The Judicial System

Just How Flawed is the American Judicial System?

The good news is most Americans probably don’t care because They’re too stupid to realize that the corrupt and flawed American Judicial system is lowering the quality of their life as Americans.

Black and Mexican criminals who make up over 80% of the over 1 million prison inmates across America really hate the judicial system.  They are arrested for repeated drug violations and instead of the US government taking a smart action, either legalizing the drugs or stopping the production at the source they throw these criminals in a prison system which creates super criminals.

These super-criminals are free to roam the streets, rape, murder and assault the normal hard-working people in America while the American government profits from the drug lords across the world.

What the average American doesn’t understand is they are paying taxes to fund things such as this.  The judicial system fails epically in all areas from the city and country courts up to the supreme court.

The laws in America are a complete joke.  Laws differ from city to city and state to state and fail to take logic and common sense into account.  Some laws are even based on religion which is based on fiction.

Right and wrong is not taken into account for the most part while a judge and jury of low intelligence American people are what usually decides the verdict putting innocent people in jail and prison all while wasting tax payers money.

Anybody can see this is the case by looking at the supreme court.  These old fossils with one foot in the grave who still live in the past and fail to recognize the present and future are responsible for 1/3 of the entire government’s decisions.

Any moron reading this post will know that the American Judicial system is flawed, corrupt and another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Typical American Blind Justice, minus the Fat Lesbians

Typical American Blind Justice, minus the Fat Lesbians


22 responses to “The Judicial System

  1. You are an idiot, nothing you say makes sense. The American Judicial system is something someone of your low intelligence should never talk about you racist, scumbag.

    • fuck you asshole, youre “that guy” that sticks up for the court system,judges, and probably cops too. Get a life and get your head out of “the mans” asshole. People like you absolutely make me SICK! fuck you with a capital F

  2. Reasons to hate America no. 3,569: Americans who hate their own country. Like the writer of this blog 🙂

    In no other country would people systematically attack every aspect of their own society…

  3. I have recently published a Book entitled “Run Amuck System” that puts in perspective really how bad the American Judical system really is. I will be willing to send you a free review copy if you like…just email me

  4. Add the above data to my blog….on this page….thanks and have a nice day

  5. anotherpissedoffAmerican

    I agree. The judicial system is very fucking flawed, and I hate it so damn much. Seriously, not only does it target the helpless, it has so many loopholes for the real criminals to get away with.

    For example – I am now on probation for possessing something that I do in the privacy of my own home, hurt no one else, and actually helps me relieve symptoms as arthritis pain and anxiety, and helps me be a productive member of society (which really, isn’t that great). Still, what crime did I truely commit? I owned something that is worth less than $10, was locally grown by someone, who by the way buys stuff from *AMERICAN* stores to help stimulate the *AMERICAN* economy, so in a non-direct way, I also help stimulate the *AMERICAN* economy and society, the very system the judicial system wants to serve. And it’s going to cost me almost $1500. I couldn’t defend myself because I can’t afford an attorney, but I make too much money to qualify for a public defender (thanks Pennsylvania, YOU SUCK!). It just amazes me that being such an upstanding citizen, why can I not do why I need to do to help out America?

    Because the American Judicial System is nothing more then a tool for the county and state and country, to leech more money off of it’s citizens. To all those that bring up all these reasons why some green leafy substance should be legalized, there 2 reasons why they dont. 1.) The drug companies don’t want it legalized, and they have the money to pay lobbyists to keep it that way, because if it was, they realize it would ruin their enterprise. The same goes for paper companies, and producers of rope. It would turn these major corporations (another word for foundation of corrupt and greedy assholes) into a lesser company. Though in our eyes, they still would be rich as fuck, just not as rich as *they* would like. Greed. 2.) The US government makes more money by keeping it illegal, and also it gives it a method of favortism to those who choose to buy the legal drugs which keeps major drug companies on top, which provide more money to the government, and they do this through…..The American Judicial System.


  6. I repeat….
    American Judicial System.


      darksun you stupid idiot you broke the law do your time and quite your whining you POS drug addict

      Now that said, yes our system is a joke, just look at that idiot darksun,m he should had been put in prison for a year at least, break the law go to jail ya panzy, do your time don;t do it again and shut the fuck up!


