San Francisco

Fruit Cake is slang for Heinous Homosexuals

Fruit Cake is slang for Heinous Homosexuals

What is more Terrible than a Homosexual

A city of homosexuals which is an abomination of the United States.

If anyone in the world was asked where to find a gay city, they would no doubt reply San Francisco.

A city which is inhabited with millions of gay homosexuals has absolutely no point to exist.  It serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things.

When the polar ice cap melts and the ocean seas rise 20 feet San Francisco will disappear of of the map and be where it belongs in oblivion.  San Francisco is a city with homosexuals performing heinous acts in the street as gay parents get sexually stimulated as their adopted children look on in horror.

San Francisco also contains a small number of drug abusing hippy scum left over from the 70s.  This is the only reason why the real people of America don’t come in and put an end to this modern day sodom and gomorrah.

Maybe San Francisco will fall to the same fate as sodom and gomorrah with brimstone and fire from the man above named Al Queda ?

The people of San Francisco spread their heinous lifestyle as they travel the world and try to destroy foreign lands.

The tourist attractions of the city, bridges, hills and cablecars hide the ugly AIDS and STD infested vile homosexual cesspool.  How can it be, a city where 95% of its inhabitants are homosexuals?

How, we may never know, but what we do know is San Francisco is just one of the cities which equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

A beautiful scene to Contract HIV and Die a Horrible Death

A beautiful scene to Contract HIV and Die a Horrible Death


10 responses to “San Francisco

  1. Wait. I thought that Canada has us beat in this department.

  2. San francisco is a disgusting mix of homeless and homos

  3. Watch your mouth on canada, it may have its faults, but its better than fucking america

  4. ya, you can tell someone who hasn’t set food in the states…

    if they hate america so damned much why the hell are they focusing so much effort on it? especially with a lazy minded blog full of scripting errors and poor design..

    oh, and the inability to do any viable research.. it’s all them falling for the anti-american propaganda.. not one of anything mentioned here on this blog in it’s entirity is truthful.

    but, let them rot in their anti-american decay, least i’ll be out there doing something with my craptastical life.

    tah, freak!

  5. canada must suck real bad because there’s a canuk going on endlessly about the propaganda of america that isn’t realistic.

    you can tell those who haven’t set foot outside their homes.. well, if they can still live off their parents.. why ruin a good thing eh?

    so, you believe everything in the press?

    this is all this blog’s about.. the media not about america in it’s reality.

    but you can stay in canada… we’ll keep our country intact without your lameness.

  6. what’s worse? a canadian going on endlessly about the propaganda of america through the media? (it’s not reality folks, if you even set foot outside your home you’d learn a few things..)

    but what’s funny is, they hate america so much that they spend 90% of their time blogging and researching garbage about it.

    more the reason to hate lazy minded aimless bloggers with the mind of a wetnap.

    blogs are just one way of saying, you’re jobless, still live with your parents and too freaking lazy to get a website and do some real html’n.

    pheh, seek inspiration already, move onto greater horizons… you’re just envious and envy kills canuk!

  7. If it takes away most of the fags from your communities… I say let it be…

  8. I dont mind Straight people as long as they Act Gay in Public
    or did I get that backwards because I am a stupid drug addict Fag from SF I dont know

  9. If i ever see any fags gettin down batty boy style I’d cap dem in de bumba clot dome with my 9mm

  10. I don’t give a shit who’s gay thats their life as far as I care san fransisco can stay in the far west ill go were the hot chicks are

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