Fat People

America, the land of the free and the home of the fat. Substitute brave for fat because Americans are really only free to do one thing. They are free to eat and eat often.

Americans are not brave enough to stop eating, or eat healthy so what they do is turn into the lovely specimen on the left from childhood to adulthood.

Not that the problem is that food is everywhere in America, it is everywhere in most places of the world. Food in America is always oversized as well as filled with excess fat and calories.

This is still no excuse for the amount of fat slobs in America. Fat, disgusting obese people can’t blame the oversized food choices for being such unsightly slobs.

A scientific study has probably been done to look at this problem.

The problem is not overeating, the problem is being lazy.  Lazy people are unproductive and a waste to have in society.  It is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Being fat = being lazy

Becoming fat makes people lazy, but being lazy will make people fat.  The problem is people who are fat don’t care that they are fat and not only disgust fellow Americans but consume resources at an alarming rate.

The Most Valuable Resource Fat People take up is Space

The world’s population is increasing rapidly.  Years ago people were almost half the size as the current average person.  Space is at a premium.  Overcrowded places with fat people are not only disgusting and annoying, but dangerous.

Space is not the only reason to hate fat people in America.  Fat people have no ambition or discipline and care about nothing other than being proud of carrying their extra pounds of cellulite and cottage cheese around their midsections, hips and thighs.

Fat people produce the least out of any other groups of people in America.  Consume, consume, consume is what fat Americans do.

The biggest reason to hate the fat American is their offspring.  They pass on their deadly obesity trait to  children and even pets.  The worst thing about it is They Don’t Care.

Walk anywhere in America and you will notice.  When you are walking through a crowd and can’t move.  It’s not because there’s too many people, just too many fat people.

So the next time you wait at the coffee shop to get a cup of coffee and you can’t put any sugar in your coffee because there is a 350 pounds heifer taking up all the space in your way you will know fat people are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Filthy Obese Beast takes after the Owner

Filthy Obese Beast takes after the Owner

114 responses to “Fat People

  1. You must hate Australia too because they’re the fattest nation on the earth now with Mexico, Greece, and England trolling behind by not too much.

    Americans are lazy? LOL Read this.

    So, should America look up to those countries to love to hate or those that like to create peace? Just curious.

    All of your 58 reasons have been debunked in my blog. For someone who chooses to believe in cliches rather than thinking for oneself (lemmings), I’d say this blog says more about you than it does America and it’s people.

    How very sad. Hopefully you’ll grow a real penis one day instead of having to try so hard to compensate for what’s not there. 😀

  2. The fact that you have so much hatred for fat people says a lot about your personality/values/comfort in your own body. I love how you denounce every fat person as being the same without hesitation. If this blog entry were an analogy on the SAT it would be “Baseball is to round as fat people are to every stereotype and cliche ever put forth”.

    Here’s a clue: not all fat people sit around and eat all day while playing video games and/or watching tv. Many fat people do work out and eat recommended portions, and in many cases less than thinner people around them. Not all fat people are unhealthy (and in fact, it was just determined that 1/3 of overweight people are more healthy than 1/4 of non-overweight people). I’m sure it would shock you to learn that by today’s standards, many healthy, “normal” people are considered to be fat.

    There are so many factors to a person’s size–their genetics, their build, the way they carry weight, their metabolism, and all of these things are things that they cannot control. People like you are the reason so many young girls have body issues, why so many people starve themselves to sickness and even unto death because God forbid someone look at them and say they are fat, that they are taking up too much space and wasting precious resources.

    You might have guessed it, I’m fat. I always have been, I probably always will be. But there’s more that you don’t know about me. That I walk over a mile every day. That I eat salads and fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. That I park far away or take the long way around or take the stairs just so I get more exercise. That I had my blood pressure and my blood sugar and my cholesterol checked out and my doctor said that they are all perfect, and are better than other people of my own age that I know.

    And all of that aside, here’s something else you might not have realized: being thin does not equal being better. Get over yourself.

  3. Lol, these fat women are complaining about a funny knock at fat lards, i wonder why only fat people complain about fat hate? They must hate their own fat asses.

  4. forgot to mention that fat people have disgusting body odor

  5. wow…i read the first few lines and then just skipped the rest of whatever you were nattering on about. I agree with most of the people who reviewed, but i think i’ll sum it up so that even your tiny little narrow minded brain can handle it: Your a fuckin’ idiot. And just because you have a fear of food or have the money to afford helthy food, doesnt make you a bloody God. Your body might not be fat, but i think you’ve got a pretty big head…

  6. me my self i love to live in it but you lot are so fat becous you eat to much but it dont matter if pepol look at u look at them bake

  7. @VirgoMonkey, you actually believe that because Americans have less vacation days, they’re not lazy? Get your head out of your ass. In Europe we have 25 vacation days minimum, work 36 hours a week, have unlimited sick days (frankly to put a number of days of being sick, is sick in itself), amazing and affordable health care. You would think we would be fat and lazy. Yet our productivity has been proven to be far more superior then the States. We’re skinnier, healthier, and o, yes, that pesky Euro, cost you $1.60. USA, you’re the best, at FAILING. I feel so sorry for you, how you allow your government to take your country down the drain. Why don’t the American people stand up for themselves? Look at the housing market. The government works for you, not the other way around. Get out of your slump America, you can do it.

