet Christian homosexuals who call themselves Americans have no spine and are brainwashed to let women, amongst other things ruin this country and give yet another one of 58 reasons to hate America.


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  1. Actually, according to evolution, the only real reason for women is not to serve men. It’s the other way around. Women’s only need of men is to impregnate her, and even that necessity is dying off. We all start off as women, until something goes wrong in the womb and you end up a mutation- a male. Yes, nature is brutal.

    Thankfully I enjoy men and women for reasons beyond their biological ‘purpose.’ We sure don’t need to propagate the species any further. Of course that’s why those of us who have evolved beyond the cave days see things like dining out, spirituality, and education as honourable pursuits.

    • I think the women in the first picture are very beautiful. I dont understand why you saying that. We have many women from many countries in our club who looks like her and are very good at Thaiboxing here in Finland. My girlfriend is one of them. I do not see your point:(

    • Allahu akbar, you are idiots! You know that there is links to your stupid blogg everywhere in arab comunitys showing the level of stupidity and the shame you causing us. Are you retarded or something? most people laugh at you and thinks you are a big joke to get attention, some think you are gay but I say gay people are nice people of peace and you are not. I think you have lost your minds and have left your dicks to think with. *LOL* come on if you are to ugly to find someone you do not have to be bitter. Live your life the way you want to live and let everybody else do the same. Do not try to live other peoples live, when you got your own damn sucky life..LOL

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank you for your intelligent response.


    • Wow with everything you post you just makes you seem 20 times more ignorant. I’m not here to do your laundry, wash your dishes, or so you can “dominate” me. If your so much stronger than me (which I highly doubt) you can do all that crap yourself. I believe I am equal to any man and should be treated as such. I am not to be trampled on. I am not to be stuck in a kitchen. I can handle a job just as good as you. I can be a mother and have a successful career.

    • LOL Wow…the more I read you….I just can’t help but laugh.


      No, seriously, you should read and…

      Funny websites that speak truth.

    • You are idiot dude, you can mary your mother in this Dont you have hands to take care of your own shit? You know there is women who have muscles everywhere. The muscles itself are actually not manly, its just human. All humanbeing have muscles and in ancient times there were no working out, so there were no big men like now. You are not born with big muscles just because you are man, so its not “normal” for anyone. I dont see why you are a women hater. Maybe you grew up with stupid parents. i think strong independent women are more natural and beautiful than those who except guys like you.

    • We can take your dirty stuff and put it in your ass your useless peace of shit!! you have this page because you dont have real job or life, iam sure you are too ugly for a woman to want you and thats why you are angry hating everything. Go keep fucking yourself.

    • I fucking knew When I read about this idiot primitive website, I thought no way a man from the west does this insanity cause most of them are more men and more human than you ever can be. You are a bunch of idiot bitches from middle Thats why we muslim women choose western men nowadays because there are insects like you. Get life or buy some brain! or move to Saudi you maybe find this idiot woman who can clean your shit, but you must have a good job to serve and provide the primitive family..something you do not have because as I see, you do not have an education!! and you are not even human, you have no pride and no dignity, just a parasite like most of middle east men and thats why there is war down there, no human rights and thats why everybody comes to USA and Europe including you!! But you keep thinking with your testostorone and keep sucking your own dick!! or you may ask your mamma doing that for you too you man whore!!

    • So you mean you are not strong enough to clean your own shit, or your mammy and daddy did not teach you how to do it lol. you are sick man.

  3. Whether you are serious or not, I think having a balance is good and I have trouble seeing that balance in the US.

    You are right. Women are too manly over here. And now men are getting to be too feminine. (And these are the heterosexuals.) They are shaving their chest, underarms, legs, and basically everything besides their head. The roles have reversed too drastically. I hate it. This is why I have trouble making female friends. Most of my friends are men, and any female friends I have are from other countries.

    • You are wrong, what you are talking about is construction from old days, theres no biologi in that. All of us have hair, we just choose if we shave it or not. And this change from time to time, do you think women for 2000 years ago shaved? lol you are retarded. You are against development because you are afraid that you loose your power as a cave “man”. You know, theres many things in life that you can be proud of than your penis, that you did not create yourself anyway. Grew up or still acting like animals.

    • You know there is variety and diffrent sexual orientation in animals and all nature too. Nature is bigger than you think and every thing that you find in nature is by definition natural. Its not just the traditional way is the right way. The right way is the way that makes you happy and loving life and loving other human being for who they are. There are reasons for why the old days called old. There is no one truth, everybody have her/his own truth and way in life.I hope you find your truth in life and cab be happy, because hate takes your life away. I know that not all men are old fashinded who hates women and if its the case then I thank Gud Iam a lesbian..*LOL*..Peace for our planet and our souls!

  4. I dated a women who slept with me for 2 years and one day, decided that she had to break up with me due to her religious views. She then told me later on down the road that she decided not to come back to me because she believed that there was nothing that she could do that would make me happy. After about 3 months of being broken up with the women, I discovered that she was dating someone else.

