Republican Conservatives

vote republican you're an idiot

You're too stupid to think anyways

The most Dreaded People in America are like Chameleons

They are mostly white people, but can take the form of black, Asian, and Mexican as well.  Take back Mexican, they are too poor to have any political beliefs.  They are too busy busing tables, washing dishes, mowing lawns, and stabbing each other in the street to voice their opinions.

Republican conservatives, non-republican conservatives, conservative republicans and above all, Christians are problematic for America and cause all the problems which Jews, blacks, white trash, Asians, Mexicans and liberals do not.

Unlike liberals who cause small problems, that is until the next president Bareass Obama is elected conservatives cause the large worldly problems such as bloody wars, genocides and ethnic cleansing.

The biggest problem with conservatives is their extremely narrow view of the world.  They view the world as their own little entity which abides by their own rules and beliefs.  To prove this simply ask a Christian about the 1.3 billion people in China who could care less about their fictional and misinterpreted book called the holy bible.

Besides being no fun, idiotic douche bags, most conservative republicans are just boring, cheap and violent towards others who do not share the same belief.  Is it a coincidence that very lame duck, lying, cheating and killing president of this horrific abomination of a country was in a college fraternity?

Everybody in the government does not, or cannot think for themselves.  What a way to run a country.  Have a bunch of people who could care less about 95% of the rest of the people and let them make rules which benefit the 5%.

The government aside, there is a lot of time devoted to those dirt bags later, republican conservatives are just plain boring as friends as well.  They are so brainwashed that they will never lose an argument in their own head because their brain is just not wired right.

Unbelievable how so many of the people of the United States have the same weak minded mental state to declare themselves conservative and worship the fake god and fake god’s son Jesus.

conservative republicans

Jesus loves you?  More like Jesus uses you.  The ruling government and conservative republicans with money rule the country with the divine power which poor, uneducated people are forced to believe in since birth so they can remain poor and serve the republicans.

Conservative people are a complete waste of space and make the United States of America a complete train wreck.

The divided states of conservative America is a horrendous place to live.  These mindless morons everywhere known as conservatives ruin it for everybody.

Living and preaching about their own little world makes anybody who has a brain which functions with over 20% of its capacity completely sick.

These bible thumping, in-the-closet homosexual,  violence loving minions simply equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Symbiotic Relationship, you use Jesus, he Uses You

6 responses to “Republican Conservatives

  1. You are wrong, because Jesus told John McCain to tell you your wrong.

  2. Hey, I’m running for vice president and I have hunted for years and am a proud member of the NRA.

    I will find you and shoot you from my igloo over here in Alaska for talking bad about my party

  3. Actually scientifically proven that most all humans function with less than 10% of their overall capacity.

  4. LOL So true. They make a funk about simply nothing important, tangible, or concrete, and they just want attention.

    🙂 I love to hate America.

  5. Robert Heintze

    Obviously, the author is an “equal opportunity offender.” At least he’s smart enough to know that the bipartisan politics employed by both sides accomplish nothing constructive institutionally, socially, etc. for our classist and classLESS society. Murphy’s golden rule of course is: “He who owns the gold, makes the rules” (and its not “we the people”). No wonder most people don’t vote!

  6. I only have 3 words to say America sucks ass.

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