New York City

Jewish Puppet American President

Jewish Puppet American President

New York City.  A large urban city which is segretated into different sections.

The segregations of new York are to keep the black people and other low class people away from the people who rule the United States and the world:  Jews.

The largest city in the United States and the largest Jewish population in the world.  With many times more Jews than Israel, New York is home to the people who truly rule the world.

The people in New York live with this not because they agree, but because they don’t want to have Jew terrorists kill them while they sleep.

Jew people are the most racist of all people.  You have to hand it to them.  Never marrying outside their own religion makes Jewish people very powerful.

Jew York is a city in which is built upwards to cram as many people as possible into the small area called Manhattan.  Jews have most of the money in New York including the world trade center area which collected 7 billion dollars after the Israeli government orchestrated September 11, 2001.

New York city is polluted, overcrowded and dirty.  New York people are scumbags who wear suits to hide the fact that they are puppets for the Jewish government and ruling class.

The dysfunctional, segregated mix of many horrible ethnicities of people and overcrowded cesspool of New York city is just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Israeli American Missiles used in Palestine have Nothing on this

Israeli American Missiles used in Palestine have Nothing on this


9 responses to “New York City

  1. Your blog is so ignorant and stupid, I like it, keep up the good work and tell your manager at McDonald’s to give you a 5 cent raise you anti-Semite scumbag.

  2. have you ever even been to new york city? it happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world based solely on the fact that there IS so much diversity.

    maybe you should stop focusing on the bad things about america and try to find something good. i’m sure it won’t be hard to find.

  3. This site is great. It should be called “Diary of a nihilist”. I have never seen someone who simply hates everything. Either you are pulling a giant prank or you are truly crazy and one step away from being the next Tim Mcveigh. Your “Elders of Zion” retread is comic gold. Keep up the bad work!

  4. Long Live The Fuhrer

    Only if Hitler would have won the war, the world would be parasite free

  5. The author of this blog has an incredibly negative view of America. His comments are on par with Eric Cartman in terms of political incorrectness. But the sad part about it is that there is A LOT of truth to what he is saying at times. New York City IS very segregated. Try walking through Bed-Stuy or
    Brownsville in the middle of the night if you are anything but Black and see how safe you feel. Trying walking through Bensonhurst at night if you are anything but White. Jews DO run America and own the media.

  6. Lol new york has 5:1 women to man population… but then again they are american women…

  7. they say Jews are the most racist and guess what? Jews are fuckin racist pigs and once more they will take you for every cent you got four words don’t trust a jew.

  8. there are 2 m. Jews is NY and 4.5 m. in Israel. What are you talking about there being many times more?

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