Girlfriends and Wives

battered woman

What do You Tell a Woman with 2 Black Eyes?

Nothing, You already told her twice.

American women have something wrong with them. Hormonal imbalances along with homosexual and retarded males have created a backwards society.

In American society, women have too much power and when they get out of line they need to be reminded (sometimes twice) which sex is dominant and more power.

Women’s role in American society has gone terribly wrong over the years. Allowing women to vote was perhaps the beginning of the problem which makes American women, specifically girlfriends and wives a travesty for men who unfortunately call the United States of America home.

Most American Men are too Stupid and Pathetic to Stand up against American Girlfriends and Wives

American men usually take their unsatisfactory American girlfriends and make them their wives which creates further problems. American women are extremely poor at communicating with men and lack the respect which creates successful relationships and marriages.

American women care more about their insignificant jobs and careers than pleasing their partners sexually and creating the offspring which will make their time on the earth significant. American girlfriends and wives are a complete waste of time for American men and men from all over the globe.

Any American man who has dated a woman from anywhere else in the world knows that American girlfriends and wives are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

What do 10,000 Battered Women have in Common?

They are 10,000 Women who DON’T KNOW WHEN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP

Battered Women = Bettered Women

Battered Women = Bettered Women


43 responses to “Girlfriends and Wives

  1. This is unbelievably offensive, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. LOL you must have really bad luck with woman or just a small dick and have some sort of gay urges that make you lash out at the opposite sex SO FUCK YOU

  3. LOL – Looks like you got two black-eyes, yourself!

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  5. No, in my experience, European women are generally attracted to American men because they are more likely to LACK the egotistcal streak that comes with the helplessness and a kind of impotent rage common among many men in Europe.

    Why then would the rape statistics place a European population greater in aggregate number well above that of the US?

  6. as if you would ever even think that??
    let alone post it on a website .
    your a sick fuck and people like you should be in jail.
    thats horrible, i know someone who’s mums friend died from being bashed by her boyfriend.
    thats disgusting, im 14 and i know that thats completely wrong.
    fuck you,
    i hope you die cunt

  7. You people are obviously overreacting to a joke website, you want to put all the movie directors and producers in jail too for making violent movies?

    You are all hypocrites.

    Why would you read this crap if you hate it so much, I personally think it’s funny as hell, lol at you all.

    • Exactly. Men have small penises that have no use but to shove it in a dog’s butt and hear it squeal.

      Women are loud ignorant fucktards who yell at one another in an emotional angry rage because you don’t like Justin Bieber and his shitty music.

      I love to hate America. 🙂

    • Then you’re as big a douche bag as the insecure asshole who wrote this page…

    • Then you’re as big a douche bag as the insecure asshole who wrote this page…

  8. are you a homosexual

    how do you get pleasure from men
    thats fucking disgusting
    you faggot

    i bet you were touched by your mother as a child
    you fucked up son of a bitch
    you have problems you sick mother fucker
    i bashed a guy once and he cried
    i want to make you cry nigga

    go shave your pubes fat fuck
    you ugly lesbian
    what would happen if it was the other way around
    men are stupid
    they shouldnt have friends
    they should just touch themselves

  9. men touch themselves

    this is unbelievably offensive,
    one time this chik hit me, and i cried violentl for half an hour.
    so fuck off.
    they can hurt you back.


    (P.S. did you wanna go out somtime?


  10. violence against women, australia says no

    i bet you wer touched by old males when you wer a child.

  11. Smack My bitch up, she deserved a good backhand hoe slap, the whore

    • you sound like an ignorant “nigga”. Typical of your kind. Black people are cockroaches who infest the best places of society eating up the good land and making it ferocious poorly maintained…and then beat up on their women while they can’t maintain any REAL power in society.

      I love to hate America. 🙂

    • did you know certain ethnic groups tend to get hypertension at early ages. I can only imagine what your kids go threw daily. I know that I am not what you call politically correct but being violent only makes all matters worst but what do I know Im just your average hateful blogger.

  12. you are sick
    i cant believe you
    america is a backward country but not because of women, but because of the malicious freaks like yourself

  13. reasonstohateamerica

    Where is Elizabeth Hasselbeck when you need her, I’m sure any senseble man would like to punch that dumb cunt in the Chops.

  14. All American women are fucking stupid cunts. They are like men, hairy and nasty tuna smelling twats makes me want to puke.

