Rasist White family on Beach, to Avoid Black People

Rasist White family on Beach, to Avoid Black People

I hate America.  Living here is painful every day seeing the people who I and many across the entire plant Earth hate so much.

It is easy to see why YOU are so terrible that it causes people like me and millions of others to hate the United States so much.

One of the most hated types of Americans are racists.  Racists are not the classic white pointy hat wearing white trash of the 1960s, not the black glove wearing negros of the 1970s, not the shaved head scumbags of the 90s YOU ARE THE RACIST today.

You are more racist than the pointy hat white trash, black glove wearing negros and shaved head scumbags.

You are not alone.  You have support of the entire media.

The American Media is the Most Racist Entity in the Entire World

The US government is not far behind.  The media glorifies racism as it glorifies everything which graces CNN, FoxNews and your local newscast every day of your racist life.

Scientific estimates show that 85% of Americans are racists.  Racism is when you cross the street because there is a group of knife weilding Mexicans on the other side.  Racism is when you choose the black cashier at the store because, “you ain’t gettin’ served by no honkey!”  Racism is when you goto the beach on a weekend because you know black people are off from McDonalds on the weekend and you don’t want your kids around black people.  Racism is living in the suburbs.

The racist behavior is exibited almost every minute of every day.  Some may think of this as reverse racism, but it is now RACISM.  Reverse racism now is buring a cross in someone’s front yard.

There is no reason to hate America because it is infested with racists.  Racism is a natural product of natural selection.  You see the group of Mexicans with knives and the groups of blacks with guns, the Asians with ninja stars and the white cops with their tasers and you learn hate and avoid them out of survival instinct.

The reason to hate America is because 85% of the people will not admit they are a racist.  Walk down the street and call a random person a racist.  They will deny it immediately and repeatedly tell you they are not a racist.  This is true with 85% of the people you see in the street.

The person who denies the most is often the biggest racist of them all.  Racists suck and are another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

In-the-Closet Racist Scumbags which is America

In-the-Closet Racist Scumbags which is America


16 responses to “Racists

  1. I’m an Anglo-Saxon born and raised in the United States of America. I’m living on the west coast and just started practicing being a racist a couple of weeks ago. It has really helped me pass the time with work and cheers me up when I’m down. So,I couldn’t be happier with my racism.
    Jesus loves you!

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    You mean you are white trash and a loser.

  3. Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Whites, …. who else are you going to go after? Now, you couldn’t possibly be calling others racists while you’re doing the same thing, could you?


    The white trash loser neanderthal 😉

  4. Racism is a good way to avoid getting shot in a drive by by mexican and black gangs here in LA

  5. Being an asian triad and a racist is better than being a broken ass lame fucking blogger who wastes all his fucking and money making time wasting on cyberspace.

    Hello lame fuck or fucks with hatred, please commit suicide if you hate the world you live in haha.

  6. “Being an asian triad and a racist is better than being a broken ass lame fucking blogger who wastes all his fucking and money making time wasting on cyberspace.”

    And here I never thought I’d agree with a racist asian triad.

  7. I find it hilarious that you have a page condemning racism, and yet cite black people and jews as a negative aspect of this country. FUCK OFF YOU PISS ANT CUNT!!!!

  8. I think you forgot about niggers. I hate this sick country for this african trash. They are just idiots who get caught in web in africa and sold in the nearest american city for some $. Then they started to reproduce and here it is, we have society of the weakest niggers who dont know how to run away from man with web…

    • you are George Bush’s cousin trying to regain your composure after everyone trashed talked your mother because she is the sister of George Bush, the dickhead president of the 21st Century.

      I love to hate Americans. This person is exactly what you said he was blogger! 🙂

  9. wtf lol, I would cross the fuking str8 if a 3 yr old chick is wielding a knife… serious

  10. you have got to be the dumbest motherfucker i have ever hear of. I am pretty sure you are trying to be funn if not then you are extremely retarded. you are talking about racism when you have articles talking trash about other races. ROFL, i mean WOW

  11. I tell you what I fucken hate everyone I just put a happy face when faced with the public.

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  13. TheAmazingRacist

    All the races in the world are superior than the Slavic Scum that roam Eurocunt nations. Problem Faggot?

    • reasonstohateamerica

      I’m sorry that homosexuals such as yourself are pathetic losers enough to post on this blog. Go back to the hole where you came from and David Carradine yourself loser.

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