  8. “Loves Europe” –

    I get a month a year of paid vacation. True, that isn’t much by the mandated sort of standards of heavy-handed Euro-governance, but on the other hand, I can take all the holiday I like… It doesn’t mean I get paid for it.

    But nonetheless, as you are given to the silly habit of just throwingin any random subject that props up your prejudice over your argument – lets run with it…

    If you get 8 weeks of leave, all you’re getting is 44 weeks of earnings spread out over 52. The employee in the US isn’t being peddled that delusion, and more to the point, isn’t as likely to think that paid time off is some sort of rain of coinage falling from the sky, or something someone rubbing their chin decided to give in their superhuman benificence.

    In truth, how much of that fear/hatred/lack of understanding of what authority IS, is it that governs the idea that you “got something out of the man”? All you really got it out of was your own pocket, and the bottom line of a inflexible and unimaginative dirigistic economy which is a lot less dynamic than the population it draws from.

    And along with your “I hate everything so I’ll throw in the kitchensink” tack, the Euro is still overvalued at $1,40 NOT $1,60… and that the EU is largely an EXPORT ECONOMY. Having a currency that’s valued 35% above its’ natural mean is extremely bad for people in the Eurozone.

    Concider this – the US is in a recession, and has a 6% unemployment rate, which is lower than the Eurozone average in it’s boom. Just how is it that such a thing serves the European public well? All it does is condemn more people to the malaise of having little or no choices in life.

  9. To the Eurotrash jingoist knee-jerk reactionary, you live in a Nanny Welfare state. That article I posted is a general comparison, and it is true. We work much longer hours, have much less vacation time, and are much less lazy than you trashy whores are.

    Before you throw any stones, fix up the hellhole that you live in first, and then you can talk. For 300 years you marched around giving orders. So, take that wild ego of yours and shove it up your dried up hole.

  10. OK, I feel this debate has trailed a bit off topic, but I digress. I post this mainly to ask; this website, it’s not serious, is it? It might be a really really stupid question, but I figured I had to make sure.

    I don’t think that anyone over the tender age of 13 can be capable of actually meaning the biased, unnyanced and generally immature things on this site, so I assume it’s just some sort of joke?

    (oh, and btw, there is a difference between the European Union and Europe. Not all European countries use the Euro. Not that it matters, I just thought I’d mention it)

  11. I am brown-skinned, do not judge me. I work hard but am cheated by the “democratic system” that is America, do not judge me. I am miserable, do not judge me.

    Can one really hate others for the amount of atmosphere they displace? There are thousands of babies being born into an overpopulated world as you read this comment, so go sow your words and kill them all. Murder, rape, pillage, burn because you’ll be making a hell of a lot more progress than fat people then. There is less air, less water, less food [for fat people, of course], less homes, less love [because of you].

    You make me sick, you filthy KKK. Only the sons of Nazis can love you.

    jeez dude I couldnt agree with you more. People have a choice to make, do they want to be “Normal” and overweight like the rest of the world, Or do they want to be unique and be that person every overweight person wants to be? It’s all up to them. Though what do they choose? *points to above picture and laughs* they choose that. It is disgusting and unhealthy. I totally and entirely agree with everything you said and ignore all the fat asses sitting here complaining they need to get up and go for a walk.

  13. This made me laugh… mostly because I feel the same way.. I just don’t have enough balls to post a whole essay about it on the internet. But, I find fat people disgusting and repulsive… So, kudos to ya for speaking your mind and how you feel!

  14. Besides.. genetics isn’t really much of an excuse.. we have gyms and tracks and stuff for a reason… to help reduce the rising obesiety rate.

  15. Why do fat people smell so bad? And why are they loud? Answer those questions and I’ll be impressed.

  16. Natalie, you are right. People do choose to be fat. And don’t people make choices that make them happy? Fat people are happy. 🙂 The reason people hate them so much is because they are happy. And they don’t shower just to piss off the rest of the world.

  17. What is healthy eating in your world? (Crisps, chocolate bars or fruit and veg)

  18. to virgomonkey:

    you are a giant douchebag. this man, just may be the divine entity, which your christian parents have been searching for all this time. go eat a dick, perhaps you’ll feel a bit less bitter and contrived to even post here. if i met you on the street and you said some shit like that to me, i’d pound your fat face in right out in the open. and guess what? yup. wouldn’t give a shit.

    for the record, they don’t shower because they can’t hit those important places like the under-muffin top creases without external help.

