Recent Estimates Show that 79% of Texas is Homosexual

Recent Estimates Show that 79% of Texas is Homosexual

If you had to Take a Handful of States which Personify America, Texas will Always be Included

Texas, the home of the most evil, stupid, soon to be ex-president George W. Bush is one of the worst places to live in the entire earth.

Once known as the land of steers and queers due to its large Christian in-the-closet homosexual population it has been changing over the years.

While Texas and its host of cities are still known for their high population of steers and queers, Texas is now known as the land of illegal Mexicans and executions.

A heinous state with no redeeming natural qualities is populated with a dysfunctional group of American football loving, chuch-going inbreds.  Populated is not the correct word, overpopulated Texas is the home to the defunct American oil industry which along with the Jews is responsible for many of the problems that the idiotic American people cause.

In addition to ruining all the natural beauty of Texas and polluting the waters, Texas is where innocent yet stupid criminals face capital punishment after being a victim of the pathetic American judicial system.

Cities in Texas are mostly overcrowded giant piles of dung such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and the extremely flamboyantly homosexual Austin.

The people of Texas talk with a funny inbred accent and wear cowboy hats.  With so many negative things about Texas there is a real struggle to find a single nice thing about it?

The only nice thing about Texas is if you do not live there.  Even if you do, you and your self-denying homosexual Texan ass knows that Texas is just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Stars at Night are Big and Bright... Deep in the Anus of Texas

Stars at Night are Big and Bright... Deep in the Anus of Texas


29 responses to “Texas

  1. Fu*k Texas. All that sh*t hole is good for IS steers and Queers… Go Sooners!

  2. Texas proudly raised Ryan Tucker to be the all-American violent sociopath he is today.

    deep sigh

    What a man.

  3. Κλινοσοφιστής

    Ὡραία φωτογραφία.

  4. OH my! That’s ridiculous wow I actually was born and raised in east Texas on an all natural cattle ranch. We were a self-sustaining farm and I don’t have an inbred accent and I’m straight! Can you believe it!
    My IQ is 131!
    I must be the only intelligent Texan in the entire state, because certainly all of the numerous artists, inventors, and educators in the state were just lucky that their inbred moron brains just happened to work!

  5. You all are ignorant to cuss a whole state and everyone in it, that shows how smart and mature you really are!

    • Cuss? Cuss? Are you serious? I mean your grammar is the WORST, I have seen in a very long time. Texas is the worst state in the union. I believe it should just seccede from the union and join where most of its’ citizens are from. MEXICO! They are to proud of them’selves and need to learn how to drive. Seriously I’ve lived in New York for 34 years and I have never seen ayone cross a 6-lane Highway in ONE FUCKING PASS. I mean seriously and cuss come on even you have to be a fricken genius down there, you can blog, and have a computer, and have electricity, and have fingers than dont have arthritis from INBREEDING. I feel better now. Oh yea I think its funny how you texans think other people in other states know of texas history, Ego check, they DONT! No one gives to fucks about the history of texas, except the alamo. I have a New York education with an IQ of 173.

      • Dude, get over your self. Come down south, yes, away from the f@cking city, and learn something. You’d be surprised by the intelligence of those of use in the south. By the way, we actually care about the living beings around us, what do you guys care about? Your money? Your own self, and nothing more? That’s pretty sad, and low. I’d have to say that y’all need a life, big time. Oh, I might add, no really gives a sh#t how smart you are, sorry to burst your bubble.

  6. I don’t really care what your reasons are for hating America. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just wish you would use proper grammar when expressing your opinions. Your writing sucks.

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    You know what ROB your grammer and writing sucks, but you don’t have a blog so you can just STFU dipshit

  8. i like gays:) i think you should remove this from the website. 🙂 would be much apprieciatedd.

    • all my ex’s live in Texas Texas is the place i’d really love to be cause all my ex’s live in Texas that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee some folks think im hiding it’s been roomer that I died but Im alive and well in Tennessee.

  9. Texas is the Home To the one and only NICK JONAS who is my idol. America isn’t that bad. I live in LA and it aint that bad. Whoever fucking wrote this doesn’t know anything at all and is obviously too depressed to focus on the good things in american culture.

  10. FUCKIN’ RACISTS!!!!!!!!

    BUT USA IS A GR8 PLACE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    USA RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U GUYS SUCK BEYOND UR CORE !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed.
      Those who truly hate America, I have a suggestion: go live in other countries for a while, you’ll find that we have it off really f@cking easy.