    I never did anything to hurt her. All I ever tried to do was make the little spoiled, naive bitch happy. The sex was horrible and her religious views were equivalent to that of someone scratching their nails on a chalk board. In the end, I am happy she was able to find something in me she lacked the patience to work out because she only negated from me. Yes, she was very attractive and yes, I am still single, but am I unhappy? No. Why? Because I can now listen to the noises of the world without hearing that damn pecker gnat constantly wizzing in my ears…

    Women here in the States are all spoiled. I say let them through the glass ceiling and watch everything in the form of family values crumble when they ascend. Things are already pathetic here. We used to be a Super Power, but now, we simply suck.

  5. Spoiled? Most of us women are working harder than men now. Plus, Mr. Anderson, why didn’t you break up with that spoiled, bitchy woman until waiting for her to break up with YOU. She probably left you because you have no balls to stand for anything.

    It is pussy-men like you that are more than half of the problem. Be a man, for fucksakes!

    • I read all the comments.. and this is the only true one .. women are manly in America and that is because men in America are more of a bitch than a bitch. It’s your fucking fault, you don’t know how to be a man

  6. If this blogger is a man, he definitely doesn’t know how to treat a woman.

  7. FUCK all american women anyway. They got whitewashed.

    Blacks will fuck all white women eventually.

    • I feel bad for decent African Americans because of people like you. Your lowbrow, lude, and uncivilized mannor of presenting yourself meirly lends hand to the preconception that your people are just above the line that seperates man from animal. If you hate all of use white people with such irrational emotion than why do you not just revert back to the jungles of Africa and live in a hut, hunt animals with spears, and give up sanitation because that is where you would be without the technology that white people or “demon folk” as you so bluntly put it introduced to your kind. I am more than positive that if there was never a white race you would not have the computer, keybord, nor the language that you used to type such a lowsome comment.

  8. This is the only fucking post that I’ve seen you make that makes any sense. American women make me so fucking sad. When I’m not blowing loads in them, I have no use or want for a single fucking one of them around.

    Funny story here:

    A woman I used to date comes to mind when I read this blog. She was beautiful on the outside, but talking to her was a chore. I could almost feel myself losing brain cells out my fucking ears when I attempted conversation on a level above “wanna fuck again?”

    I wouldn’t have cared about her stupidity, but she had this ego to her. Like the fact that she had a vagina made up for the absolute moron attached to it. One day, when I was in a particularly shitty mood from dealing with her bullshit all day, I told her what I thought about her and that we were fucking done. She replied with a pause, a shriek, and an attempt to claw my fucking face off. I tried not to hurt her, honestly, but she kept trying to punch me. So I did what anyone would, and knocked the bitch in the face. Now why is this so bad? She clearly was trying to punch/claw/bite my fucking face… yet somehow I’m seen as the bad guy.

    This is where all women see me as an asshole, which is fine, go fuck yourselves. But if it was a guy trying to punch me in the face, and I beat the shit out of him, no one would complain. Same goes for fags. If I grabbed a womans ass and she slapped me, its no big deal, but if a fag grabs my ass, and I break his fuckin nose, Im a homophobe…

  9. And by the way, Thegirlcanwrite, your a fucking idiot. Men serve women? No, your thinking of fucking insects. In insects, the males serve females. In monogamistic mammals, the female serves the male. Evolution has molded women to take care of children and for men to provide. Why the fuck do women want to reverse evolution all of a sudden anyway? Dick envy, thats why.

    • I don’t have a dick and still have more balls than you ever will. It sounds like your just sad because the only way you can get laid is if its with a self centered airhead.

      • Thats the point you really want to be a man instead of the classy,respectful woman that anyone can be proud of,but you rather come on here & show just how much of a bitch you are.

    • Well, theres no such evolution. I have studied evolution all my life and there is nothing which says that some people needs to be others slave. I thougt read it in the quran that my friend owns. You are also comparing humans with animals. Have you seen animals building countries, having cultures, flying planes, making scinese, crying, laughing?! we are more than biological bodies, even Darwin got that. If you want to live like animals, well thats your choice but everybody not like you. there is hundred of studies that shows that modern men feel better and live longer because of the equality with women. We dont have to work our as off to provide like the fiftys, now we work together as a family outside and inside the house, we spend time with our children more than our grandparents did with our parents. Iam sorry to hear that you did not grew in such family and wont even have one because you are a women hater. I hope you are gay so you can at least have a man.

