Dangerous Homosexual American Female

Dangerous Homosexual American Female

Homosexuals exist in large quantities in the entire world.  Some countries have openly gay homosexuals.  Some countries have in-the-closet homosexuals and some countries just execute homosexuals.

America tends to have a larger percentage of in-the-closet homosexuals which can also be referred to as Christians.

Homosexual people tend to be less violent and more productive than heterosexual people.  While heterosexual people are interested in violence, hurting other people physically and mentally, and sex homosexuals are more interested in non-violence, helping people, and sex.

Even though homosexuals appear to be harmless they are a terrifying disaster which has covered the entire planet earth.  Obviously a genetic mutation which occurred at some point in time, homosexualism is destroying the earth in a beautiful, feux-hawked, Versace way.

There is a reason some refer to homosexuals as flamers.  They are like a beautiful flame or forest fire, devouring the earth’s population one interior decorator at a time.

Being a homosexual is no more than a mental disorder or disease.  If it was contagious and spread, it could wipe out the entire earth’s population in around 100 years.

America is plagued by a large percentage of homosexuals especially in-the-closet homosexuals or Christians.  These American homosexuals commit crimes such as child molestation as well as spread diseases such as herpes, syphilis and AIDS among the US population.

When the HIV virus becomes airborne, the homosexuals could be directly responsible for the largest pandemic the world has ever seen.

Homosexuality is a bad enough disease enough.  If an animal species converted to homosexuals, Americans would surely be concerned and intervene with the inevitable demise of the species.

But this is Americans we are talking about.  Inconsiderate white people, clueless Asian people, violent black people and gangster in public, homosexual at home after one beer Mexicans do not care about the survival of our species only themselves and their homosexual lovers.

Christopher and Nathaniel Sitting in a Tree, K I S S I N G

While a black person would shoot you from a block away in a car with an AK-47 and a Mexican would stab you in the heart with a rusty ice pick all whilst half the white people suck the country’s money away for their own selfish cause, and the other half drink beer in their double wide trailer, homosexuals go about their business mostly unnoticed.

Some people who aren’t afraid to open their eyes sure notice.  They notice everything which most people would not talk about.  They can look into the future and see the demise of this country.

Instead of blogging about it, running for office, standing on the street with a sign, or just complaining about if for the rest of their miserable lives some will take action and leave this hell hole of a country.

In due time, all smart, open minded, physically and mentally strong people will leave, but for now homosexuals are just one of 58 reasons to hate America.


46 responses to “Homosexuals

  1. I believe this webpage should be excluded because none of your facts are proveable. It’s all based on opinion and rumor.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how ignorant this sounds. I have an idea, why don’t you move to another country if America is so bad? There are a lot of people that would gladly take your place and actually appreciate this wonderful country and how much we are blessed with. If you want to include a 59th reason to hate America, it should probably include ungrateful, ignorant people like you.

  3. take into account that all these things have been observed. surely not all gay people talk with lisps, and not ALL black people shoot each other, and not ALL white businessman suspender wearers squander countless dollars to lobby pathetic bills that will never pass. but hey, it’s what we see on a daily basis. there’s gotta be some truth to it. to the owner of this blog: you probably hate me for just existing, and i hate you right back. but we both hate america, and that’s what counts.

  4. You are an ignorant piece of shit. Go crawl in a hole and die. People thinking homosexuality is a disease are among the mos damaged in America. A real AMERICAN is acepting and does not judge in your igorant way. You should burn in hell and Iwouild kill you if I had the chance. I wish the worst upon you and pray that soon your life is ended.

  5. You are an ignorant and close- minded imbecile. Homophobia is the genetic mutation, not homosexuality. Why don’t YOU come out of the closet??????

  6. You’ve clearly lived in a bubble your entire life and haven’t been around to witness the fact that discrimination is now considered the taboo not race, gender, or sexual preference. Do everybody a favor and crawl back in and suffocate. I sincerely hope you never have children to pass these disgusting morals onto. You live by hate and fear of the fact that probably more than half of America is better than you. If you even have a job there is almost definitely a black or gay person who has authority over you. How does it make you feel that our new president is an extremely successful black American? Bet you’re shitting yourself now you dumb fuck.

  7. Clair the straight, white, full-blooded american

    I love that your life sucks so bad that you spend your time pissed off in front a computer venting to nobody that you know. Which probably means you have no one to talk to in REALITY, do you know what reality is? Obviously not because you know nothing about the world, not even the country you live in. Everything has pros and cons, even I do, but it takes a real person to see and admit that. The only reason I looked at this page was because I am typing a paper on how same-sex marriage should be legal (and im straight I hope that pisses you off more) and i googled in “percentage of homosexuals in America” and your page was one of the first links.. don’t you hate that? Haha sorry about your luck but do yourself a favor and move on with your life. It takes more energy out of a person to be pissed off and clearly you always are. PS: It is not America that you hate it is yourself, whether you want to admit or not. & I am not going to end this with “go kill yourself” I am just going to say… you are everything that you preach and I feel sorry for you.

  8. reasonstohateamerica

    All the fags have spoken, and they are still one of the top 10 of 58 reasons to hate America!

