Athlete Paid Millions of Dollars to Spit in the Face of American People

Athlete Paid Millions of Dollars to Spit in the Face of American People

There are millions of people in America who work 40+ hours per week in their boring, underpaid jobs.  They can barely afford to feed their families on these meager wages.

To compound this, these poor, of course unintelligent, stupid Americans with little or no common sense spend their hard earned money on sports.

American athletes play a children’s game.  They inexplicably get paid many times what the average, hard working Mexican or black man will make.

They get paid millions of dollars to what?  They give back nothing to society.  What they do, is support their selfish causes.

Most professional athletes do not understand anything about the world outside of their self-centered lifestyle which America created.  If God sent a message to prove a point it just happend.

This idiot athlete who is a perfect example of a scum bag American had one of the most unintelligent quotes in the history of America.

“I understand what Yao said, but I’m still ghetto,” Artest said, according to the report. “That’s not going to change. I’m never going to change my culture. Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he’ll understand what I’m about.

“If you go back to the brawl, that’s a culture issue right there,” Artest added, according to the report. “Somebody was disrespecting me, so he’s got to understand where I’m coming from. People that know me know that Ron Artest never changed.”

This athlete is one of the most terrible people in America today.  Take away his millions of dollars and where would he be?  Prison?  Dead?  Most likely working at McDonalds and playing video games every day.

Talking about themselves in the third person is a common way for these low intelligent American athletes to communicate.  They make millions of dollars, supported by the unintelligent, ignorant, sub-human American people and the figures just keep on rising.

Is this the athletes fault?  Most American athletes come from the poorest corners and ghettos of the country.  Which IDIOT decided to pay them several times over what the honorable president Bush makes?

The American people have de-evolved over the years and pro sports salaries have risen.  This is the precise reason why American society is at the apex of its downfall.  Stupid American people and stupid, disrespecting American athletes.

The world Olympics are soon upon us.  Just another chance for American athletes to display their prowess for cheating and lying their way to the top.  This includes the professional athletes of Americas National Basketball Association.

Rich American athletes have absolutely no respect or appreciation for the poor, idiotic and stupid people who follow and fund their careers.

This problem goes further than sports and amounts to just one of 58 reasons to hate America.


7 responses to “Athletes

  1. I hate american athletes. Now that the Olympics are here, watching most of the american teams it makes me sick to my stomach. they lie and cheat whenever they can and are horrible both winners and losers.

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    You didn’t mention the undetectable steroids the US government allows them to use and sponsors. American athletes have no team pride and are just plain scumbags.

  3. Charles Mitchell

    Your are completely correct! It is an absolute injustice for these mindless morons to receive more than hardworking intelligent people of this country.

    They are no different than the greyhounds at the racetrack.

    It has gotten to the point where it is socially unacceptable for children to be intelligent and well spoken among their peers at schools nationwide.

    Here are some prime examples of the athletes you speak of:

    Michael Vick: Arrested for fighting, torturing and killing dogs. While free on bail, Vick also tested positive for marijuana in a random drug test.

    Marcus Vick (Michael’s younger brother): Dismissed from Virginia Tech for nine traffic offenses, as well as convictions for possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Vick has been quoted as saying, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on to the next level, baby.”

    Rae Carruth: Conspiracy to commit murder.

    Stanley Wilson Sr.: Burglary

    Orenthal “O. J.” Simpson: Robbery, kidnapping
    Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. (Come on everyone knows he did it, even his children)

    Robert Rozier (a.k.a. Robert Rameses): Multiple Murder.

    just to name a few…

  4. Charles Mitchell

    I’d love to talk to the author of these articles..

    My MSN name is:

  5. Not to mention the number of people who get famous off of CDs, while doctors are still paying off loans, and still wouldn’t get paid nearly as much amount of money as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. What a bunch of American Idiots.

  6. Great…Athletes have been a joke/rot in our society for some time. Everyone loves them, foremostly the women, and they are selfish, ignorant, overrated, morons…I question why, though, the author of this article said Bush was honorable…

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