Homeless People

Both of these Problems were Directly Caused by Americans

Both of these Problems were Directly Caused by Americans

The Homeless are like a Secondary Infection for America

If the overall population of selfish scumbag, uninformed, brainwashed by their religion, idiots is the primary infection such as cancer, the homeless are a pus leaking pustule on the ass of America.

Every major city which isn’t in the freezing arctic areas has homeless roaming the streets, begging for money. Unlike poor countries which have a good reason (being dirt poor) for homeless people, America has none.

Supposedly a civilized nation, American people and the government cares nothing for these people who are on the streets because of the American government and mostly the American people.

Precisely why there is never an Asian homeless person is the reason why there are so many white and black homeless people.

American family values stink. Compound this with the lack of free health care and you have homeless.  Homeless mostly not down on their luck, unfortunates, but mentally ill.

Homeless increase the filth of urban cities as well as the crime rate.  Homeless decrease the quality of living for everyone else.

The Obvious Solution is to create a Large Homeless Furnace

A homeless furness in every city to collect and eradicate the homeless problem just like pigeons would be a perfect solution.  Most people would find this shocking, but it is the only logical solution.

This is another reason why American people are so vile and horrendous.  They will immediately shoot down the idea of a homeless furnace to rid the cities of the homeless problem.

The average American person (YOU the READER) cares absolutely nothing about homeless people but when the idea of a furnace to eradicate them is brought up, the average American suddenly cares about these filthy homeless people that not a soul cares about, especially not this country.

Whether you feel good or bad about these scoundrels and panhandlers on the streets you realize there has to be a solution.  Furnace or no furnace, the homeless problem will probably not be solved because of the inept American people and government.

The blame for this problem can be tossed around to multiple parties whom will never agree but one thing is for sure, the homeless are just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Pustules on the Ass of America no thanks to YOU

Pustules on the Ass of America no thanks to YOU


21 responses to “Homeless People

  1. fuck those losers on the street, waste em all…


  3. The homeless are terrible for America because it shows that Americans could care less for the poor and unfortunate.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the government would approve the furnace. Not because it’s wrong, but because it would be over budget.

  4. That furnace would be a fabulous idea! I would be willing to be those homeless would get jobs!

  5. suke dick you mother fuker

  6. All of you People Are Being Garbage, Homeless People aree Just the samee as People with homes, Except they dont live in a home and they Dont look as nice, What im trying to say is they’re still the same Person as They would be if they had a home, SEriously, If one of you Haters Got Bootd onto the street would youu lie to Be Treated the samee as you do to homeless people?, Just think , If The hoeless bother youu so much, Why not help?, If youu Help them, Maybe they can move to a different location And they wont bother you anymore, Andd if youu look at the pictures they’re not normalyy the Happiest people alive, ggive them money and youu could make their day, Like If you read more about the Homeless, Youu would see what they go through, do you not feel bad??, They live on the Streets all year round, some of them born on the streets, somee just like youu people, mbut were kicked onto the street confused of how to live, So think about it, Just think,

  7. you sick bastard

  8. You should know enough about the matter before you write about it. There isn’t such thing as a good reason to become a homeless.
    The reason the major cities in the US have so many homeless is because the low rental apartments (Single Room Occupancy or SRO) have been demolished in the past years along with urban development. In addition, the government has reduced its funding for those people in need. Thus, the government is not just doing anything, but worsening the situation.
    Approximately 16% of adult single population suffers from severe mental illness. Most homeless people do not have severe mental illness.
    Did you know, about 30% of homeless do have job? Then, why are they homeless?
    Here is why; if you work full-time at min. wage, you cannot afford one-bedroom rental in any of 50 states.
    If you like, I can send you the sources.

  9. Fuck you and your high fucking horse. I hope you get raped by a pack of homeless dudes and get aids and ass cancer at the same time and then burn in a fire. How about we make a furnace to burn all the shit heads like you? It will clear up space, lowering housing prices and providing cheap homes for the homeless, thus eliminating the problem.

  10. reasonstohateamerica

    Fred, you are the man. I think you should write some guest posts for this blog.

    Any douchebag who would spend an hour typing hate (like me) just to rick roll other douchebags should be in the douchebag hall of fame for exhibiting extreme douchebaggery.

    Douche Bag

  11. u guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You guys are horrible and mean

  12. There are people who care about the homeless. In fact this weekend I helped feed the homeless at a local church in Chattanooga. many homeless people can avoid being homeless, but there are many who have had several unfortunate events in their life that have caused them to live on the streets. People judge too soon. There are not enough real programs to help the homeless get back on their feet. Homeless people are not the scum of America. People who hate the homeless and wont lend a hand are the scum.


  14. I pray for the day you become homeless, die, then rot in hell for eternity. Ignorant douche bag asshole. get a fucking life!

  15. Hello. . . I’d just like to point out that i WAS a homeless person for two years. Not because i didn’t have a job or was “mentally ill” but because i was kicked out of my home by my parents and was unable to find a new place to live. i worked forty hour weeks paid my taxes just like the rest of you but was unable to make ends meet and afford a home. Now I’m not saying your stupid just misinformed on the subject. Most people don’t choose to be homeless and those that are, usually are working hard everyday to stop. I hope that even this badly written comment has enlightened you in some small way.

  16. this is certainly the worst and most inhumane thing that a person can ever do. imagine if you were one of those poor VETRANS or CHILDREN that was homeless? would you be saying the same thing? no. you owuld turn to anything you could, and that would probably be drugs and alcohol. really. the homeless need help, not assholes like you. you are the downfall of america, not the homeless.

  17. This response to Think; I live in Salt Lake City,in an
    Apartment complex by the name of Sunrise Metro Apartments.This place is for the chronically homeless,mentally ill and veterans.Being a resident
    I can testify in a court of law.That where I live just by giving the homeless an apartment does not change their stupid scum bag attitudes.They didn’t respect themselves then and do not now.I feel sorry for the management of the apartment complex.The way they trash someone else’s
    property.Stupid people should be allowed to die
    and not waste valuable resources.

  18. you are an awful excuse for a human being, and I feel sorry for you. I feel sick reading the hateful comments, and ashamed that i live in the same country as such close minded ignorant selfish assholes like you. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. and thankful that you lived such a priveledged life that you can be so ignorant towards these people. there is such a thing called karma and it will come back to haunt you.

  19. reasonstohateamerica


    You stupid cunt, you mention Karma and berate everyone else, you are about as stupid as this homeless guy I poured boiling water on in -10 degree weather so he was burned and then hopefully froze to death.

  20. You losers who wrote against the homeless and claim they are ALL scum and should be exterminated better hope you don’t run into me w/ your opinions…

  21. homeless people are cool they just roam the earth like cats and dig up your garbage no biggie I once met this homeless person with a really long beard and he asked me if I had a pair of scissors so I agreed and he continued to shave his beard for a beer.

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