  9. That one white chick

    Wow….all I can say is wow…the density of ignorance and hatred and rather pathetic lack of common sense displayed on this website tell me a few things: 1) The person who made this site has tons of issues and most likely has no friends and the IQ of a door knob 2) Perhaps this person should seek a therapist before he becomes a chapter in a true crime book entitled “Craziest Creeper Psycho-Killers of All Time” 3) I’m going to assume this person didn’t make it any further than 8th grade 5) Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all, but this stuff is simply pure trash and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all whatsoever 4) All I can say is “wow”.

  10. If there are reasons to hate America, queers would definitely be one.

  11. hey, gay people aren’t so bad 8)

  12. i met a gay once, he didn’t try an rape me or nothin’ so it was an ok experience 8)

  13. “When the HIV virus becomes airborne, the homosexuals could be directly responsible for the largest pandemic the world has ever seen.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. When the HIV virus becomes airborne? You’re an idiot.

  14. reasonstohateamerica

    You’re obviously a fat, ugly lesbian. I believe you are lower on the totem pole than idiots!

  15. These comments are hysterical. Keep writing more crazy shit, people love it

  16. You are a fucktard. Some of my best friends are gay or leasbian, and they are some of the nicest people i know. Also, from an “ignorant” teen, AIDS IS AN STD MORON. Meaning it can only be transmitted sexually, something you wouldn’t get because you obviously don’t get any. Since you obviously never completed a simple high school health class, or high school at all, I am happy to tell you as a proud 16-year-old girl that you are an ignorant bastard that really needs to crawl out of his closet so he can at least have room to suck your own dick.

  17. Laugh at yourselves people!

    Did you know that its not uncommon for animals to be homosexual?

  18. Lol, why are you guys so angry about it? It’s obviously a joke, and I did get some good laughs out of it. Plus, if it isn’t, which i highly doubt, it’s still hilarious!

  19. Wow, you fucking asshole! What an ignorant piece of shit. You really need to get a life and move if you hate America so much. Welcome to the 21st century you fucking coward; there are other kinds of people in the world, and if you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and live in a hole. Whoever wrote this is one of those pussy douche bags that spills their guts over the internet yet are too chicken shit and stupid to say something to someone’s face. Fuck you. Read a book. Get a fucking education. Loser. Please kill yourself (you’d be doing everyone a big favor)

  20. omg what a discovery ive just made! this is a reason to hate Americans, because they have the freedom to speak out of their ass!

    This is the biggest load I have ever read. If you aren’t from America…which you probably are… why are you so concerned with it? Your logic is far from logical and your ideas are moronic and idiotic. If you were even remotely intelligent you would no that every species of animal has homosexual members and it is documented scientifically to be nearly half that species population. With out homosexuals heterosexuals would most likely over populate many regions of the planet. Think of it as a kind of birth control. You know you really aren’t making people from, wherever you’re from, look very good.

  22. gay fuks should hang

    gay fukups are all sexual deviants who should hang and never be alowed to adopt kids

  23. gay fuks should hang

    fuking a bird up the arse is wrong never mind a man wierd fukers

  24. All you scum bags suck my cock.

  25. This is satire, isn’t it?

    Isn’t it?

    Please tell me it is.

  26. call me a frig-et but I think there should be no pda or very limited pda gay or st8 and especially gay… it’s not only inappropriate publicly… you’re also grossing out 90% of the population… yes ok let people know your gay but freak-en get a room when you do that… it’s like you’re pissing in public….

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  28. You are such an ignorant imbecile. When you come out of the closet I’m gonna be the one laughing my ass off. You should just stop. Stop writing, stop blogging, stop spouting off you’re idiotic ideas.

  29. I’m sorry but people are actually commenting back? It’s obvious this person just wants attention and wants to see the reaction. Though I agree with none of it….you are a genius. You got more than half of your comment section spilling with hate replies. Way to go.

  30. All of you all gay faggots go suck dogs dick all fags are unnatural satin die of satins disease

  31. Keep away from Queer Street: it is just around the bend.

  32. Wow! I was coming here to remark about how unrelenting and destructive this country is towards its gay population, and ended up here on your site LOL. I am gay. I do not want benefits I’m not entitled to but i have been subject to cruelty and maliciousness I am not entitled to as a result of my desiring to be open. I have watched many others decline into substance abuse or just plain despairing depressions which consume a good portion of their lives. Even just turning into pleasure seekers to fill the void left over where one may have identified with what is socially acceptable over what is socially desirable.

  33. Bunch of fags they are like jews in a sense that they are in a class all their own and should be burned alive faggots.

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  35. Heaven Only Knows

    Please research your topics and get the facts. I understand that this is your opinion which which you are entitled to as listed in the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech). However the first case of the HIV virus was noted to be in the Belgian Congo which was populated by Europeans until the 60’s. The rebellion started in the 60’s thus creating war in the Congo. This is a place that was vastly populated by Europeans and where the earliest documented case of HIV was found

    • their must have been a chip panzy fucker somewhere in cOnGo because of the virus mutation. the uS gobmint is looking to mAke a virus similar to this but 10 times worst and that can take out millions in just hours why do you think fEmA is doing the drills and preparing for something big.

  36. If the Europeans weren’t around, would the first case have even been documented?

  37. I really like to get fucked in the ass hard by a big black guy. All the hatred and chips on your shoulder will melt away. You realize that this website says way more about you than it ever could about America right?

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