Dogs and Pets

Devil Bitch with a Bitch Beast

Devil Bitch with a Bitch Beast

Animals are beasts.  They are lower than humans, filthy and disgusting.

Why is it that Americans find it acceptable to dine with beasts?  Everywhere you go, there are these filthy animals everywhere.  Restaurants, grocery stores and even airplanes you will find these filthy beasts, whether they be dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, etc. with their American beast master.

This disgusting habit is evident everywhere you go.  Why do Americans dine and sleep with beasts under their blankets?

It is just further evidence of the de-evolution of the human being.  During evolution, human beings hunted down, speared and ate the raw flesh of such beasts.  At some point things changed.

There are many reasons to hate America because of this.  The average American obviously cares about beasts more than their fellow human beings.

An example is the famous American football athlete Michael Vick.  He was doing what black people in the South have been doing for years.  During the days of slavery, black people fought dogs who cheefully ripped eachother to bloody pieces of filthy flesh.

Michael Vick was doing something passed down from generation to generation.  Pit bull dogs exist to rip other animals, even humans apart limb, from bloody limb.  They are not cowards like the American people.

The corrupt American justice system took away the money and freedom of Michael Vick because he is black, and white people love dogs more than black people.

Dogs are beasts which Americans treat as equals.  Americans say they stand for liberty and justice for all.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on pets, if Americans were still worthy of life on this earth they would help other human beings rather than treat their beasts better than people of other countries.

Goto your local restaurant and dine with a filthy, flea infested beast and you will know that dogs and pets and the superior attitude about them as opposed to other people and you will see it as another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

A Beast that Should be Bleeded for Food for the Starving

A Beast that Should be Bleeded for Food for the Starving


10 responses to “Dogs and Pets

  1. I hate the way you talk about these animals!Not all animals are like that,and did you know that dogs are man’s best friend?

  2. …dogs EXIST because they make good human companions, they evolved from wolves through selective breeding by humans who wanted to use them for warmth, companionship, and protection.

    Ancient cultures kept dogs as companions in Siberia, Japan, Alaska, Tibet, Egypt, and many other parts of Africa. It is not an American phenomenon nor a recent change in the way we live.

    I am alarmed that you have encountered poorly groomed dogs in public places such as restaurants and on airplanes. Only certified service dogs should be permitted in no pets areas, and these dogs must be immacuately groomed and have 1.5 to 2 years of professional, full time training.

    As a guide dog user, I find your opinions to be narrow minded. You are ignorant and rude. You consider yourself to be open-minded just because you are angry at the majority, but you don’t take the time to fully understand the people you are condemning.

    You are a prime example of everything that is wrong with America. You are the embodiment of everything you hate.

    If you want to make a real difference in the world, get off the computer and take the time to open your heart and mind to those around you and understand the root causes of your country’s problems rather than spitting out overused stereotypes that look no deeper than the surface of these symptoms and offer no suggestions for change.


    Whoever wrote this article is a fucking retard. Dogs live with humans because the humans can give it a better life by taking care of it and preventing it from getting hurt,m which was what michael vick, who is a jerk, was doing. Dogs make good companions and they are not filthy if you give them baths and take good care of them. SO SUCK IT.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Leave the wasteland you know as home one day and you won’t miss the filthy, disease-ridden creatures at all… you won’t miss dogs much either.


    O Yeah and that picture of that dog on this page is really sad. It is not a good thing retard. You must understand that God created dogs and other animals just like he created us so they deserve some respect too.

  5. Oh, my God!!!! You are a terrible human beeing. Is there anything that makes you happy? I have been reading your blog and it sucks! Or perhaphs all this is just a big joke. You hate everybody: animals, mexicans, homosexuals, fats and many others. You may hate yourself too! Why don’t you commite sucide? I feel pitty for you.

  6. Dogs are really evil humans in disguise created by God to destroy human kind. Dogs hate humans because we try to control them, but really they are smarter than us and hope we all die because we destroyed America.

    I love to hate America. 🙂

    • go and prove how dogs are smarter than humans

      dude you have it all wrong
      then you mean that little dogs like tea cups are actually six feet tall humans in disguise

      nice try

      just kidding that was a horrible try

  7. you idiot or should i say beast. dogs have the right to live, they aren’t beasts in fact the biggest beast you mentioned on your idiotic blog is you and michael vick. michael vicks last name is pretty off i have to say because the V should be a B leave the I then change the rest of the letters to TCH

    aka bitch

    and dog KILLER

  8. I believe in pets for they are honest lovable and would never turn their back on you. look at Hitler he had a German shepherd he was a very humane person and loved animals. most minority pet owners cross breed them too make mean dogs and they bring them up like their children mindless and mean.

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