The Solution to Many American Problems

The Solution to Many American Problems

America is full of blue and white collar criminals, scumbags, losers, idiots, morons and mentally disturbed people of all ethnic groups, religious beliefs and social classes.

Out of all the American people, some dirt bags are very dangerous.  Some are very difficult to be around due to their conservative, narrow viewpoints.

No Doubt the Most Annoying, Hated Americans are Activists

Activists are people from all walks of life.  Activists are usually rich, upper middle class white people who have a steady job and brainwashed Christian belief system.

What is different from activists from normal, scumbag American white people is activists feel so insecure by their own pathetic existence, they delve into the lives of the less fortunate.

Instead of helping the cause they believe in by using monetary means, these cheap ingrates flock to their nearest gathering of white in-the-closet homosexuals and loser to create catchy little signs.

American activists are not of any use to this country and should be wiped off the face of the country.  This is not black people battling against civil liberties.  Activists today protest against things which are far out of their control.

Killings in Africa, problems in Myanmar, repression of Tibet, the war in Iraq… The list goes on and on.  These loser American activists do not want to get their hands dirty so they decide to get in the face of others, annoy them and become a giant waste.

No activists are more terrible than anti abortion activists.  These pro life, or pro idiot people are so brainwashed by their own idiotic beliefs, they refuse to see reality.

Anyone who has ever read the book Freakonomics knows why abortion is necessary for a successful country.  Highly unlikely that any idiot (yes, this means YOU) reading this has ever picked up a book but Freakonomics explains why abortion is necessary for a functional society.

Basically, if all black, Mexican and white trash people practiced abortion, then the crime rate of this country would be virtually non existent.  If black and Mexican people practiced abortion, there probably wouldn’t be any black and Mexican people.

If Asians practiced abortion, maybe their population would not be exploding in the United States.  Asian people should be forced to practice abortion because it will foil their plan to create an oriental America.

Abortion and Roe v. Wade, the greatest victory ever in America’s corrupt legal system is one of the few positive things which has happened in America over the last 50 years.

The abortion right that every woman should have aside, American activists including PETA are 100% scum and need to learn the classic idea of MYOB, or Mind Your Own Business that most people in more civilized countries learn while they are 2 years old.

Other countries business is just that.  If you don’t want minks skinned alive for their fur, don’t buy a mink coat.  If someone else wants one, you have no business with their decision, and if you do, you should receive a punch in the nose.

Activists are a horrendous waste of human life and all should be not only ashamed but consider aborting their own pathetic existence rather than bother the rest of America with their brainwashed, idiotic, biased beliefs.

There are 58 abortions every minute, every day in the world.  This number needs to rise, but for now pro life, pro choice and all other activists are just one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Too Bad these Idiots weren't Aborted

Too Bad these Idiots weren


7 responses to “Activists

  1. If you had been aborted you wouldn’t be writing this blog now.

    Actually, that’s a pretty good argument in favour of abortion.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Abortion is effing bullshit.! My brother wouldnt be here today if my mom had done it. And Im glad she didnt.! I think its right for most woman to be AGAINST abortion these days.! Have a great day.

  3. It sounds like your the biased, uneducated, brainwashed idiot. You spout off all this holier-than-you crap when really your just a sad pathetic person that has nothing better to do than hate all the people around you. Get off your damn pedestal. People hate you too idiot!

  4. The more I read your words…the more I really think you are a satirist…LOL OMG do you really believe in everything you say? Actually, I do too…sadly…

  5. “Activists today protest against things which are far out of their control.”

    Well said…couldn’t agree more…I especially hate protest rally, they are the most unproductive activity ever, even sleeping is more productive!

  6. america is a piece of shit and hopefully it will fall soon there will be no more abuse killings fights oppression. no more fear of walking the streets of being mugged or arrested. the negative odds are stacked against you goodbye freedom.

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