Rich People

Bet You Cant Guess how This Rich White Man made 7 Billion Dollars?

Bet You Can't Guess how This Rich White Man made 7 Billion Dollars?

Become A Hated Rich Jerk

Rich people.  A nasty side effect of a failing and downtrodden country is the shocking amount of money which rich people account for in relation to the United States of America’s population as a whole.

Rich people in America come from many walks of life.  Some are born rich with a money grubbing lineage and some are not.  People who born poor and are lucky and smart enough may become rich.

Rich people make up a very small percent of the total population yet account for the majority of the wealth.

Why is this?

This is because being extremely rich is a disease which takes away all moral responsibilities of people.

Even people with grassroots upbringings that become rich fall into this mindset which over the years has led to the destruction and beginning of the end of America.

This shows that the rich who were born that way is not the problem.  If people born poor become rich and turn into the same mindless entities with a bank account and investments there has to be another answer.

The fact is, rich people rule the country and do not care about anything else other than their families wealth and power.  Wealth is not enough for rich people.  Without power, wealth is only transient.

Rich people know that in order to control the country they must gain the power to make their own rules.  This is why 100% people in powerful roles in the government are rich.

Instead of some middle-class Americans who actually care about the country, the rich care nothing except for keeping the power so they can create , modify and cheat the laws of the country to make more money for other rich people.

Greed is killing America.  The rich are killing America and sucking it dry.  Whether it is having a house which is 5 times too big for the family, driving an 8 cylinder gas guzzling car, or cheating on their taxes to save money, rich people serve no good outside of their own families.

Why do rich people account for a very small amount of the total amount of donations?  They care nothing other than money and in this country money = power.

All rich people are no good.  You ask what about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet?  If you think donating 85% of their wealth to charity you are a moron.  The 85% going to charity is actually a bank account which the government cannot collect any money from which will stay in the families forever.

Has there been a single example of the close to 100 BILLION dollars of the Gates foundation used for a charitable purpose?  no.

The 3% of the population thrives while the other 97% struggles to survive.  This is just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Become A Hated Rich Jerk

Im rich, Youre NOT

I’m rich, You’re NOT

13 responses to “Rich People

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. i know how he made 7 billion dollars. WTC.

  3. Please keep writing this crap in the same broken English and intellect that you have here. Every time stupid people take the up the cause against America it convinces literate and intelligent people of an opposite and more powerful belief. Thanks for being on the “other side.”

  4. Hmmm… that must have been another pompous ass who stopped by to tell everyone making under 100k a year we are stupid. I’ll keep that in mind next time you want me to fix your laptop jackass. Greed is not a skill! I’m proud to be on the other side. The side in which you depend on to make you life run the way it does. Good job with your responsibilities as our economy falls to the ground. Consider how worthless you really are with out money.

  5. Rich people suck…

  6. hahahahahahahahaha. . . your an idiot! how is bill gates a rich jerk if he has donated billions of dollars to charity? fucking dumb ass . . . don’t be angry because we owned you in the revolutionary war!! hahahahaha OWNED!!!

  7. and where do you come from? the armpit of Europe?

  8. This guy IS American… and not worth time or breath.

  9. You,who writes these articles,have no consistency in your writings. Once,you scold the environmentalists,but the same time rich people,too. I must state,that you are a pathetic self and world-hating people.The Son of Satan.You lie boldly,and display your real self to the adepts!

  10. And it’s the poor uneducated morons who believe that the rich people will get them out of the recession…hehehehehhohohoho…I like to laugh at the little poor men with less education that have nothing get fooled by the rich capitalist society.

    I hate America. 🙂

  11. Rich people often have become the bane of this society, becoming misguided in what they should be doing to help the Country. Bill Gates is a friggin’ phony moron, not donating his money to help poor, indigent, homeless, in need Americans, but foreigners, which should NOT be his first priority. It’s not American to be concerned of the world BEFORE Country. He might as well just keep his money because it appears his philanthropy is misguided…

  12. The Filthy Rich are the most self-absorbed of whiners. They’re not being oppressed, there not being attack, this isn’t “class war”.This is a depression we are in! It’s the people who can’t afford a Gulf Stream 5, let alone the heating bills, who are suffering, all because of the economic crisis that the rich started.

  13. I friggin hate rich people as much as america. they only help themselves.

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