    • If you think that women have penis envy, then why theres milions more men in the world changing their sex to female than the opposite?? You are just afraid of women becoming better than you, because we work outside the house, inside the house, have many various interest. But men or old fashioned men, they just have their outside home jobs for serving and providing their wifes so when they loose it, they loose all and become like small children who cant take care of their pathatic! they have not spent time with their children and they die early and most of the times lonley. So good luck with your choice and I can garanty you that no body envy this life of yours You are sure the one who have vagina-envy being passive aggressive on all women if they are the same. Lucky me who have a normal boyfriend who by the way are laughing at your text

    • You say “In monogamistic mammals, the female serves the male. Evolution has molded women to take care of children and for men to provide.”
      Well, if the men provide the women then they are serving her and her children by meaning of what you saying! In mammals, who?! you know there are many differences between animals and humans, right? for exempel brains, intellectual capacity, emotions, ambitions and faith. But any way have you ever heard some female animal who comes in the living room where her man sits on his fat ass watching TV and says, what do you want to eat for dinner honey?? lol ..In mammals the female and the male get together to reproduce, thats it.And then the female takes care of the “children” and hunts at the same time..there is no male in the picture anymore after reproduction, and I can understand The children grows to take care of themselves, so no one are serving anyone, everybody serving themselves, and thats nature!! maybe need to reed some before you open your big un educated mouth. All women or men maybe can not get children or maybe do not want to have them. So what in this case?! and just because women in the picture above are working out to be strong and get good health, you people are getting crazy! whats wrong with you?! That does not make someone more or less women for fuck sake. You want to have women as slaves, weak and no independency to make you guys with problems feel strong?! well, there is therapy for that too.. and by the way there is no humans with dignity who wants to be served unless they have something wrong, no animals in nature are lazy wanting to be served by their partners, the only animals who wants that are you.

  10. Actually, we don’t need men. Have you heard of a sperm bank? It’s like shopping-you can pick the make, model, and even the intelligence level. Men with intelligence, ambition, looks, and no deformities should only be allowed to impregnate

    • Can you guess where that sperm came from?

    • “Men with intelligence, ambition, looks, and no deformities should only be allowed to impregnate”
      As i read that sentence i got the urge to fucking beat the shit out off you
      Many people in the world have had that theory and one off the most known is Adolf Hitler. That will be one off the causes for another world war.
      PS. If you didnt know men donate sperm to a sperm bank and then you get the sperm. Also i dont think none have to be slaves to each other, everyone is equal and have the right too choose

  11. wow….sounds like the originator of this post has some issues with being turned down one too many times…probably by an American woman. Im not sure who you think you are that makes you think you are above any human being, but I assure you, American women are far better people and far more drivin toward a successful life than you are. And it will be a dark day in hell when things go back to the stone age ideas you have put forth here. I think its just jealousy that has you so upset…you must be one of those fags who sit in front of the computer all day jerkin off just wishing for even a second you could get laid, and it was probably an American woman who told you that would never be possible considering the total waste that stood before her. BTW my wife, is a fuckin knockout! that looks very much like the beautiful Bettie Page, she is strong, intelligent, successful, and independent if need be, and I wish every woman could be like that….I would feel bad for the sorry sack that would even consider breeding with a trash spewing cunt as yourself.

  12. dis blogger is a bithch!

  13. Women are neither equal nor different to men – they are inferior. Women rarely if ever organize themselves effectively because they are unable to think logically.

    If all men told the truth the tears of women would create another flood.

    Where neither love nor hatred is in the game a woman is a mediocre player.

    Women for the most part do not love us. They do not choose a man because they love him, but because it pleases them to be loved by him.

    Women have no sympathy . . . And my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. And it is so intimate too. Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so.

    A woman rarely discards one lover until she is sure of another.

    Woman’s dearest delight is to wound man’s self-conceit, though man’s dearest delight is to gratify hers. There is at least one creature lower than man.

    Even a fickle woman is loyal to one man – until she prefers another.

  14. Visit Thailand. Good wives are easy to find. Good girlfriends are easy to find. Feminist bull is hard to find. Thai women aren’t buying. My girlfriend thinks American women are crazy!

  15. the 1st comment by thegirlcan write (or cant) in this case, has no facts behind what she is saying to prove what she is saying. its all a front. a typical saying of women in defense of themselves that is a no defense because actually they dont have a valid defense for this truth. american civilizations morals, ethics and culture has hit rock bottom and yes because of this same way american women are today. i am an american male and this is based on facts not fluffed up sayings. look at the 1940’s compared to now and see the monster we have now. that pic of that fat girl in the thong is nasty by the way. women dont confuse yourself thinking because you have 40dd breasts that your all that when they are not proportionate to your body. the men your getting are just desperate looking for anything they can get because of the state of women in our country. take off the blinders and see. open your mind sit back and watch people and you will see, just like eve making adam eat from the tree of life. tisk tisk tisk

  16. You know what bitches?thats still a man’s sperm you are using to impregnate yourself.Just cos you are too ugly to fuck,meg.All you dumb cunts need to start respecting men.If you have any power,men gave it to you.

