Drug Abusers

Famous American Crack Whore

Famous American Crack Whore

America is a Wasteland of Bad Intentions

People from all different walks of life seek different ways to harm others in the pursuit of satisfying their very own meager physical and physchological needs.  When harming others doesn’t satisfy Americans they get depressed.

Drug abuse is the preferred method for Americans quell their bad intentions.  When an American is an utter failure and cannot harm others they turn to drugs to take them further from realith.

Instead of trying to use the rotten mass of nerve fibers inside their head, Americans seek pills, powders, needles and herbs to take their mind away from the fact that they are an utter failure to the human race.

American drug abusers start at an early age.  Born to incapable parents who are most likely drug abusers themselves, American youth with no intelligence, skills or hope turn to drugs.

Of the numerous reasons why there are so many American drug abusers such as terrible health care system which masks problems instead of correcting them, the overall lack of inteligence of American people is the reason why there are so many drug abusers.

Americans are too stupid to actually think so they look for the easy way out.  All across the world drug use is prevelant but in America over 85% of the people in the country are drug abusers.

Drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroid, marijuana, and extacy are highly publicized the the corrupt American media but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

American drug abusers include most people who are not smart enough to realize that they can cure their perceived (most Americans are hypochondriacs due to media brainwashing) ailments through nutrition.

Pain killer abuse is rampant and is the reason why the great non-American homosexual actor Heath Ledger died under the American health care system.

Other common drug abusers are bodybuilders.  Bodybuilding is a quasi-sport based on the drug abuse of steroids.  These bodybuilder idiots who are 95% homosexuals or in-the-closet homosexuals transform their bodies into a mutation-like disgusting mass in order to impress their same sex counterparts.

There is no problem with idiots ruining their bodies and internal organs with steroids except the American youth sees this and the neverending chain of drug abuse to future drug abusers keeps on getting longer.

These in-the-closet homosexuals aside, American movies and the media glorifies drug abusers and stoners making the children of America become more likely to be come a drug addicted, mindless self-pleasing retard in the future.

If you don’t believe that most Americans are drug abusers, put down your red bull and get a pen and paper.  Write down 5 letters on the piece of paper.  I, D, I, O and T and you will realize you are a moron and drug abusers are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Drug Abuser Sabotaging the lives of America's Youth

Drug Abuser Sabotaging the lives of America


14 responses to “Drug Abusers

  1. Only 58???? Hell I live here and believe me you’ve barely scratched the surface…..

  2. You are a homo faggot. Only a piece of shit gay pussy would say something as ignorant and unejucated

  3. Wow you certainly have a ‘rapier like’ wit, I think I may cry…. Then again probably not….

    Here’s a couple tips:
    #1-it’s UNEDUCATED
    #3-enjoy your steroid driven rage and small penis, I’m sure your wife will enjoy mine as it’s much more penetrating…

  4. Oh wait, he was probably speaking to the author… My bad.

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  6. See, ‘Mike’ here is # 59, the ‘internet troll’…

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank you for your wonderful comments, I will stab a pillow with a butcher knife while masturbating in my own feces and thinking of you.

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  9. lol you use 85% a lot

  10. i kant say fuk u on diz one ya ur right

  11. about drug market in USA, they are trying to make everything possible to stop import of generic drugs to USA
    however Generic drugs contain the same chemicals and are usually called by the name of active ingredients, while manufacturer uses a brand name.

  12. haahahha who every made this is a freakin moron

  13. I see drug abusers all over inside pawn shops working a radio shack walking on the streets the police bouncers door to door salesman. they are the ones that are mostly employed.

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