Conspiracy Theorists

911 was a Conspiracy

Not perpetrated by the US government entirely.  It began in 1990 when the US government contracted Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy to record the song 911 is a joke.

This was an obvious attempt to undermine the American people’s trust in 911 and to make the American people remember 911 forever for the purpose of installing fear.  Public Enemy’s song was recorded for the specific purpose to foretell about September 11, 2001.

Flavor Flav is actually a reptilian shape shifter, who is also a Jew participating in the Jewish conspiracy.  The clock he wears signifies that the US government in time, will take over the American people rendering them mindless with no freedoms.  This is all true, but THEY don’t want you to know.

Many Americans are conspiracy theorists who believe in any number of theories which contradict common belief.  Many Americans believe the mass media is telling them lies.

Since the mass media is telling them lies, they use the mass media to formulate theories of conspiracies which range from ridiculous to completely insane.  The collective low intelligence of the American people has caused conspiracy theories to become wide spread.

From reptilian shape shifters who rule the world to the Jews who rule the US government conspiracy theorists exist in mass numbers in the United States.  Their belief that the US government is behind all of their problems is simply a way to cope with their pathetic lives.

If conspiracy theorists spent less time worrying about things they know absolutely nothing about which they saw on MTV maybe they would get a life and become a functional member of the dysfunctional American society.

Conspiracies are all fake and have no worth to mention.  The conspiracies themselves are only 1/2 as annoying as the people who believe in them and simply equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Flavor knows All about You and is Watching You

Flavor knows All about You and is Watching You


7 responses to “Conspiracy Theorists

  1. “Their belief that the US government is behind all of their problems is simply a way to cope with their pathetic lives.”

    Which is a sound point. One more densely and frequently found -outside- of the United States.

    That vaguery that some like to call ‘the world’ as though it was some sort of monolith of Stepford children, are far more likely to elect to take the unchalleging, chicken-stroking option of believing that Dick Cheney flew all 4 planes himself that day, or some such nonsense – yet from the same slack maws, one usually also gets a “there were no planes” and “it didn’t happen” thing.

    And all that without any congitive dissonance. After all, you’d need some sort of cognition to have that.

  2. Conspiracy theorists always ignore the other side of the story, that’s why they’re such a target.

  3. um it’s because of history ya douche. it’s because the government and the media have been caught in many lies and scandals. it can make one wary of other things one is being told. believing in every little link that one’s mind can form about subjects that scares them is crazy yes. but using common sense, something you so eloquently considered people like myself lacking, and critical thinking to weed out some bullshit is not only intelligent, but the right strategy when dealing with people who have been proven to hide or lie about things. and if you don’t think the government and media have been caught in lies, that’s just ridiculous, just let me know and i will compile a list of facts to the contrary.

  4. i am happy though that you’ve exposed the truth about flavor flav. he does know all and he is watching

  5. Flavor flav isnt “ITS” real name… Its “Korkillzunamula”, or “The Horned Wanderer” And he feeds on the prolapsed anuses of the elderly. If you say his name 3 times in the mirror he appears behind you and yells “Flava FLAAAV” and then dissapears.

  6. And Flavar Flav is also a part of the Cockroach nation of ignorant bastards blacks, like me, who decided to enjoy making prank calls to 911 just to get a reaction…but on September 11, their prank call ended in disaster…and so they had to implant an arabic scarf to make the Arabs the suspect, typical black people.

    Arabs also took this opportunity to allow the Americans to come in their nation so that they could kill them and get world power. Unfortunately, their plan was foiled and destroyed their nation instead. The world is really full of idiots…

    I can do this all day. 🙂

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