    You females like being muscular like us,men.Fine but don’t act like you can survive without us.To the fag with the dumb post above me,if you like being so feminent and handing over all the power to women,you have no right to call yourself a man.Man was,is and always will be superior to women.If females wanted to be strong,independent,in control who the fuck do you think these dumb vags learned it from?MEN.Fuck all feminist cunts and the dumb faggots who support them.No such thing as being “equal” it fat,ugly feminists and burn in hell fags.

    • Agreed 100%

      • You said to a girl here “Thats the point you really want to be a man instead of the classy,respectful woman that anyone can be proud of,but you rather come on here & show just how much of a bitch you are.”
        She is respectful and proud and thats why she defends her gender idiot!! you think women should not have mouth to speak or hands to write.Why cant you be a respectful man and dont be such a bitchy dick, go get some job or something you looser. If you were my brother or father would kill you. Not just american women are strong and independent. And you know what the real bitch here is the guy who has this site and started all this shit. Just because your mother beated you, you dont have to hate all women. You think you are better human because of your penis, you can come here and I will cut it for you so you maybe can start using your brain when you are writing instead. I hope you find an ugly boyfriend because Iam sure no women wants to be with you not even if you go back home, the shity whole you came from.

      • You know, you are talking about biology and evolution but you know nothing about it. Women are not weak, they are raised to be weak because the men want them to be weak, how can you be weak carrying a child nine months and working at the same time, try it yourself you that not even strong enough to clean your mess. And before our modern world when people were like animals killing each others the men had to hunt to provide food and women gave bearth to children, there were no choices. Now there is no hard jobs, all jobs are easy and everybody can work, i doubt there are men nowadays who can do hunting or other heavy stuff, I know thats impossible specielly when everything is in the supermarket. Women could offcourse hunt too, those who did not were pregnet or may couldnt get pregnet. Now, my point is the time changes and its our duty to nature to adapt to the changes, otherwise we wont survive and thats my friend are evolution. In this case is more like a social survival. if you do not respect people you do not respect back and you end up more pathatic than you already are. There is nothing about the past which was good, and its very strange that a young man like you thinks that. If people killed each others like animals before, does that mean its normal?! offcourse not.

    • Raj, go back to India if you dont like human rights here. Or you maybe go the gaybar with me and I can find you a boyfriend instead 😉 I think no women want to be with a women hater boy unless they are retarded.

    • Raj Raj Raj, Men have no power without women giving them this power and support.If you are talking about phsycal strength, then you must no that there are NO men born muscular, they work out later in life just like women .So stop beeing such a stupid primitive man bitch! In north and west Europe there is no such a word like “housewife”. Everybody works and its much better than the US. Men stay at home with their children as long as the women spending quality time and taking responsibility.And offcourse women survive without men, have you ever heard of women lost her man, well it happens all the time bitch! Because they dont live as long as women specielly in the third world. And women survive without men as well as men survive without women. You only need the opposite sex if you are heterosexual or want to make biological babies. I never had a man in my life and Iam doing just fine and more happy than your mother for sure.If you are afraid that no heterosexual woman wants you, you may start to at first stop hating them, respect them and stop acting like an animal! Its at the end not a question of need, its a question of love!

  17. you sick disgusting excuse for a human being. you’re not even worth the title of a human being, you waste of skin. how would you like to be on your hands and knees scrubbing OUR floors, washing OUR dishes, bearing OUR children, serving us in everyway possible. and then in the end we can throw you down on your knees and jizz in your face. how would you like that, huh?

  18. Just one thing, have you asked yourself more than thrice if your mother loved you?

    • Yes, I know for a fact that my grandmother loved me and as much as she was the worst controlling human being on earth I have ever met. She always took care of me when it mattered and always thoroughly thought out what was the best and most right and have understanding and compassion within even with words like knife… my mother on the other hand seems only wanting to count her accomplishments and me being a modern functional robot would be her greatest achievement. I have rarely felt understanding or sympathy from her as she sacrifice her self for her career and often self gratification. She often continuous to preach about gratifications and achievement their of. Though it can’t be helped when women meets career.

  19. Thank FUCK I have never dated any men like the ones that have posted here. Where do you faggots come from?? Do you guys hang out in a group and fuck each other with your 4 inch dicks? The majority of men in this country are fat disgusting slobs. Attraction works both ways. Maybe if men decided to lift some fucking weights instead of eat potato chips you all wouldn’t be so absolute on women serving men. Men are fucking GROSS in america and I’m supposed to make your fat ass dinner AND want to fuck you? Just because of your wrinkly little cock? FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU.

  20. This post is right on. American women are not only disgusting and hairy, they have no idea what a woman is supposed to be. They think having high testosterone and a high paying job is their point on this planet which it is not.

    Their point is to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex on enough men to enable the men to produce offspring. PERIOD

    In ancient times if a woman did not do this they were systematically executed and/or forced into slave labor which is exactly what is needed today.

    American women are the #1 reason America is the most messed up country in the world internally when it should be a superpower on the inside and out.

