Gun Owners

White Trash NRA Supporting Family of Retards

Typical American White Trash Family

Get Your Federal Firearms License

Americans have the Right to Bear Arms

This idiotic right for Americans was established around the days when Paul Revere was yelling, “The Redcoats are Coming!”

At this point in history around 1776 the obvious right to bear arms was to fend off other invading countries.

While these days there are armies of Mexican Norteno and black bloods street gangs packing some serious heavy artillery the right to bear arms is still and idiotic idea.

If America was more like the rest of the civilized world there wouldn’t be heavily armed street gangs, redneck white trash, and republican vice presidential candidates killing everything that moves that disagrees with their ignorant ideas in their rotting, brainwashed, mildly retarded brains.

Gun owners in America are complete idiots and shame the United States of America to all other countries around the world.  American crime and the prison system is absurd and directly related to the right to bear arms which serves absolutely no purpose in a civilized modern society.

Guns kill people and destroy things.  There is no other purpose that an honest peace loving human being would own a gun for.  Republicans who support this ludicrous right are obviously a bunch of complete morons and their reasons are even more idiotic.

Land of the Free

America is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave although there are gun toting criminals running amock everywhere.  Who is free to live when they fear being another innocent bystander or a crazed mall shooter or disgruntled postal worker?

Home of the Brave

If America is the land of the brave, why do most people carry a man-made weapon of murder and destruction?  Cowardly America is a complete violent cesspool of inequality.

Any argument for the right to bear arms should warrant a deportation to Africa or the Miiddle East, the most uncivilized countries and regions in this damaged earth.  Get rid of guns, and America will be a better place like the rest of the civilized world but for now there are still guns everywhere and gun owners are simply one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Get Your Federal Firearms License

This White Trash also Believes in the Right to Bear Arms

This White Trash also Believes in the Right to Bear Arms


27 responses to “Gun Owners

  1. what the fuck u meen us gun owners our idiots. boy you have no clue whats u tocking bout

  2. i ogree , dis fukin hipp-e dooshbag dont no his asshole from a whole in the ground!

  3. reasonstohateamerica

    You white trash scumbags spelling is worse than the warts on my genitalia, horrific.

  4. I have found most of your comments silly and unfounded. Take these few facts for example: one of my best friends is from England…and he loves the U.S., I am a teacher with graduate-level education (graduated with high honors too)…and I love to collect, shoot and carry guns.
    Also, have you noticed how so many people from the rest of the “civilized” world come here for the vast opportunities and freedoms offered here?Have you ever noticed how lots of countries talk down about our government and military but never do anything about them (because they can’t)?
    You have proven yourself to be a loathsome ignorant with a large self-pity problem that you wish the world to validate for you. Get up, wake up, stand up…make a life for yourself.

  5. Max is a Douche bag

    This inbred Max can say what he says living comfortably in his white suburban upper-middle class dwelling without a single dose of reality which can be experienced in the inner city.

    Piece of shit like Max, should be forced to live in a housing project for a week then voice his eunuch opinion.

  6. I could live in a housing project if I so chose. Those living there could live elsewhere if they so chose. Liberty Mississippi can in no way qualify for “suburban status.” Also, the population is about 51% black. I live in a small home in a tiny town where we have our criminal challenges.
    You continue to flounder and founder upon the rocks of reason and wisdom. Take a better approach, for your sake, because it is very hard for people to take you seriously. I believe you must be about 14 years old.

    P.S. Profanity is evidence of a weak mind trying in vain to express itself effectively.

  7. You all sound like fools.

    The Second Amendment isnt about hunting or fighting off the British. It is about self-defense of all kinds, whether its the little old lady who gets robbed on her way out of the store, or the homosexual man that is attacked for simply being who he is. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and for most people the most effective means is a firearm. Over 95% of the guns in this country are never used in a crime, but of those guns, Hundreds of thousands of times a crime has been thwarted or stopped in progress by a legally owned gun.

    Trying to ban guns, and talking about gun owners as a bunch of Bush-loving right wing wackos isnt going to solve the crime problems in this country. An overwhelming majority of crimes committed can be traced back to socio-economic problems. We need to make things better for everyone here, give people opportunities to succeed before they end up doing something stupid. Take care of the people and the crime rate will drop, who wants to rob people and murder eachother for gang territory when you have good healthcare, a chance at a good education, even going to college or a trade school, and then going on to have a good paying job with retirement…. If these people had a real future they would be shooting at the range with the rest of us and not out shooting eachother with illegal guns.

    Prohibition didnt work with alcohol, its not working on drugs/marijuana… so what makes you think that it will work with guns? Take the guns away and they will use knives, just like how its happened in Scotland. Take away the knives and then it will be tools, or baseball bats, etc. You have to stop violence at its root. And leave our bill of rights alone, its been attacked enough these last 8 years.

  8. All i get out of this article is that you are just hating on the USA for having one of its many freedoms. You misinterpretation of the American way of life and the right to bear arms is a JOKE. Go do some real research and get your facts strait.

  9. Here’s what your right to bear arms is used for

    Right to Bear Arms

    You barbaric redneck white trash.

  10. You might also like to know that these criminals and gangs you talk about are already PROHIBITED from owning guns.

    They are not exercising their Second Amendment rights, they are breaking the law.

    I dont believe that you are serious. I think that you are having a lot of fun with all of this. If you really believed in this you would have at least addressed my points posted above… but since it appears you aren’t willing to have a meaningful debate on the issue, I can only guess that you are doing this to get certain reactions from right-wingers.

    More power to you, but when you are ready to act like a big boy, maybe then you can learn something.

  11. Anybody who owns a gun is a pussy, I would kill any other animal with my bare hands, don’t need a gun like a pussy bitch

  12. BJ…

    Another idiot makes his voice heard.

    From what I have read here, its probably best that you people dont own guns.

  13. Hey BJ did someone hold a gun too you? and make you give them a BJ ?is that why you hate guns BJ? were you sodemized with a pistol BJ? DID YOUR DADDY GIVE YOU bad touches BJ ?

  14. reasonstohateamerica

    White Trash All around makes me want to puke out my chitlins

  15. Well…this proves it. This dude is an idiot.

    Sure, guns aren’t needed in a civilized society.

    WHERE is THAT, exactly?

  16. This fucking blog is so retarded.

  17. reasonstohateamerica

    This fucking blog IS so retarded and so are the fucking retards reading it, kudos to you York you faggot douchebag!

  18. so most americans carry guns? citation please. i’m american and the gun carrying population is incredibly low.

  19. I live just outside Washington, in one of the highest murder rated areas of the nation. And not once have I been shot at. And you still never cited where you found that most Americans carry guns.

  20. reasonstohateamerica

    Reason #111 To hate gun owners, Lovell Mixon Oakland Cop killer

    Die in hell gun owners

  21. friends for the founders

    “At this point in history around 1776 the obvious right to bear arms was to fend off other invading countries.” hmmmmmmm someone needs to go back to school for History 101. We ” America” were not a country at this time but yet a English Colony governed by the rule of the Crown.
    “To disarm the people [is] the best and most effectual way to enslave them …” George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 380 (June 14, 1788).

  22. i hate most white people not all of them but a lot of dem fuk uuuu

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