  19. “There are more Fat people in America..than there are people”

    – Tom Baker

    See…one problem imo is linked to stupidity. yanks are given the stereotypye of being a dumbed down, gullible society who are obedient to their owners (Business/political), question nothing…and get routinely shafted with low paid jobs, poor healthcare and education. Basically you are good obedient subordinates..land of free???..PMSL..sure. Consumption is encouraged to this “simple society”..mounting debt, buying things and EATING…constantly.

    Now…the top 10 nations wealth per capita..9 are European and the other is Japan. US is ranked around 14th…so you are spending money you dont have…and alot of that goes on food. The wealthier nations per capita are in superior physical shape to yanks…and alot of that down to intelligence, self control and basic common sense.

    Even look at the games the US invented..nfl Gridiron and Baseball, littered with fat people. Independent test 2003 revealed in nfl Gridiron 56% are clinically obese…97% overweight. Gridiron is an activity for fat people who cant play sport. One reason why its been routinely shunned outside US as fat people are alienated as outcasts..whereas in the US they are the norm so its accepted.

    I cant ever see the fattie epidemic changing in US..bigtime pigtime folks.

  20. @Nemo, I think this site is meant to be a joke too. But the comments are beyond hilarious.
    Just look at some of the ‘intelligent’ reactions, apparently name calling and judging a beautiful, clean, rich, continent they’ve never been in, using old (really old, Financial Times had the Euro valued at 1.60 the day I posted) and invalid information, is supposed to be a valid argument. Last week 56.000 US citizen found themselves fired. This week Tesla Motors is closing plants and laying off employees, but according to some, it’s A okay with the US employment numbers. Sad, indeed.

  21. Seriously, Does any individual’s opinion really matter? What if it is confirmed by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others?

    Whether fat is bad or not could be determined only how each and every individual feels.

  22. fat people freakin disgust me there so nasty and they dont even care that there fat

  23. I cant stand fat pigs that stuff food in their mouths all day. It is repulsive and disgusting. Obese smelly lazy gluttons make me sick. They are selfish and vulgar and extremely offensive. Gluttony is the most hated of sins. Put a hamburger on a string and taunt the fat pigs to reach it, then pull the string and watch the blubbery slobs fall…Pathetic sloths.

    • I dont agree with my previous post anymore. I think it is a bad taste ignorant and hateful piece of writing. I must have been in a sick state of mind to write such abusive crap. I think everybody is different and for some obesity is a medical thing that can not be helped. For others who do choose to eat too much and too much fattening foods, it is their personal choice and who am I to judge? So sorry if I offended anyone. Eat as much as you like……(*-*)

    • that is pretty damn cool Id like to see them fall too.

  24. reasonstohateamerica

    I hear you gluttony hater, but you’re probably a skinny homosexual and I hate you more than fat pigs

  25. i don’t find fatties as offensive, as i find them funny. all it takes is a big fat ass to walk in the room and i’m happy. i can snicker to myself at how fat they are and try to think of funny fat jokes to tell my friends later. which i will of course do, out of courtesy, because who doesn’t love a good story about some fat douche. 8)

  26. To Beth: LOL– “I walk over a mile a day”. That you seriously consider that exercise is the exact reason for your obesity.

  27. To Beth: LOL– “I walk over a mile a day”. That you seriously consider that exercise is the exact reason for your obesity.

  28. i love eroupe and i also don’t really like morbdily obese but if your unkind enough to bring up a subject like this and stereotype all americans as fat, lazy and over-indulgent, why should i treat you like your a humain person. you my dear need to get off your “i’m mighter than thou” high horse and stop passing unrealistic judgement upon people who obviously are so few and far between.
    i know you can’t honestly tell me that you don’t have your share of obese in jolly old eroupe, i’ve had many friend travel to europe and tell me there are as many fat people over there as there are on this side of the pond. It’s just the fact that Americas “flaws” are over publisized and used as propaganda so people hate us even more. were powerful, so why not break us down with nasty remarks , we deserve it right. i mean any nation who has thousands upon thousands of soldiers giving there lives to protect it’s people and keep America as a refuggee for people must be asshole who need to burn for having internationally common minority of some obese people.

  29. Fat people need to get stuck in the fucking woods for a month.

    “I walk over a mile a day.”

    Hahaha, yeah thats why you think you cant get thin. First off, RUN. Second off, run at least 3 miles and work up from there. Walking doesnt do a fucking thing to make you thin, youre probably barely burning off breakfast, let alone all those fat reserves you have built up over your sad, fat, life. Get a personal trainer for fuck sakes, a good one will get you to drop 10-15 pounds a month safely and healthily.