    Dear Sirs, please at my email address in the blog if you please, in case someone did want to email me for a free copy of the book entitled, “Run Amuck System (Out of Control American Judiciary). By-the-way the outcomes discussed in the book are true and factual and can be backed up with a large amount of data………

  8. this system is just not working.i have been paying child support for 17 years now.back in oct.2008 i was laid off from work and now i am in arears 5,508.52 obviously i have paid in the last 17 years or else this number would be alot higher.i filed to have my cgild support vacated within the ney jersey courts because my son no longer lives with his mother.I was denied 😦 and now i may get locked up because i do not have the money to pay.i have rent, elect, water and not to mention food i go live in the woods in order to pay child support.i have been job searching for a year and a half now.i sub-contract in pest control and made 11,498. in 2009 this year doesn’t look any more promising . what the hell is a guy to do, go on welfare???? been trying to avoid that.there is enough people sucking the system other then to have me join it just to keep out of jail.where is the justice in the way the courts work.i have not seen it.if there is anyone with any advice please assist me in this matter, i am on my last wits end.

  9. 1 reason to hate this blogger – dumbass.

    • Would you like to stand up for the judiciary system? Frankly, the whole thing is funded by money. The reason why a 16 year old is charged a thousand dollars for possessing marijuana, or pay a thousand dollars for speeding, or pay over five hundred dollars for trespassing, even if his parents/him dont make nearly enough money to be able to afford fines like this, is because the legal system is ran by people who are obsessed with money. People working in the legal system really dont understand that they ruin lives when they tell someone their going to jail for a year, that they are losing their license for drinking and driving. Frankly, as long as everyone at the top of the legal system is making the big bucks, they dont give a flying fuck. They care about as much about sending you to prison for a year as you care about the seven year old kid that just got killed by disfunctional government in Africa. Fuck you world

  10. Dear sir, those that leave the “f” word as a comment are not intelligent at all and you should edit the comments that reflect the use of the “f” word, Lawyer that have no cooth use this word and it should be elminated from one’s vocabulary…….GBJ

  11. If you really want to read a horror story of how the archaic legal system messed over a decent family only because the mother was a green card citizen from China, go to the website and read the plain truth of what took place in Oklahoma with a horrible attorney general for the state….

  12. Doctor Gaines B. Jackson, you are a smart enough man to know you are lying to yourself, both with that book and with your gaudy html4-coded website.
    And you ESPECIALLY ought to have seen that day, July 21, 2006, coming for nearly a decade, you poor, poor, insane man.

    It was no “accident.”

  13. Anyone who would use “DR Ph” after his name instead of the proper “PhD” demonstrates just how insecure he is and how much he desperately needs to build up his ego. “DR Ph” is not a legitimate abbreviation for anything and I’m sure you are aware of that as you try desperately to impress everyone around you. The truth is that people laugh at your phony and inflated attempts to make yourself look important and educated. Why not also use the abbreviation “HS” for high school diploma? HS., BS., MS., DR., Ph.

    WOW!!! I’m really impressed!!!

  14. the american judicial system is a piece of shit especially the mexican judges that are biased in their opinion they are snakes that just don’t give a shit they will lock an innocent person up for doing nothing and set a young killer free to do as he wants. this world would be a better place without minorities.

  15. Why even bother to comment. I lost everything I worked for ($5,00,00.00)because I had a lazy ass judge that just didnt care. The legal fees just got higher and higher and all I got every time I went to court was some bull shit that just made me have to come back again. Never once was a straight forward decion made. It was an assembly line process. I was clearly in the right but some how there was always a tiny detail that need to be adjusted. With that said along with each continuation there was another 2 week delay in my life. This went on for over 1 year. I finally just asked my attorney to settle the case against the parties I was sueing and stop the bleeding. He worked out the paper work and the case was dismissed we could never sue each other againt this case any more. So my partners who embelezed my money got off with everything all because a judge didnt want to read and go over the massive mountain of evidence including complete copies of bank statements showing how they stole my money. This was an open and shut case but the judge was a lazy ass bastard and couldnt care less. THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED!!!

  16. Rich (I Love Wolves, Coyotes, and Dogs)

    I have NO problem agreeing with the idea that the U.S. judicial system is a royal failure. These people who think that the U.S. judicial system is all so great, they have NO idea how easily it can take a person who did nothing wrong, and totally ruin that person’s life; whether the person is innocent and accused of a crime, or a person who has been severly injured and the victum of a crime. I know about this firsthand. It is a very long, absolutely gross, factual tale of injustice. There was perjury, prejudice, bias, an improper translater, judge who disregards a law, judge then overrides the law with his opinion and what he thinks, judge states a fact of science is speculative and throws it out of the courtroom, and so much more I could tell. I witnissed before me a Kangaroo Court. Yes, this so called “great judicial system”, it ruined my life. You people who think it is all such a great system, you have NO idea how wrong you are. Oh that’s right, it just has NOT ruined your life yet!

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