    American women disgust me and are a disgrace for America in the rest of the world’s eyes.

    • co-sign 100%

      • You stupid Jordan write stuff and agree with yourself, how Do you have anything else to be proud of than your balls? is it genetic? maybe your father were like this too or your mother maybe was also proud of her vagina, i dont know. I feel sorry for you not beeing raised with love and you will surly understand life better when you grow up. Teenage minds are horrible sometimes and you do not have to be teenage to have such a mind. As I said it depend on how you been raised.

  21. I beat whores

    This is so true as well as your artricle about girlfriends and wives

  22. Women work here in the states… What a crime, perhaps that is why we have the highest GDP in the world by far. It takes the next three countries combined to come close to us. One of these countries being china who also has 1.3 billion people living in it. So please, continue bitching about how you wish you lived here.

  23. Menhavenothing

    Sounds like a bunch of men wanting to marry their mommas on here so they can be lazy.

  24. The only thing more deplorable than the American woman’s “maladjusted attitudes and maternal instincts, work ethic” etc. is the American education system. The inability of it’s people to read and write on par with the rest of the world is noticable. I’m a multiethic business writer and work with sixty five percent (American)women, and they are SIGNIFICANTLY more adept at writing and using the written word to express themselves than American men.

  25. its just jokes people, get a sense of humor

  26. Seriously, wow, I think the writer is actually proving how dumb America is based on the comment sections. The responses are outrageous. Yes, it’s time to leave America behind.

  27. I just miss the old days when men were men and women were women. Trouser pants for chappies and skirts, dresses, and gowns for the ladies. And there is one thing to be sure of; despite all the propaganda for women to become CEO’s doctors and lawyers the most honourable position for one to pursue is that of a mother and proper spouse. Women have the wrong view. They see it as us men are trying to opress them but in fact its never been anything of the sort.

  28. American women…,ahh man I tell you they are very unique. I think it all started with the freaken feminst equal right movement. Because untill then women were WOMEN. I mean they spoke, dressed and behaved like women and they knew their limits. But now, its hard to even spot a women with morals anymore.

    Equal rights and freedom for women is wrongly understood for independence to what ever they want. Meaning, break the barriers of age old values and morals.


    1. we see women threatening to divorce husbands and leave with children for very petty and silly reasons.

    2. Sueing men for child support while they can sit on their fat asses and watch tv all day.

    3. Men can’t be honest and say they dont like something that their women does– in fear that she might drop a divorce bomb shell or break up anytime.

    4. Laws and the culture here have made america a breeding ground for women that are worlds worst slobs.

    So people, get smarter, times have changed, and women have transformed themselves beyond belief in this country. Turning into psychotic, bipolar, direspectful and insane slobs.

    Women in other countries are raised differently. They are taught to be supportive, to respect and care of their men and their families that. Due to this they make good wives and home makers. And they also stick wtih their men throuigh think and thin not leaving their partners. They work towards making thing better in all way possible. Their men and thier families come first.

    So, Find some one who is not from United States. Countries like, Thai land, Phillipines, indonesia, India(may be) might be good places to look for.

    Good Luck Guys!!

  29. first off – GET OVER YOURSELF (whoever wrote this and anyone who agrees with this!!)

    they get a girl pregnant for instance and leave and not have anything to do with her, not help her at all during pregnancy and then bitch and complain about being put on child support!! the majority of woman dont even recieve everything theyre owed so they have to take care of themselves and another life while the father fucks some nasty woman, and does drugs all day and sits around itching his balls. and even you admit to it.. if it wasnt for woman, the human race wouldnt survive, so bow down bitch. : )
    and woman are fat slobs? one peice of evidence againsts what you say.. go to any establishment and look in the womans restroom then look in the mens, which one is worse? and fat? GET OVER IT!!! – theres nothing wrong with having a little extra weight, some men actually prefer it and the girl in the picture that youve labeled a fat slob, she might be over weight, but she certainly doesnt look slobby, shes tan, her make-up is done, her hair looks nice and shes got a beautiful face. lets see a picture of you! your probably some FREAK that cant get laid so youve got your panties in a bunch!!!
    lol!!! no wonder nobody wants you, look at your mindset. and im a christian, you talk bad about them but just wait till you die and you come before God on your judgement day, your going to shit your pants : )

    • reasonstohateamerica

      I didn’t read what you wrote but I just wanted to let you know you’re a stupid, fat, ugly cunt, go douche your rotten vagina whore.

      • Are you talking about yourself again..ugly, fat..*lol* And you kiss your mother with this dirty mouth? You are such a baby! so immature! you know many women works much more harder than you sitting on your ass making a shity blogg and you can not even write or make a point. waste of souls are what you are!!

  30. For the article writer who tells so much truth(the American women article was pretty much right on), how does he hate Christians? Makes no sense…

  31. That girl looks good to me, I need somthing i can grab ahold of, not some skinny pole. I would rock dat thang all over the damn room. On the ceiling , on the walls, then i’d bend her over my knee and spank that booty a million times . She looks like a freak.