    • i dunno why fat folk r afraid 2 sweat. walking is a freakn’ chore 4 them. send ’em all to bootcamp for 3months.

  30. Where are you people from?! I think we need to concentrate more on the stupid people who can’t spell, form simple sentences, or articulate an idea. This is more embarrassing to America than fat people.

  31. People if there is one way not to be fat is to be in a sport. (Ever thought of that or not be lazy while you are reading that book or eating that chocolate)! But hey i am always in a sport and never have to worry about being fat so mabe you should just lift weights and run walk or jog more than 1 mile.. Come on you just need to put more effert into it.

  32. I’m not fat, but your pretty racist if you think ALL Americans are fat. Anyway you are right about fat people. They disgust me! Well, anyway there are situations where they get in the way. First of all, at my school the middle hallway we are all waddling like penguins, why? All the fat people are shoved between the walls. Sometimes they run into me, and nearly knock me over! In my gym class all I’m thinking is, DEODORANT! They break into a sweat after running for 10 seconds, and it is just nasty! No offense fat people, but lose some weight!

  33. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank you for sharing Carmen. So being fat is now a race?

  34. Ur an ASS!!!!!!!!
    i weigh 100 pounds as a sophmore in high school
    i cant gain weight cause of a disease….grow up….stop raging on americans….you ass hole

  35. WTF? Fat ladies for ever. I like my ladies with meet on their bones. How much? Lots =D

    • I like my WOO(man) with six hundred pounds of jelly rolls and my car leaning to one side the side shes on.

      • Then you should see my wife; she is the perfect woman for you. Good thing there are plenty more out there for you to choose.

      • reasonstohateamerica

        Why not post a naked photo of your obese whore of a wife so we can all see her disgustingness.

  36. It’s EFFORT not effert. Get off the sticking computer and READ something! Seriously, I’d rather spend time with a smart fat person than you morons who are uneducated white trash.

  37. It’s also MAYBE not mabe. You really should be ashamed and completely humiliated. Ignorance comes in many forms, but yours is so obvious.

  38. you jackass not all fat people are lazy and not all lazy people are fat my brothers are skinny and there lazier than me they also eat more than me it has nothing to d with being lazy its matabilism if people have a high and fast matabalism then they are skinny if peple have they hae the oposite than there fat like me now shut up til you get fat and see how it is you ass hole.

  39. YES!!! Finally someone speaks the truth. I think the lard ass fat disgusting smelly as lazy PIGS, hate the blog because the truth hurts. They got REALLY defensive. They are lazy fuckers. To live with themselves better they have all of these reasons to blame it on (for being grossly overweight) but NOT ONE says “ya you are right, and I am going to do something about it” Oh and the one that kills me “super size my Mc Donalds meal BUT give me a diet coke.” How dare you even abuse your own children by feeding them your carb, grease, salt, sugar, junk food infested crap. How dare you condemn them to a life like you. You lazy P.O.S. You’d need vicegrips to hold the flesh just to find the hole and a whole bag of flour to find the wet spot. It is rude for the rest of us to have to endure looking at you. Eye or Vision pollution. Believe your lies you tell yourself, but us thin and athletic people know the truth. You gorge on food and are lazy “f-ers”. the most excersise you get is making it to the fridge to get another turkey bone or whole cake to devour as your midnight snack. GROSS

    • That’s hilarious. I’m laughing so much it hurts right now. NOT! “Us thin and athletic people,” really? I seriously doubt you have ANY friends if you say that. Yes I am fat, and yes, I am getting defensive, but unlike you I’m sure, I won my schools overall athletic award, VIP soccer, VIP track, and VIP volleyball awards just this year, and there are over 1500 people in my school. So if you think overweight people aren’t fit and don’t excersise, then get a life! Many of my friends are extremely skinny and a lot of them absolutely HATE running, sports, and anything that has to do with getting fit. So shut up fag.

      • Hahha, I can’t believe I did that. I said “VIP” award. I meant “MVP” award. Call me stupid, I know I’m not.(:

  40. Whatever, really?? You didn’t even capitalize your name and you’re criticizing other people’s grammar and spelling? For your information, some people don’t want to write full words out and I understand! It’s shorter. And don’t say that’s lazy because it’s not. Some people have better things to do with their time than sit at their computers criticizing other people’s grammar.