  11. are u homophobic or is it just texas u hate????

  12. Texas is a joke, like if every single Texan suffers from Bipolarism.

  13. The funny thing is that you hate American media for stereotyping when you are stereotyping an entire state. Email me…we need to talk you sick, sick person. (I mean mentally sick)

  14. This is what’s wrong with America!
    Many of the amazing artist and actors we have today were born and raised in Texas. Now I love my state though I will give you that people down here seem to be very narrow minded. HOWEVER, take a visit to one of our larger towns and you will find that many people are very open, accepting and tolerant. UNLIKE your ignorant little rant. Anyone who knows me will tell you I do not own a cowboy hat and nearly everyone thinks I am not from the state due to my lack of a “funny inbred” accent. I think that you should seriously do some research so that you can formulate a more educated opinion.

  15. I’m from Texas and I don’t know anyone with an accent, (Except this one girl, but she’s from Missouri.) Yes, there are stupid, racist, ignorant people from Texas, but saying that everyone there is stupid is just like being racist, (In the way when people see African-Americans and see them act stupid and do drugs etc. they think all African-Americans do drugs and are involved in gangs too.) Im not an over-religious freak. I don’t think i’ve ever worn a cowboy hat, Im not obsessed with football, and I hate George W. Bush.

  16. I’m from Oklahoma, but seeing as Texas is only a short drive away, I can easily be offended by your ignorant comments.
    First thing, we aren’t inbreeding, why? because, hundreds of people move, from all over the country, to Texas and Oklahoma each year. Ha, that’s funny, last I checked that’s new additions to the gene pool.
    Oops, my bad, I burst your bubble, don’t worry, I’ll do it again.
    Secondly, there may be homosexuals in Texas, but they’re “in the closet” because of people like YOU, disgustingly blinded homophobes.
    Thirdly, if your going to call any place in this very beautiful country “overpopulated”, start talking about New York. Over-all, Texas might have a higher population (I personally don’t know ‘cuz I really don’t give a flying f@ck), but Texas’ population is spread out over the roughly 801X773 mile state; whereas, New York fits the majority of it’s population in two cities, that’s really funny.
    Fourthly, if your really going to go so low as to bring religions into your rant, you really need a life.
    Fifthly, its not Texas’ fault that the damned Mexicans are focused there, personally, I’d say that we dislike the Mexican population more than anyone in the entire country, but that’s because there’s too f@cking many of them, again, not our fault, they spawn like rats in a sewer.
    Sixthly, there are probably more people in Texas and Oklahoma that dislike football than there are people that actually like it.
    Now, talking of pollution, Texas isn’t the top pollutant in the country, New York City, and other large cities such as, are.
    Told ya’ I’d burst your bubble again. Want me to do it again? try me, I’m sure I can.

  17. American Haters,

    I am going to assume and for your sakes hope you are not living in the states. Be very careful where and how you tread. Unlike you the majority of us and those around the world understand and appreciate the massive benefits of the USA and its people. I am not a Texan but a proud American. Whats not to be proud of. Every failed 3rd world country and failed socialist nations of the world seek us out as a place of redemption and opportunity. You have my email address. Be aware that if one thig is known about us evil Americans it’s the fact that we will let you push but not shove. We will eventually hit back and there’s no getting up from it. Whatever issues or burdens you have that make you dedicate your time to bashing the country, I hope you resolve them. If not someone may resolve it for you one day. Anyone else have a problem with our Country you have two options: Leave or have the courage to come out in public and express your opinions. Stop hiding behind a computer while enjoying the benefits of the USA! Cowards

  18. fukk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. As I said before, saying things like “fukk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!” will help prove his point. And I do agree that some Texans are really stupid, but you can’t just say that EVERY Texan is like that.

  20. Texas is the home of the homos Texans are gangstas and will steal you blind and if you have something of value they will haggle you for as little as possible and sit their and think you know dude is a real dumbass if I get it really cheap he is a complete retard and then they will turn around and sell it back to you for a thousand percent profit just like jews.

  21. I was forced to live in the Houston area of Texas from ages 3-7. I was smart enough as a child to realize the place sucked then, and I hate it still. As a child, I told my parents, “I hate this place…can’t we move somewhere else? There are too many cowboys in trucks and everyone talks stupid and all they care about is church”

    Yeah. Truth spoken from a child’s eyes.

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