American Movies

85 Minutes of Idiotic Movie, 5 Minutes of Explanation

How American Movies Produced for Idiots End


Hollywood is well known around the world for being the center of the film industry.  Out of the total world’s budget for creating films, Hollywood makes up over 90%

Why is it that American movies, which account for a large percentage of movies around the world are so horrible?

It is because the lack of intelligence displayed by the movies in America is a direct result of the stupidity of American people.

American movies have gotten worse over the years and are only getting less worth watching as the prices of theater tickets go up.  Movies are either mindless and realistic violence or idiotic plots written for 3 or 4 year olds.

Even American movies which start out promising fail due to the imminent Scooby Doo ending where every loose end is explained in the last minute. usually with the villain pointing the gun at the hero before the hero overtakes the villain at the end.

Ever wonder why the top grossing American movies are often animated features?  It is because the brains of Americans are the smallest in the world and the movies which are meant to be an hour away from reality are an hour of mental torture and brainwashing.

American movies are a product of the dysfunctional society and government of America.  American movies  mirror American policies and culture.  To anybody with half a brain which is capable of thinking and solving problems, American movies are a disgrace.

There are many big problems in America such as rich, white honky trust fund republicans, black gang members, illegal Mexican immigrants and masculine, fat and ugly women with bad personalities, but American movies are definitely one of the more annoying of the 58 reasons to hate America.

The Only Truly Great American Movie in the last 20 years

The Only Truly Great American Movie in the last 20 years


6 responses to “American Movies

  1. You’re joking right? Scooby doo was a great movie.

  2. Right-O, American movies have lost their luster and seem to only appeal to the high school kids from under the “smoking tree.”

  3. I don’t like todays movies they should make a new movie about different farts.

  4. Dear sir, this was a funny and sarcastic character you created for the rant on this post. Some very funny stuff, except for the crack head that needs a tire iron style adjustment. The bit were you say ” in a country where we are all supposed to be equal” instead of what it says in the constitution,” We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are CREATED equal gave credence to the characters lack of understanding and in depth reading of the most basic of our nations founding documents. Certainly you hit the nail on the head for an all around the board rant! Love it!
    P.S. If you were being sincere about this post please disregard my comments as you are an idiot.

  5. and yet another correction. Hollywood does not take in the most revenue and it is the center of Western movies, not world movies. Bollywood’s revenue is more than Hollywood. Atleast know your facts. Geez.

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