    How did all the women in this country become fake ass bitches? I personally think it’s because there are so many fags out there that the women have to work for themselves which makes them more like men.

    Give me a beautiful Chinese or Mexican woman to love and and give me an American woman to use as a punching bag, the cunts…

  15. This is just wrong. A real man will treat his wife well. Try sharing some of your views on blacks, whites, etc. with some of them and see what there opinion is. I want you dead.

  16. This is just wrong. A real man will treat his wife well. Try sharing some of your views on blacks, whites, etc. with some of them and see what there opinion is. I want you dead you sick fuck.

  17. This site is a goldmine for comic material. God bless America LOL

  18. whoa….what a sad site this is.

  19. Sick&Disgusted

    this is appaling!
    and people wonder why others hate america?
    this is why.
    “what a great exsample you set for others like you”(sarcasum)
    i hope someone runs you over.

  20. Ahahaha this made me laugh, but don’t beat women, it’s not right.

    Hahaha, fuck you buddy.

  21. I would like to relate my own personal experiences as they are contradictory to what I’ve read. First Europeans are cowards. They walk with their heads down, won’t look you in the eye, and talk quietly. A man is suppose to be head up sholders back and always speak with strength; just like an American MAN! The Arabs on the other hand is a whole different story. The things they say are just stupid, like an illiterate criminal, incapable of having a meaning conversation on any subject. Doesn’t know any better than to talk belligerently and to sucker punch quick, a pure coward. Next American women, specifically in the corporate environment as that is what my background is in. Once you have a majority of women in management, 2 things will happen. 1, politically correct fighting, with words, is the job. From the one that deep down inside is a dirty person and has found a venue to the one that got a promotion and learned that fighting politically correctly is the good. They live for it to the point that many will not get married, they become workaholics. 2. The corporation they work for will physically change. The occasional wrong decision that will not be corrected by another woman. Before you know it, profits are down and outsourcing starts looking better.

  22. interesting

  23. This reminds me of your other classic and true article about American Sluts

    Any girlfriend that doesn’t satisfy a man’s every sexual need deserves to be knuckled down and/or whipped with some sort of cord or stick.

  24. ronpaulfreemason

    american teen girls need to be put in prison! what a disgusting bunch. look at the trouble that girl caused in Aruba. just one case. they have sex then call it rape. they scream at their husbands and fathers. its called womens rights to freedom. women cannot control their sexual desires, and it leads to trouble for everyone. Ameroca is a disgusting, porno country full of disgusting females who all have bad attitudes, especially the blacks. black men are driven to whites and mostly asians. if you act like a lady, you will be treated like a lady. most men don’t like really like women, can’t say i blame them

  25. It is a coward and disgusting thing,whatever you assert here.There are much women,who have never deserved this treatment.I can assure you…Initially,i found fun in the reading of this site,but now it just simply nauseates me..

  26. Im loving how there are at least two pictures of MEN in the montage of beaten women…maybe that’s what happens when assholes like you open their mouths. Who do you think you are saying these things?? Honestly, you sound like the inbred, ignorant, and idiotic person that you’re trying to reinforce with all of your stereotypes and untrue statements. How about spending less time beating your wife and your dick and more time in therapy or a library? I’m sure a straight, white man, with every perfection in the world shouldn’t have a problem with criticizing themselves? I hope you have an awful life…because all the gay, jewish, black, and oh yes! women in the world are having a good life and not wasting their time writing pointless blogs about things they hate for no reason. I hate that the internet has given assholes like you power to think that you’re subjugating the ‘other’ when really you’re just wasting your time…and I have for even responding….

    • reasonstohateamerica

      NO, they’re just women who had the pretty beat out of their loud-mouth cunt asses.

      • Hey how come you never did men? That would be great to add to your collection of 58 reasons to hate America. American men act like fucktards who don’t know how to analyze worth shit.

        I love to hate America. 🙂

  27. I’m not making the assumption that you are a man because men are like this but because you don’t bash men nearly as much women.

    But you are a major idiot regardless of your gender. Women were not meant to be battered to a man’s will. Without women there wouldn’t be men, men need women. You should be grateful not beating.
    You are a sad, sad sick person.