    To everyone who is complaining that “only fat people complain about fat hate,” I am most certainly not fat, but you all are a bunch of idiotic jerks. It’s true that fat people take up more space, but really? Don’t post it all over the internet saying, ‘fat people are stupid!!! You should hate them!!!’ Get a life. And stop categorizing everyone who looks a certain way under the same stereotype.
    I have a friend whose medical conditions require that she take specific steroids, and they make her gain tons of weight. Is this her fault? No! Stop being pig-headed jerks and pretending you know everything about every single fat person. Everyone has some sort of problem. It might not be their fault. Stop judging people by the speed of their metabolism!! I bet the reason most of you aren’t fat is because you are lucky enough to have a faster metabolism.
    I know someone with a disorder that makes her cry under the slightest bit of pressure, even when she isn’t really upset. She can’t help it. It’s not her fault. It’s something she was born with. Would I call her a crybaby? Would I call my “fat” friend a pig? NO!
    Stop being judgmental pigs you idiots!

  41. you people make me sick.

  42. This “article” is the perfect example of what goes on in an uneducated person’s mind because for you to actually take the brain capacity, which i’m sure you lack, to write such nonsense like this just proves the saying “empty vessels make the most noise” to the world. Please go back, get some sense then try again because it seems to me that the complexity of people has surpassed your span of thinking.

  43. Fat people should stop eating crap and do the world a favour and stop being fat ! by the way I hate stupid dumb people !

  44. I’m not fat, I’m fit…and I certainly don’t hate fat people. Inside they’re hungry to fill an empty space. They keep eating, but the emptiness doesn’t go away. Fat has nothing to do with food or laziness. It’s all about what’s going on inside. Unfortunately, you’re totally ignorant about the real issue.

  45. victor contreras

    i love fat woman . i love ssbbw .

  46. weight is related to lifestyle. In a country like America where people are expected to spend hours and hours sitting on their asses in small offices all day. Have little time for leisure let alone exercise and healthy eating it makes sense. In countries that have more holidays and “unlimited sick days” it makes sense that you would have more time for exercise. In a society like that you cannot equate all weight gain to laziness. I dread the day this happens to me. I have been a student so have had plenty of time to be a fit and healthy human being but closer is that day if I want to earn a reasonable amount I will have to sit on my ass all day in front of a computer and I don’t even live in America. Don’t hate America or fat people. Hate the culture of consumption.

  47. A really good article. As the joke goes around in my country:

    “How do you know that a flight from America has landed?

    Watch out for a stream of fat people at the arrivals.”

  48. @ virgomonkey: “Hopefully you’ll grow a real penis one day instead of having to try so hard to compensate for what’s not there. :D”
    Don’t blame the person with the penis. No real man’s penis would grow big around a fattie like you.
    And really, cursing and swearing at people who find fat people repulsive is not going to make you a Miss Universe. Or a Miss Texas either.

  49. ashleighandella

    i think fat peeps are fucking fat

  50. Fat is not just a US issue. Obesity is a growing concern across the globe. Anyone who thinks that being fat is strictly an American problem is an ignorant fool.

    To tell the truth a lot of us Americans like being fat and we like to consume. We are trained since birth to pig out on just about everything from food to electronics to fuel. And why do we do it; because we can. Because of this I can’t help but think that many people from other countries can’t help but be jealous.

    BTW, the next time you are in line at the coffee shop and its taking a little longer than usual, it’s usually some skinny asshole ordering some fat-free, caffeine free, sugar-free fag-a-chino and agonizing over whether to use skim or 2% milk. To those people as well as the author of this idiotic blog I say; GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY, my fat 400lb ass needs its whipped cream, caffeine and sugar fix, and my big fat kids need their morning helping of chocolate covered donuts.

  51. fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat. MAYBE IF YOU’D STOP EATING AND PUT THE FORK DOWN YOU WOULDN’T BE FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Get on a tredmil for once rather then sitting on you big butts sucking down twinkies and ho-hos. god people

  52. I see the net is still a breeding ground for hate and stupidity. It scares me that so many of our younger generation are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant intolerant attention seekers. It is common sociological fact that those who seek to put down others are they themselves suffering from some sort of personal image issues stemming from their own failures. Those of you who have posted hateful or angry criticisms of the overweight are obviously severely unhappy with yourselves in some way.
    Now I know the net is a wonderful place to voice your pathetic opinions but you would be better served by working on your own problems constructively instead of ripping on others just so you can feel better about yourselves. Bottom line in all this is that you can spew all the hatred and intolerance you want at fat people but your own short comings are still going to be there when you are finished acting out like a pack of selfish 6 year olds.

  53. hahaha dat shit is soo funny cuzz its tru. plus there’s way more reasons to hate america then just 58 good sir….like the suburbs etc.