  32. I’m not American and I’m from one of those countries where women are supposed to know their place. Um…yeah…ok.

    The writer of this article (and thanks for the laugh, because I really laughed) has obviously never travelled outside of America.

    For the other posters who claim to hate women (and you do hate women). I feel honestly sorry for you. You’re obviously disillusioned young men who have never fully developed enough to adapt to society and it’s obvious that you’re focusing on your hatred to cover up your inadequate feelings of being unable to cope in a world where other people (especially women) have power over you. Time to turn off the computer and get yourself an education. Maybe then you’ll be able to feel good about yourself.

  33. American women are the embodiment of hell. These glutton obsessed,sloppy,wanna- be- men,ball busting sluts, & the faggot man-ginas who support them. I sense a revolution happening soon in america. Its welllllllllll overdue for REAL men to take back our manhood & re-establish divine order with men at the forefront has the head of the houshold..women as our help mates. Kill the FAGS & THE FEMINAZIS ASAP!!!!!!!WE need a revolution on all levels political,gender,social,cultural ,etc etc. The family structure is the bedrock of any successful nation..thats man,woman & child GOD is #1 .

    • 58 reasons to hate men like you! no even more reasons. Lazy, un educated, brainless, violent, progress and humanity haters motherfuckers. You think you are better person because you have a meat boll hanging between your legs. You are wrong! you are talking about an some idiot Gud, Allah and his pedofile prophet Mohammed who likes to steal and make up stories in his little crazy “quran” to brain wash naive people. If you don not like it in the west, you go back to the ass hole where you come from bitch!! Your religion is a religion for pedofiles. No woman or man with self respect will follow this shit. And by the way, women in islam are objectified as much as porn stars. Porn stars take of their clothes to please men and muslim women wear mooore clothes to please please and get respect from men. In both cases the women are seen just as bodies, to please men. But a women like this picture who choose to go her own way beeing human is not ok in your culture because she does not please men in any way. You se how sad little creaps you are..

  34. You are so ignorant. We all have opinions but that doesn’t mean they should actually be voiced. You are going to have a whole country hating you for this blog, I’ll tell you that.

    Also, if anything men are the weak ones. Obviously if they need us to do everything for them and serve them they are incapable of doing it themselves and thusly are weak. We lend them our support because without women men would not survive. It’s the truth.

    Plus, without women there would be no men. Men can’t bear children, only women can, so without women, there would be no men.

    If my boyfriend had the same views as you men did he’d be out on his ass. It’s narrow minded people like you who make America bad. Not the other way around. If it weren’t for innovative and openminded people we’d be stuck in the stone age, not a superpower.

    Just look at the third world countries. Most of them are very oppressive towards their women.

    If you hate America and women so much keep it to yourself. Your backward opinions are not needed and are just a waste of space. If you hate the country, leave and shut up. I don’t want to see this bullshit about the country I love when it isn’t even productive. You are just a troll trying to get attention. Though obviously I have taken the bait.

    Fuck you. And not in anyway pleasurable.

  35. After reading this I was blown away. When you look at places like Afghanistan you can see why we would have feminists and push for the right to equality. In Afghanistan if a woman is raped it is deemed to be her fault. A prime example of this is a case in 2006 a woman got into the car with her 19 yr old military, male friend. She was gang raped later that night from her ‘friend’ and 6 other men. When she went to the police she was told that by agreeing to get in the car with him she was agreeing to sex and received 200 lashes for being alone with a man.
    Without the push for equality woman here in America may be facing this same outrageous punishment. In the 1940’s when the woman did stay at home and didn’t look over the finances and didn’t have any say, many ended up stuck. The man would leave them and they would be left jobless, homeless, and with children. Or when the man got older and died the woman would find she was penniless after being clueless of the finances all those years.
    I personally like a man to take charge and I like for him to decide ‘what is best’ I find it shows his independence and confidence (and also a little sexy!) But I like to know that when I do have an opinion he will listen to it and we can negotiate or make compromises together.
    It is easier to say that one person knows best, or in this case one sex but in truth it is never certain who does. It is important to communicate with each other. I think you will find that by giving your spouse equal opportunity to share their views, thoughts, values, etc. you will build a stronger relationship between yourselves.

    American women(all races)today are filled with anger, resentment, ignorance, sadness, use excessive profanity, 90% are whores, liars, cheaters, and are shallow. Y’all have no morals, no values and lack the ability to genuinely respect yourselves. Most of y’all can’t count the men they’ve been with sexually on 1 hand by the age of 25, most are bi, they’re a constant reminder how pathetic women have become in today’s society.