  28. Yielded to Christ

    You just need a whole lot of Jesus. He can take those perverted thoughts and actions away in only a moment. It might seem like a funny joke unless you’re the one being used as a punching bag. It doesn’t matter where the woman is from, she’s a human being, someone’s daughter, sister, mother, or friend. Its equally horrible for men and children to be beaten and abused. The human condition is in a sad state. But there’s hope in Jesus. He loves you. He died for you and he came back to life because he is God and he conquered the grave. Death has no power over him. He loves you so much. Just tell him you’re sincerely sorry and help you change. True freedom my friend, true freedom in Christ.
    Suggest reading Romans chapters 1-as far as you want to read

  29. America sucks, but less than the rest of the world

    Wow, I’m pretty disgusted by the post and the supportive comments under it.

    While I read it, I was thinking all these terrible things about person who wrote it, things like “wish I could take a baseball bat to his head”, “this dude needs locked away from the general population”, and “He’s not worth the air in his lungs”

    but then I realized something… that’s the objective, right? to project and spread the hate and negativity you feel inside for yourself. I honestly don’t think half of what you type you even actually believe. You may very well say it for the effect it has on people. Either way, you’ve got a lot of shit to work through.

    There’s something broken inside you. You’re not a thinking feeling human being, you’re an angry, empty, desensitized husk of what was once a person. Did the people who raised you do this to you? What would they say to the things you’ve said in this blog? How do you as a person and what you say (and apparently feel) reflect on them? Would they be proud?

    America sucks. There’s a lot wrong here, and anyone who can’t realize that is blind. However, we (and a handful of other counties who’ve taken ques from American ideals) allow our citizens the most freedoms and biggest potential to live contently, if not down right happily.

    I’ll tell you what the problem is, it’s the human race. If there’s anything to hate, it’s humans and our liabilities as a species. We’re nonsensical, violent, selfish, destructive, and stubborn.

  30. this is funniest and wackiest by far battered=bettered hahahahaha well it’s true.

  31. thissiteisajoke

    I think this website is a joke. It’s some bored loser sitting behind a computer making up shit to piss people off, especially women for some reason. I’m not even going to waste my energy getting pissed off about this. If this guy and all the stupid fucks who agree with him are being serious then they need to get their head bashed in, and have their dick cut off, so they’ll have something in common with women and start beating themselves up and all the other men who need their dicks cut off. Why don’t you just write a page about how great Ted Bundy was? I’m sure you two would get along because he liked to beat, rape and kill women. You could at least help him out with the beating part, then you can eventually get caught and go to prison with men like you. If you do go though, don’t drop the soap…………..
    DROP THE SOAP, because you’re a fag, you would probably enjoy it.
    If you play your cards right, you might be able to talk them into using the electric chair when they sentence you to death row. That might be the best way for you to go because you probably like it up the ass being a fag in all, and they stuff cotton balls up your ass before they execute you.
    If you live in America, then GET THE FUCK OUT!
    Wait, you probably can’t afford to because you probably don’t have a job…I don’t know who in their right mind would want to hire someone like you after reading this shit. You’re probably a freeloader, or someone who still lives with their parents. Since you can’t afford to move just kill yourself, you won’t have to deal with anything to hate anymore. Just go to your room, lock your door, and slit your wrists like a whiny-ass emo kid, and remember it’s down the road, not across the street, if you’re going to do something do it right!
    If you can afford to move then go to a country with the dream woman you’re looking for, if you’re looking. Oh wait I forgot…you’re a fag. Well when you do get to a country of your choice, make sure all the men there are faggots who beat women and suck lots of cock. It might be hard finding someone who wants to fuck you, even if it’s with a prostitute, so consider getting your ribs removed so you can bend over and suck your own cock. It’s better than nothing, right?

    • America sucks, but less than the rest of the world

      I understand that you can’t help it… I don’t hold it against you or get angry reading your words because it’s very obvious you’re just looking for a way to affect people. Apparently the only way you’re able to interact with and engage with people is with negativity. There are some people who, because of traumatic things that happened in childhood or early adulthood, can’t function as normal human beings. Maybe a Scout Master got a little too friendly with your behind on a camping trip. Maybe the kids in school were unkind to you because of your severely clubbed foot. Maybe your parents couldn’t bring themselves to love such a hideously disfigured monster… I honestly don’t know, but I do know a lost cause when I read it’s insincerely callous and bitter reply online…

      Seriously though, stop showing off for the other trolls.

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