Keeping America Safe, One Doughnut at a Time

Keeping America Safe, One Doughnut at a Time

In America, cops or police officers, or most commonly pigs are many things.  The most accurate description of cops in the United States of America is as follows…

Cops are simply Tools of a Flawed, Corrupt Judicial System on a Power Trip

When was the last time you were glad to see one of these coffee drinking, doughnut and fast food eating creatins?

The answer is most likely never.  The primary duty of these oinkers is to extort the poor people of America to keep the rich happy.

When a poor black man with 3 kids in the car for, going 60 in a 55mph zone, the American cop made a choice.

With the $350 dollar ticket, the black man will no longer be able to pay for correct food for his kids, but he must give the $350 back to the city and state government.

The city and state government put the money right into the pockets of the police whose resources are used to keep the rich areas richer while neglecting the poor areas.

On the other hand, when Schwartz Finklestein III gets a speeding ticket in his Bentley for $350 he just gathers the spare change from his ash tray and no harm is done.

This unfair way to punish the poor for breaking a made up, un-important law, with a significant part of their income is a disgrace.  While the rich are free to break as many laws as they want, because the fines are like pennies to them.

This is just scraping the surface of the many reasons to hate the boys in blue.  It is mind-numbing how someone would want to be a police officer.  A day’s work consists of dealing with the low level scum of the earth and harassing the very few good people of America.

There is Only one reason why People Become Cops

Having Napoleon complex is the only reason why people become cops.  Whether they were the puny, antisocial losers in high school, or simply the offspring of conservative, in-the-closet homosexual Christian perents, people who become cops have a self-serving, hidden agenda.

Cops are usually small brained, fat pigs who have no sense of right from wrong.  Their ethics is preprogramed by the corrupt and dysfunctional United States Government.

This is never more evident than in small town cops.  Small towns with negligible crime rates are infested with baton wielding, gun pulling maverick douche bags who want to show their power to all the people who probably picked on them in high school.

Their job is a joke, so they try to ruin the day of normal, hard working people to justify their pathetic existance.  If they are not using their power trip to ruin the day of innocent people, they are showing their incompetance of not doing their important duties when they’re needed.

When there is a real crime, police officers, cops or pigs will be nowhere to be found.  They may be at the coffee shop eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, or harassing smoking teenagers but they are never there when needed.

Going on and on about the worthlessness of cops may be pointless but there is one thing that is for sure.  American cops are pathetic human beings and no doubt one of the top 58 reasons to hate America.

Maybe the Most Accurate Representation of a Cop of All Time

Maybe the Most Accurate Representation of a Cop of All Time


15 responses to “Cops

  1. You are a disgrace to this country.

    • Sir, more Peace-Officers are needed, but until now have lacked direction as to how to handle matters of keeping the community peaceful if there is some sort of out-burst of negative activities。

      Please read everything at this read…

      …then also please do what you can to convert the policing forces into a more community friendly peace-keeping force that does NOT involve itself to complicity with ANY form of «punishment» upon others…regardless of the reasons。 Then read the entire site if you can。

    • city cops go by their own biased opinion. I seldom see state highway patrol officers being pricks they worry about peoples safety and well being. I feel safe driving on highways with the state police because they hire competent people willing to do their job the right way as for city police I have seen and met very good ones.

  2. Ha! I love it!

  3. very accurate – just saw an episode of COPS
    wow – what a bunch of fuckwits american cops appear to be.

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  5. I was in Houston two years ago, when I “Jay-walked” not actually knowing that this is a real crime. An officer accosted me and when I questioned the validity of the crime he pulled out a gun, cocked it and pointed it at my chest.

  6. true but inmagin da world with out them every one would go wild

  7. Quote「true but inmagin da world with out them every one would go wild」
    The world is already crazy wild and insane.

    What the Police need to do is start working for the COMMUNITY as a whole rather than be Extortionist-Agents for CORRUPT Politicians 「for they continue to perpetuate a CORRUPT system that continues to «legitimise» criminal-activities to the point of making society`s belief in excessive punishment for peaceful activities an UTTER DISGRACE」。

    The CORRECT way to handle matters of keeping the PEACE (rather than EXTORTIONIST-Style STEALING for the Pockets of Politicians) has been comprehensively written in the web-site I have linked (although a lot more additional information is also )。Try as I may、I have only been able to convince a «hand-ful» of police-workers of the karmic-dangers that WILL make them REGRET doing anything Punitive while on-the-job、but they seem to sooner quit being a police-officer rather than try to help us change the system from the better within。


  8. Yall going to die bitches my daddy is a five oh and he’s gonna piss all in yalls face nigga

  9. the pigs choose who they wanna pick on next. if you get a homeless person or a innocent bystander and a hot or couple of hot chicks in the general vicinity the pigs will find a reason to stop and beat up the innocent bystander homeless person just to show off. I think big head minorities should be found and beaten.

  10. it boggles my mind the cops have all the power to do as they please they harass people for doing nothing and lacking intelligence they go by their own biased judgement the real criminals are out doing as they please putting innocent lives in danger.

  11. some cops are just fat slobs on a power trip. keep in mind not all cops are the same a thing to look for. fat old demanding no patients abusive abusing his authority they are most definitely not female and they act like total fags and pick on kids and worst of all they’er just lazy. most likely find these inside 7 11 circle K valero stripes and most fast food joints and most are mExIcAns. the cartoon one a little up on this page is a prime example of one.

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