    Always blaming men for your faults when y’all are worse than us in all aspects. You women are the most evil creatures on earth; God knows this so that’s why he gave y’all periods because y’all have so much evil in y’all blood he has to drain it once a month LOL

  37. OMG..Its sounds like muslims lazy oldfashiond men in here..*LOL* against all progress and humanity. You now when you talk about old times that is very pathatic. In old times men were slaves too, and get killed for no reasons. We human have the gift of brain and thats why we are developing our world. Back in time, there were no planes, phones, internet to express your fucked up opinions, no human rights and no choices. Why do you live like animals?? theres offcourse good women and good men everywhere, go to a psykologist or something!!

  38. Time-traveling Turtle

    Men are not superior to women nor are women superior to men. I’ve never subscribed to the retarded feel-good notion that men and women are equal because we are simply not. We are different. It’s not a bad thing. Men and women are “wired” differently. We think differently, we approach situations differently. Apples and oranges may be in the same fruit category but it doesn’t make them equal in any way, just different each with their respective qualities.

    I also want to add, I find it really funny how some of the comments read something to the effect of “without women the human would not exist.” You gals conveniently seem to forget that it’s a two-way street. Unless women are somehow capable of self-fertilization without the necessity of MALE sperm, without men as well, the human race would not exist.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      The fact that you waste your time posting on this blog shows you are either completely retarded, have down syndrome or are a pedophile. Please get a life.

  39. simon siderfield

    Men are no longer needed to reproduce,just provide the sperm,no need to get sweaty and committed to a female he doesnot understsnd.I beleive they are wired differently from men.Hormones are different than men etc.They spend 85% of the $$$ in the USA, so they have pursuers and seducers after there all mighty dollar.Anyone would feel important with all that attention,even men.Maybe envy is the BUZZ word of this period in time.Men the apostle Paul wrote abstain from women…I AM A HAPPY NO $$$ MAN FREE @ LAST ” THANK GOD ALLMIGHTY ” !!! SIMON SAYS…..

    • reasonstohateamerica

      You are a racist pedophile son of a bitch, you probably eat your own excrement while you masturbate with your own urine as lubricant. Get a life and quit posting comments on this truthful blog.

  40. It is a shame that you were brought into this world. The poison you post on the internet is GARBAGE! I see you said you live in the United States…If you are so opposed to our country, LEAVE! There are thousands of Americans that have died to provide the liberties you obviously take for granted. I encourage you to leave this country. We are much better without you. You act as if there is some perfect world out there other than America. SHOW ME. Hope you enjoy your stay in hell with Hitler, Osama, and Hussein!

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Your homosexual fiction novel reading wine & biscuit eating faggot are the reason why America is such a shithole

      • Um no dumb shit. The reason that America is a shit hole is beacause politicians (mostly men) only care about them selves and not the people. This is called Careerism, just incase you don’t know because you are obviously retarded. Another reason it’s going to shit is because people like yourself won’t open your mind and look toward a brighter, equality-filled future. And please, if you reply to this, don’t just tell me to make you a sandwich. You should respond like an intelligent human being and use that brain that your mother (who was a woman) gave you.

  41. Yes it is true american women seem less attractive because they have no morals and very little family values. Most american men and around the world are looking for asian women and latin women because they know how to take care of their family and are more responsible. American women are too masculine now and have lesbian relationships. It would be wise for all single men to seek foreign women; they would be happier and not divorce.

  42. I don’t understand humans anymore, I just have to say we are the most destructive and the most hateful species ever to walk the Earth. I wonder why we have to criticize and discriminate against Religion, Genders, Race and Sanity. I have a question, is it wrong for a 14 year old to be thinking about this? Humans just confuse me, and I mean ALL HUMANS, I even confuse myself. See? This is why I would like to stay asleep.

  43. What Ozzie said…you don’t like American women? Then get the fuck out of this country. If I relocated and settled in another country, I certainly wouldn’t have the audacity bash the countrymen (or women). I would come home, or go elsewhere if I was unhappy. I believe another poster made a good point…you’ve probably just been turned down so many times, you take your bruised ego and rant on your pathetic blog.

  44. Obe Wan IKnowBe

    Osama, come out of hiding already. People want to see your hairy, misshapen old face (so we can get better aim, of course) instead of reading you on a blog. Let’s see if you have any real balls, as you claim–tell this all to us in person. Make it on American soil (not that you’ll get in). Wear your Islamic Fundamentalist dress if you wish. That way, we can see your shriveled old balls (shot to hell) when we hang you upside down and it (the robe, or dress) falls around your demented, rag-wrapped head. Allah-hallah-hallah-hoo (and make those hard, gutteral H’s when you read that) Accccchhhhhhbarbaria forever! May the feces be with you.

