Parents and Children

Our Family Believes in this book, All who don't will Burn in Hell
Our Family Believes in this book, All who don’t will BURN IN HELL

As time goes on, America becomes more and more hated across the globe. The multi-cultural mess of American people becomes more and more dysfunctional as time goes on.

To find out why the people, cities and government all have gotten progressively worse you can look no further than American parents.

If you look at America over the years and consider Darwin’s theory, you can see how the current American people are shaped poorly by their genetics and environment. Nature and nurture has failed American people.

Nature is the environment which has been destroyed by the American people over the beyond the point of recovery. Nurture includes the horrible parents of America.

Together this creates a cycle which is a downward spiral destroying America and there is nothing which can be done about it.

American families have no idea how to properly raise children. Most of the time, the remaining American couples who are not homosexual or poor have unplanned babies.

When the unplanned babies are not aborted like they should be, usually due to lack of money and fear of the coat hanger, they are raised in very poor conditions.

If you walk down the streets in the city where you live, you will see these future rapists, murderers, drug dealers, thief and McDonald’s workers being pushed in strollers.

The horrible parents will be drinking alcohol, smoking and doing drugs around their kids when they’re not working their minimum wage jobs. The kids will grow up unintelligent, unmotivated, lack morality and have poor judgment.

The parents of poor children’s ineptitude is thrice as bad as this run-on sentence’s grammer and that ain’t no lie. Often times these children are raised on the corrupt ideas of Christianity which allow the children to kill, maim and violently assault others and even die, because heaven awaits anyone who talks to the imaginary bearded Mexican in the sky, Jesus.

On the other end of the spectrum is rich, middle to upper class parents and children. Mostly white and Asian children are raised by parents who choose to brainwash them from birth. They force the children to believe in the same things as they do which takes away the children’s ability to think for themselves.

Once they grow up they tend to become mindless republicans. While the combination of these parents and children tends to stay away from violence, they thoroughly enjoy watching and aiding in the violence, death and destruction of other people.

Parents have created the self destructive monster known as America. Their children become parents and the downward spiraling, self destructive cycle which will eventually destroy America is set and will not stop.

Luckily, America will be around for a while longer and parents and children just equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Present Prison for Young Future Criminal
Present Prison for Young Future Criminal


4 responses to “Parents and Children

  1. You obviously needed a hug from your parents. Goto a head doctor and get some medicine for Christ sake!

  2. I had no idea that all 300 million of us were identical, and so convenient to your ego, the only people on earth with features you find negative.

    I belive they call that ‘peevishness’, papito.

    One feature I’ve always, and still to this day find disturbingly stupid about many Europeans, especially those who try to tout random citations to express a sort of superiority over any ‘people’ (as if all life amounted to was a sporting ‘league table’ of national features that individuals themselves are too failed to posess…) is an idea that achievement in some thing is somehow *genetic.*

  3. you are one of the most disgusting and hateful people i have ever seen in my entire life. go grow a soul

  4. ur a strait up pussy az bicth

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