Retarded People

Retards use Superior Acting Skills to get Everything Paid For

Retards use Superior Acting Skills to get Everything Paid For

Most American People have a mild form of Retardation

About 90% of Americans have a slight degree of retardation due to the genetic mutation passed down over the last 500 years which has thrived in America.

Americans cause most of the huge problems in the world, with the obvious exception of Africa and their general lifestyle and heritage of violence.  Part of this is due to the retardation and part is due simply being raised in a putrid environment such as any American big city or small town.

Some people have the unfortunate problem of being retarded or having down syndrome.  A good estimate of 80% of these “developmentally disabled” people are faking their problem due to a terrible nurturing and upbringing by their inept parents.

Many of the fakers are called autistics.  All together, this group is branded “developmentally disabled” by the American government.

Developmentally disabled people fake their retardedness because they are then entitled to free everything from the government.  They fake being autistic and retarded to say goodbye to the future of an illustrious career as a McDonald’s table cleaner and say hello to free everything forever.

The American people stand for this and even create special organizations for these people.  Americans create retard ramps instead of stairs to lay out the red carpet for these fakers.

They even create the special Olympics which are an event that glorifies the faking of a mental illness and general retardedness.  Only in America does the government and people glorify a supposed mental illness which creates more and more fakers, people who rip off taxpayers money to lead a life of no work, all play, and all you can eat ice cream.

Retards infest every single square mile of America and breathe the valuable air and drink the precious water that they don’t deserve which makes retards just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

An Actor Playing a Roll which is Acted by Retards Daily

An Actor Playing a Roll which is Acted by Retards Daily


38 responses to “Retarded People

  1. Your blog is so evil, you are an asshole. Making fun of disabled people makes you a loser.

    You are the retard.

  2. I’m really disappointed at how you absolutely disregard the power that retarded people hold in this country. The fact that we have a 2-term retard in the whitehouse speaks volumes about our ability to understand the important role that tards play in our society. They are here to make us feel better about ourselves and provide an easy scapegout for our woes. The same role that nasty homos have played for years.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. i love retards. i love sucking on retarded guys balls.

  4. reasonstohateamerica

    I just pissed and shit myself laughing

  5. Actually, as a population who intermarried with other who have more broadly cast genetic origins, we are FAR less likely to be as inbred as the stationary nativists of the world… And by “the world”, I mean that thing that Europeans tend to falsely regard themselves as being.

    In fact, one is far more likely to be introduced to someone with “I’d like you to meet my wife and sister” in Romania or Saudi Arabia than in Missouri.

  6. I have 5 children. I have 3 girls and 2 boys. 4 of my children are perfectly “normal” and one is autistic.
    Am I to believe that with four of my children, I didn’t neglect them but one I did? One child has slipped through the cracks and been neglected? One child whos birth happened to be the 2nd in line, escaped the love and lessons all my other children recieved?
    Autism used to be blamed on a parent – that it was somehow their fault, they were undernurturing or neglectful somehow, because doctor’s had no other explanation for it. We now know that parenting has absolutely nothing to do with it. You need to read up – get your information from recent and reliable sources.
    You also need serious mental help, although I don’t know if you will find anyone willing to accept such a troubled person. You may have to trick them into thinking you are less afflicted than you are.
    Take all this stuff to a shrink and blog about what he told you – now THAT would be interesting.

  7. I won the Gold Medal in the Special Olympics so FUCK YOU!

    Lick my retarded balls you mental midget.

  8. Did you remember to include America’s love affair with violent sociopaths?

  9. Violent sociopaths < Retards

  10. i think ur all over reacting

  11. i dink dat you stoopid!! i’m a retard and you hurted my feelings! Asshole!!!

  12. Retarded chicks give the best head, and love to do it. Try it out if you don’t believe me. No fucking joke.

  13. Tristan Butler

    I can see your missing a few chromosomes yourself…

  14. i lick retarded guys balls. im a retarded homo. so fuck u. go lick your moms va jay jay

  15. if u dont like america get the fuck out u worthless piece of shit… i could go on but in simple words that u can understand. FUCK YOU NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I like America. Some retard named redneck G sucked my balls at the statue of liberty while he was taking black pipe up the wazoo.

  17. i lick dem balls ill lick em midgets down yummy midget mummy disaballed people are easy to give a blow job yummy peolpe

  18. Obvious fake posts…

  19. Ha ha ha ha,this is the funniest thing that I have read in ages

  20. The average IQ of Americans is 98. Border line retardation is 85.

    Am sorry but i think YOUR the retarded one here 🙂

    • I have an IQ of 161 and I have a physical disability…so does this mean that I could be one of the most “exceptional” people in the U.S.??? I really cannot seem to make heads nor tails of this particular page…which is rather strange considering that most of the other pages on this site make sense…maybe it is due to my limiations…

  21. LOL this is so ufnnny. and im mental ahaha

  22. haha u hate cho self u are retared

  23. This article was enough to change my mind about your coolness( the author). People faking diabilites, free government money, retarded people or people with issues not deserving funding but should be forced to work? That’s pushing illness…No wonder you hate Christians..

  24. Ur the faker Fucktard. Go fuck ur self wit ur own gender because that’s all u ever do.

  25. I think I may be some what retarded but at least my thinking and judgement isn’t in the fog like male african americans.

  26. I found this while searching on google for “i hate retarded people” on google but i didn’t mean this I’m sorry but rick is the only person i can agree with on here i also like ballhair’s statement on redneck g………I have an iq around 150 if i tell you the real # u’ll think i’m pretentious so i’ll withhold it for now at least its just that compared to me everyone who is not a genius is retarded and well things like this prove it to me sorry but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. btw mom of an aspie i hate to say this on a public forum but those are probably concerns that you should talk to your own psychiatrist about i am a whole hearted believer that a good mental health professional can effect great healing

  28. Don’t listen to these people. They are the reasons that retards get away with everything that they do. I agree with everything you wrote. They are nothing but a drain on society. In Michigan ALONE, around $50 MILLION dollars a year goes to housing and feeding these worthless bags of flesh. That all comes form our tax dollars.

  29. They Are a drain on our resources. It is not logical for us to spend so much on people who can never give back to society. Instead of abortion, women birth them and let them suffer throughout life with medical issues(seizures for example) When parents get tired of their m.r. child, they enroll in a service that is essentially babysitting which costs more money. I have seen wealthy people with mentally retarded children who receive Medicaid and monthly income from the government. Is that fair?

    • reasonstohateamerica

      All retards should be round up, shot and dumped in a pit, the mass grave could then be made a national park called “Camp Retard”

  30. Most americans ARE retarded the only ones that deserve credit are inventors scientist let the apes run on the field.

  31. I once had pity for retarded folks, but as they seem to spread, the world is in total decay, i’d say leave them to themselves and see if they can actually manage to live for more than a week, obviously not, they will DIE as they should, anything like trying to keep them alive is total nonsense, it drains our money, and make this world look like a complete piece of shit, it is time for them to die so evolution can take place, that is all i have to say about retards. having being kidnapped by a group of retards when i was still young, the only thing that happened out of it is i started to feel the retardness invading me, can some put them in a meat grinder so we can feed pets and burn them so we can make nutrients for plants and veggies.

    have a nice day.



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