  45. ITSaFUCKINGjoke

    HahaHAhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. I neva. Heard anything so damn funny. Wat a loser. I bet ur a peeping tom and masturbate to ur mom’s dirty panties!!! Joke

  46. ITSaFUCKINGjoke

    These statements just goes to show that we as human beings r not so human at all. We blame our weaknesses on another person or groups to make us feel better. This behavior continues on and on and on. He speaks of being brainwashed, yes he has been brainwashed. There is no way that the women in his family are happy. Who wants to be someone’s door mat. The way I see it is that many many years ago someone came up with a lie. A lie so big that when repeated became the truth.
    It’s the oldest trick. When someone wants control they instill fear and make them believe the lie. Long ago there were men who for fear made up the notion that women were inferior to control them and do with them to their liking. So they could have the excuse to have more then one wife ect.. Ect.. And let’s’s not forget every book read by man have been written by man. There is no proof it has been written by a higher power. People will write whatever they want and tell us GOD told them to write. If I wrote (example only) I didn’t like red heads. I would write about it, make speaches eventually there. Will be a witch hunt. So people we know better. We know right and wrong. No one is inferior. No one. No matter our religion, gender, or our race. We are human. We are born alone, live a life, and die. We all bleed the same. We also hate too much for no reason.

  47. I seen wo-men while driving around and they all look like a buncha dogs I for one agree with this are we suppose to be attracted to men like this oh I met wo-men.

  48. I can understand what you mean. When I moved to a new neighborhood, the first person I saw looked like a little old man. Upon meeting this person, I was shocked to discover not only was it a woman, but younger than me!

    A few days ago, I had to do a double take at the person checking the city sewer line near my home. It certainly appeared to be a man , but I had to ask someone for help. Upon closer inspection, he said it was a woman!

    Heck, it appears to me that the terrorists are actually terrified- of our present America culture.

    As for the woman in your second picture, she represents to me the majority of Amercian women who are still somewhat feminine , but have been mislead by feminism to behave like prostitutes (she also looks misled by too many fast food advertisements).

    • Half of the men in America are fat as hell, and I’m sure youre one of them! I am sorry that all American woman can’t have perfect bodies like the ladies you masturbate to when you watch porn in your mommas basement. And the reason some women behave like prostitutes is because every man they’ve been with have treated them like shit and now they think their bodies are the only thing they are good for. So don’t complain a out problems that you yourself helped create.

  49. Truth hurts…the comments are very telling…if they are reacting like this to a blog imagine them in real life…bitches are fucking useless and dishonest beyond belief…who cares what they think…treat them like the shit that they are…America is broken and nothing can fix it…men need to wake the fuck up and start looking out for their own best interest.

  50. WatchYourMouthAboutChristianity

    Feminazis are antichrist. Christians have nothing to do with feminists, and feminists have nothing to do with Christians. Get it right, and more people will take you seriously.

    If you have some kind of a problem with Christians, the correct thing to do would be to address exactly what is supposed to be wrong. None of you antichrist types can do that, apparently.

    Furthermore, don’t hate on a woman’s role. The traditional woman’s role is very important. If you would think a little more seriously, you would realize that you are not properly anti-feminist and free until you’re 100% in line with Christianity, and don’t you ever forget it.

    Eve is saved through childrearing. It was true thousands of years ago and it is true today.

  51. This is even funnier! I can’t believe those who are offended by this. The pictures you post are beyond description funny.

  52. AWs are not worth commenting about … garbage!



    • reasonstohateamerica

      fuck you lesbian whore

      • You reply with disrespectful name calling because you know she’s right. Men would not exist if it wasn’t for women. So you should treat them with a little more respect.

  55. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. You say women are ruining this country?? Well every war has been started by men who can’t put aside their differences and sit there and destroy each other over nothing. Men are the ones that commit most of the crimes in America. They rape women, steal and murder. It’s disgusting that people think the way you do. It makes me loose hope for human kind. Why can’t everyone see. No matter what your sex is. No matter if your black, Asian, white or frickn blue. Even if your not American, we are all equal.

  56. At the end of the day, if the human race were all men, it wouldn’t survive. If it were all women, it wouldn’t survive either. I guess that means that we have to work together to keep this planet going. I really don’t think any of this really serves to bring the human race together in any way – which as I pointed out above is the only way forward.
    Best to look inside brotha and see what is really causing you this woman hating and people hating pain. Carrying this with you must be hard work, it must wear you down, make you really tired, not to mention crazily angry.
    Now I don’t live in the US and I don’t actually think the government is a shining example for the rest of the world, but dude, the country is not run by women, its run by men like you and me. Women as I see it are actually doing a great job to chill men out in the world right now. If there was only testosterone here, there would probably be one big war and it would be fight till the last man standing. He would be so proud that he actually won, celebrating, then to realise that he was the only one left. On doing so, would probably kill himself.
    My thoughts are the reason men are still on this planet is because of women. They bring the the joy, the beauty, the freedom and many of the other good things on this earth.
    Best go and see someone about that hate brotha, it will kill you sooner rather than later.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      You expect all of us to read your post it probably took your moronic mind 5 hours to research? Go get a life, please or just crawl in a hole and suffer a slow, solitary, demise, suffering sucotache

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