Teacher Can I leave Class to Stab Rival Gang Classmate?

Teacher Can I leave Class to Stab Rival Gang member Classmate?

American Students Represent an “Epic Fail”

This is a time when “One in 10 high school seniors in the class of 2008 failed to pass California’s exit exam by graduation, the lowest rate of passage since the test became mandatory to earn a diploma three years ago, according to data released Tuesday 9/9/08 by the state Department of Education.”

It is the fault among many things, firstly the horrific American school system along with a combination of parents, media, and the students themselves.

Exactly like the fictional portrait of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy American people are getting progressively more stupid.  The students of America are at the forefront of this.

Why are American Students such a Failure?

The students themselves may blame it on external factors which are well warranted but the blame can be assessed on none other than the United States of America on a whole.

The United States of America, Obama or Mccain, Palin or Biden is a lost cause.  The downfall is imminent and there is nothing which can be done.  If anything the students across America are accelerating the downfall of this short lived world power.

Evidence of the failure of the American education system is the failure to pass the retard level intelligence exit exam for prospective graduating California high school students.  How can a student spend 4 years in a school and not get the basic information?  Learning disabilities or developmentally disabled?  NO.

American Students suffer from a Mild form of Mental Retardation

The gene which has mutated over the years and thrives in America has created hybrid retarded American children which will only get worse.

Students have no attention span, and bi-polar violent tendencies.  American students have no ability to learn and spend their time in school formulating the future of violent crimes which they can commit in the future, whether it be a university or suburban shopping mall.

Worst of all, there is a possibility that an American student will eventually become a postal worker and then the problems will escalate.

Not like students in other countries, American students are a vile and evil entity which is far more destructive than productive and equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.


2 responses to “Students

  1. I loved that movie, “Idiocracy”. Quite frightening, nonetheless.

    Brawndo. It’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave!

  2. I think using the image of a child with a learning disability is truly rich. Nonetheless, while European students have a consistent level of performance at the high-school level, Americans excel in smaller numbers to a much greater degree when it comes to university and graduate level work.

    The EU is trying to ‘program’ universities at present, in what some see as a useless attempt to engineer the dynamism that evolved and continues to evolve naturally in the American university system. European unis also have a hard time drawing students from abroad, and in fact lose a good number of their brighter prospects and grater opportunities to actually accomplish something meaningful attending US universities. It’s where that “all your smart people are actually Europeans” slander comes from.

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