  54. Are you seriously just trying to blame every “overweight” person for being like that? Well, if you actually think that every fat person eats unhealthy, is lazy and sits around all day, doesn’t ever excersise and eats the most fatty foods possible, then you are wrong. I’ll admit, I’m overweight, no scratch that, I’m obese. Yet I happen to work out EVERY DAY and eat all healthy foods and not a lot of ANYTHING! I’ve been overweight ever since I was about 9 or 10 years old, and my doctor tells me that it isn’t anything that I’m doing, it is my build that runs in my family. No, I don’t look like somebody that weighs 166 pounds, but I do. I try SO hard to lose weight, but all that will happen is I lose it, then after a while, it builds right back up again. I wish my life was simpler, where I didn’t have to be embarrassed about what I look like, or jealous of all of the really pretty girls, but it isn’t. I don’t know why, out of my two other siblings, I was the one who was passed the genetic trait when they are both SKINNY as ever! I eat healthier than them and work out so much more than them, yet all I get is a depressed face when I look at the scale and extra fat around my hips. I bet you eat worse than most of us, so stop talking about us.

  55. And looking at the comments, I have to admit, I’m 13 years old, and never in my life have I ever eaten a twinkie, ho-ho, ding dong, or any of those little “snack foods.” So if that is what you think about overweight people, then you are wrong.

  56. hell ya fuck all you fat fucks burn in hell ese i hate fat motha fukaz u all look like shyt kant wait tell u all die from a heart atack bicth azz niggaz

  57. fuk u cuz im mexican nd ya a lot of mexicans gang bang daz cuz dey got no money nd need to make money for der familys so dey sell drugs u dnt know syht u juzt talk shyt i would luv to see u come talk shyt bout my raza wen yur in our varrio ese get cho azz light da fuk up ese

  58. Beaner Beater

    All Beaners DIE. Go pound a taco up your ass motherfucker.

  59. I just want to say that you probably would have seen me as a fat pig at one time in my life, but I am here to tell you that not all fat people choose to be fat. I ate right and and exercised 4-5 times a week, but gained weight due to hormone inbalance. There was nothing I could do and untill my disorder was treated I had to live with uncontrolable weight gain. I am now down to healthy weight and have lost 126 lbs, but people like you would have stereotyped me even though I was living in hell and very sick. You are a very sad person and I hope you can one day be happy with yourself.

  60. fat people are destroying America!!!! Since the majority of people are fat they have been pushing to make being obese cool and acceptable. MAKE FUN OF FAT PEOPLE WHEREVER YOU CAN AND THAT INCLUDES FAT CHILDREN. It is our duty as patriotic Americans to make being obese A BAD THING, not a cool thing!! Iam embarrassed to be an American this country is truly disgusting. All the people defending fat people in the comments are fat people.

  61. Caleb is obviously a 12 year old tard. Anyone who advocates making fun of some one to correct a problem obviouly has no clue about human nature of life in general. Unfortunately the net is full of these know it all hero types that are for the most part, a waste of skin.

  62. I do it for teh lulz. You’re all a bunch of tools

  63. Fat people really need to get a clue. They are a threat to EVERYTHING!!!

  64. WHO ( world health organization ) classifies 74% of people over 15 as overweight. I myself am second-generation Irish and am naturally very petite and small. I give up shopping, because NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING fits. It’s either falling off me or looks like a fucking costume. Where I work, I see what people buy to eat. People complaining about being fat and wanting to be healthy, all buying chips and soda and unhealthy food. Oh, and a couple pieces of fruit. Sugary fruit like strawberries. That makes it alright, right…? lol, wrong. The thin people that come through are buying natural/organic food, no soda or chips or fried food, about 95% of the time. Really, there’s no excuse. I’m getting tired of it, and there’s no way I’m gonna accept fatness as normal.

  65. If you work out, your not going to be fat. If you sit around, you will be fat. Matabolism can only do so much. stop making excuses, stop eating all you can eat buffets, stop eating fast food, sodas, and stop smoking and maybe some day americans wont have to listen to any more weight loss commercials or miracle weight loss pills. DO YOU FAT PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT YOU MAKE AMERICANS LOOK LIKE!!!! YOUR THE ASSHOLES THAT SHOULD BE ASHAMED OFF YOURSELF!! seriously think about it.

  66. I live in America and I agree fully, here is why, because there are children in other countries that have to live off dirt and you can see their skull through their face because lack of food, then we got these lazy fat fucks in this country that eat all this fucking food and contribute to nothing when they can be giving this food to poor people that cant even feed their families, fat people are worthless and should be put down immediately for the preservation of not only American but the World and if I was president I would make it illegal to be over a certain amount of weight due to population control (because 1 obese citizen is the equivelent to 2 or 3 humans)

  67. fat people also have serious attitudes another reason they should be put down, o the best solution for fat people is a holocaust, that would work wonders.. *evil laugh*

