Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Fail

A 60% Success Rate with Her Own Children

= Miserable Failure for America

Most people would consider a woman with the genetics and parenting skills to have a 60 percent success rate with bearing and raising her children to be a failure.

Bearing a retarded child is one thing, poorly educating and sheltering her other children so they have unexpected children out of wedlock another.

Most people would consider a woman who strongly advocates the shooting of wild wolves from an airplane with a shotgun, wounding them, then landing and finishing them off a barbarian.

Most people would consider a woman who favors a war with Russia a complete moron.

What Most People think Does NOT Matter in America

Watch me Shoot the Apple of McCain's Head

Even though she’s not qualified to be manager at a Walmart Superstore Sarah Palin leads the current poles as the next in line to assume the presidency of the United States.  Palin waits behind, not a young buck, but a great, yet frail old man whose ticker could stop ticking at any minute.

The people in America are so uninformed that they would consider voting for a woman who can’t even bear children properly let alone raise them to be responsible.  How would a viscious and vile woman with little experience become president?

The United States and their government has paved the yellow brick rode for this 60% success rate parent to lead the most powerful country right into the ground faster than it has already began its downfall.

“Palin only supports abstinence to be taught in sex-ed!”

“If she cares about children with special needs, then why did she cut spending on them by 62 percent?”

“Sarah Palin believes God told her to go to war with Iraq!”

Enough Said.

Vice president Sarah Palin, another epic fail for America.  When McCain’s heart fails then Americas failure will be complete.  The future has been fortold but in the present, Sarah Palin is simply one of 58 reasons to hate America.


9 responses to “Sarah Palin

  1. slow down now you dont need to attack a handicaped child i agree with what you say about her but leave the baby out of it

  2. Her genes are tainted, good call, unfit to be king, queen or first bitch

  3. Ha! You will love these two images, then. 😀

  4. Yo dis bich aint got da skill to raze youngins vote obama

  5. So go back to the shit whole that spawned your
    sissy bitch gene pool…seems to me this nasty ass
    nation was founded by folks of Palin’s
    genetic line.
    Bet you haven’t the constitution to publish my rant.

  6. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank You Jerry Donahue, You Smell like Poo and I hope you Do take a large Knife and in your brain put it through!

  7. Autistic children should probably get a pass, then again… not when their mother is an airhead wannabee vice presidential candidate.

  8. Thanks for the post, I have been having the same problems.

  9. I think woman should be behind a stove cooking my god damn biscuits and gravy and being made to do what they where put hear to do and thats look pretty their ain’t hardly no good lookin women in my neck of the woods and a bunch of faggots.

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