  68. First lets get something straight before you primitive primates attack me for what I’m about to say. I think there should be a holocaust on stupid people. I’m talking about people who have no clue as to what they are saying, people with the maturity of 10 year old, people that say stupid shit like “if I were president” or people who don’t understand that starving people in third world nations are a result of geo political forces and issues and not food availability. We really need to get rid of these types as it would greatly improve the depth of the human gene pool.
    Creatures (and I use the term because it turns my stomach to refer to the as people) who hate fat people based on the fact that they are fat are nothing more than ignorant children. These cretins think that it is acceptable to behave poorly by spewing vitriol, and hate disguised as legitimate opinion but they are WRONG. These low life slobs behave this way because they erroneously believe that the internet affords them some kind of immunity or anonymity mainly because they were never schooled by their parents or superiors on how to treat others with common respect and decency. In other words they are nothing more than socially inept cowards living like tough guys from behind the locked doors of their own bastions of ignorance. Well, the joke is on them as they are the ones that should be ashamed. Their behavior and attitudes are totally unacceptable in civilized society this is evident by the fact that if they dared display this kind of behavior, thinking and attitude in the real world, they would be dealt with by society swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

  69. im 5’1 and i used to be 150lbs,i was disgusted in myself,im 112 lbs now(: fat people do kinda grose me out…its the fact that looking at THEM makes me freaked out that i dont EVER want to be fat ever again!..most of it IS self control…and purhaps just avoiding family gatherings with lots of fatning foods,

  70. im 5’1 and i used to be 150lbs,i was disgusted in myself,im 112 lbs now(: fat people do kinda grose me out…its the fact that looking at THEM makes me freaked out that i dont EVER want to be fat ever again!..most of it IS self control…

  71. America is lazy fat and smelly and racist the large companies corporations are in the USSR China and Japan we have taken the opportunity to have the free trade act of the 80s to new heights. can we see all the homeless the abandonment of structures increase in police state and police brutality under strict local government control by little nobodies. yes America is a BIG controlled weak minded fat ass oppressive country.

  72. it surprises me that so many people get offended by this site and take it so seriously. it’s the internet, it’s a joke, it’s just dark humor. if you don’t get it or like it just move on to another site. there are plenty of positive views out there on the web on this subject. why dwell in negative land if it makes you sad or angry.

  73. Your equation is a bit simplistic. The real reason why American women turn into a snorlax is because they are psycho. There have been studies on this..


    But the true science is these women overeat carbohydrate. Carbs raise blood sugars, which causes a rise in serotonin in the brain. That makes them feel better but wears off, so they chow down again.

    These American women should be taking SSRI antidepressants. That would BOTH raise their serotonin without the added calories AND make them all less B I T C H I E. It is science fact so if you take offense, take a pill.

  74. Charlotte Claggett


  75. I agree with you 100% and the only people that will give you shit will most likely be fat themselves, Australia has now taken over and are now the fattest nation in the world.. They make me sick, junk food destroyers, I see them at the food court all the time, stuffing KFC, Whoppers and Big macs down their throats, while the slim healthy people are lining up at subway and the sushi bar… I’ve seen my sister inlaw that is 130kgs of lard polish of a entire roast in one sitting..They are fucking pigs…And the saddest part is that their poor kids often follow in their shoes, fed the same crap that their parents eat.. I have the deepest repulsion towards fat people.. Fat chicks make me sick..

  76. Do this, I do it all the time and it freaks fat chicks out as they never expect people to comment on their obesity, I don it to hopefully trigger a complex so that they give up their food annihilating ways and say, ” the salad bar is over there, I think your in the wrong cue” … lol…should see the look on their fat faces…

  77. Bombnail tells amusing stories.

  78. omg the poor dog

  79. I don’t thik you should call that cute , yes fat dog a beast. He’s an innocent creature. it’s niot his fault that his owners don’t take good careof him at least he has a home. I think it i sdangerouss for his health but he seems like a nice and pretty dog. so get off the dog;s case. by the way i am skinny and fat people do annoy me because they critisize about evrerything a little too much. I also think crazy working schedules not enough time for exercise and not being able to afford healther food is contributing to the epidemic og obesity.

  80. sorry for the spelling errors another thing computers and technology are to blame. They frustrate people and no one gets out to socialize anymore.

  81. Wow. I used to like traveling and learning about different cultures. But of course since apparently my small frame, daily exercise, healthy diet, demanding job, and full time status at a University still is not enough to earn any ounce of respect from those in foreign areas, maybe it is time I reconsider my accepting and curious stance on the world. Yea, there are a lot of Americans who are disgraceful. But labeling all of us? That is like labeling every British person as having gross teeth or every Chinese person as being excellent at math. I have seen some beautiful British smiles and some struggling Chinese math students. Perhaps this can be a lesson to us Americans who disprove the stereotype, which by the way is most of us. We can take form this that not everyone from other first world nation is well-educated and “cultured”. They do not understand us entirely and vice versa. I am ashamed to have considered turning my back on my country in the past and adopting a new homeland as I have come to find there is no escape form such blatant ignorance and stupidity. Fact: one of the biggest people in existence today is from the U.K.. Fact: Hungary has become one of the most unhealthy countries in the world. Fact: Greece smokes the most cigarettes per capita each year out of any other country by far. You think you know about the world? Get your facts straight and respect your fellow man. I will always do the same.

  82. Does anyone have a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies? Everytime I make them they turn out all wrong.

  83. I have a theory. fat slobs stink because they can’t reach certain parts of there jelly rolls because their too fat and their arms are too short.

  84. Not all fat people stink and a lot of thin people smell as well. So what’s your theory on thin smelly people? Mine says they are just too lazy and ignorant to wash.

    • well once my father and little sister got on a ride don’t really remember the name and a black skinny dude was close and he stunk sooooooooo bad my father got sick and it kinda threw the day off.

  85. Well I don’t hate fat people why would I they just need to be healthy like me.

    143 pounds
    12% body fat
    64% water weight

    God damn It that’s healthy now whoever said

    192 pounds
    25% body fat
    45% water weight

    That’s healthy wrong that hat or slighty obese now you know the people who think they are healthy are not healthy

    average people

    305 pounds
    65% body fat
    10% water weight

    Morbidally obese I will suggest me wearing size 31 wiast size compare to most wearing size 49 waist size or 53 waist size that’s healthy or are really fucked up In the head too listening to sarah palin and her TEA party army will make you fat and stupid and Insane and racist, I live ahealthy lifestyle how many times will people get what I am Is healthy so FUCK EVERYONE who think I’m a fat slob because I’m not.

  86. The smelliest people in the western world are Europeans (that’s no stereotype; the fuckers stink) and the majority of them are thin. Those who rant and rave and disparage fattys are only showing off how dissatisfied they are with themselves. Most of them are little more than hateful children running amok on the net because it’s the only place they can get away with it.

  87. @Timothy Foley:

    Nice excuse to rant about the tea party you liberal nutjob. Do us all a favor and drink some more Obama Kool-aid and kill the rest of your brain cells.
    I don’t think you are a fat slob, I think you are a liberal dumbass and being so you qualify as mentally ill.
    BTW, learn to string more than three words together in a coherent sentence and then come back and criticize people for their political ideology. The very fact that you think following the Tea Pary makes you fat and racist says that you are a brainwashed liberal tard who probably believes that Bill Maher and John Stewart are somehow connected to reality, lol.

  88. Unfortunately, I became a morbidly obese man after a car accident about 12 years ago because I started eating and drinking all the time to kill all of the pain from the different surgeries that I underwent. Even since I managed to finally quit drinking completely and had stopped overeating, I have been unable to shed any of the extra weight because it is just too painful to exercise. This entire ordeal has been very difficult for me since I used to be so active and physically fit; even more so since I also had the kind of social life that most guys around my age could only dream of. It has been nearly a decade since I have even been out on a date, and the only time a young woman has even approached me since then was a couple years ago when I actually had gotten up the nerve to go out for the evening for the first time since the wreck. But this woman was probably twice the size of the girls in the photo that is shown at the very beginning of this posting and I was just so disgusted that I actually puked and totally bolted for the door. It is bad enough to have to look at my ugly, fat self in the mirror while resisting the urge to hurl the whole time; it is even worse to have to look at a woman who is just as large or even larger than me, especially if she is wearing a mini-skirt or a bikini. I am just so ashamed to see exactly how many women here in good old Florida that have just let themselves go. I cannot even fathom how any of these women could be anything else besides miserable, seeing as I would not wish being a literal huge waste of space on anyone, not one bit. I should probably stop typing now before I barf on my Android tablet.

  89. well if it was me I would have asked her for a picture before wasting my time I think fat wo-men are disgusting as for your weight I think you can lose it just eat more vegetables fish and try and walk a little.

  90. I think fat women are hot. Our Neolithic ancestors obviously thought so; we can see that from the artwork they left behind. It’s only today’s media brainwashed, brain dead guys that think otherwise. Most people today can’t even formulate an original thought or concept without first checking what is the hottest trend in pop culture at any given time. The influence that our mass media of today has over our population has never in human history had as much impact on public morals and cultural standards as it does today. Much of that impact has influence peoples points of view to the point where they have been reduced to idiocy spouting morons with little real thought of their own. Many of the comments printed on this site are testimony to that sad fact.

  91. reasonstohateamerica

    the only saving grace for fat women is black men can pick a hole and fuck it

    • It’s better to fuck a fat woman than to be fucked in the head like you. Anyone who spends this much time and effort degrading fat people has GOT to be a ignorant, fucked up, loser, lol.

  92. Why should I; so you can jack off to her picture? I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. LOL. Get your own woman, if one would even have you.

  93. Filthy Fat Phuck

    Keep hating us, we don’t care, we’ll just eat your filthy, lower-class, fly-covered offspring!!! ‘MERICA, PHUCK YEAH!!!

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