Mixed Martial Arts

A Truly Disgusting Violent Mess Americans call Sport

A Truly Disgusting Violent Mess Americans call Sport

Mixed Martial Arts or Ultimate Fighting in the United States demonstrates Further De- Evolution of the American People

If anybody needs any further evidence of the downfall of America one needs to simply look at the de-evolution of American sport.

100 Years ago when America still had good intentions and the people of America weren’t brainwashed into their current state of stupidity, Americans enjoyed sporting events.

Events such as baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and football were matches of speed, strength and skill.  When America’s society started the downfall due to a genetic mutation, reptilian shape shifters, a corrupt imperialistic government or whatever you choose to believe, these skilled sports became violent.

Americans such as gun owners and other forms of human excrement have molded professional sports into what they are today, violent messes with steroid freak mercenaries who disgrace themselves as well as their families.

The violent sport branded by the great republican presidential candidate John McCain as, “Human Cockfighting” of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts shows how far America has went downhill.

A sport which originally was an entertainment spectacle in Japan has become a boring, white trash gay foreplay event for American white trash to drink beer to.

This so-called sport is a giant mess.  Real martial arts and sports such as judo, wrestling, kick boxing, boxing and jew jitsu have been thrown into a chain link fence surrounded bloody mess.

Just as if you took baseball, football, basketball, tennis and golf players and cast them into a giant pit and told them to play ball, the mix of this human cockfighting is a disturbing, bloody mess and is the shame of America.

In Japan it used to be entertainment for the people with true sportsman, but in America, any drug addicted, steroid rehab failure can take up mixed martial arts as the last resort to achieve some kind of manhood which they lack.

The American people and youngsters are being degraded as human beings by watching such nonsense.  These violent Neanderthals who make up the new type of American sport, to any compassionate, educated American such as the writer of this blog should only be viewed as one of 58 reasons to hate America.


6 responses to “Mixed Martial Arts

  1. Dude, you pussy, MMA is a legit sport. The best and most respected athletes in the world are now MMA you better recognize… BITCH

  2. You idiot, how can you comment on something you know nothing about and you obviously know nothing or you would know that MMA fighters take drug tests.They have to be clean or they can’t fight. If you can’t handle a real sport like MMA than go to the ballet or something.

  3. OMG…you are a moron! Do you know how many other countries participate in mixed martial arts fighting? The roots of MMA fighting date back to the 1900’s in Japan, Europe and around the pacific rim. Its popular worldwide including Mexico, Canada and Brazil. It is no different in any other country than it is in America. Most of the athletes involved participate in the sport internationally. You are a typical liberal moron and after reading just the first page of this blog, I will never read it again. You just prove everyones point. You are a disgrace to America and its because of people like you that America is falling apart.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Sorry for offending you, most blatant homosexuals are offended by the truths posted in this blog.

  4. I don’t think you can this truth because the second picture has been photoshopped. Not to mention America has been fighting since it’s creation, do a history check on that.
    Also these athletes have a brotherhood that a sissy queer like yourself could never understand. If you know anything about the scam of traditional martial arts you could see why MMA exists.
    Plus the video you have which I didn’t watch because the guy in it was telling people that you can knock people out without touching them. So he was stealing and brainwashing people, atleast America can produce a sport that is real and apparently you have not realized the whole world does mma. Fedor Emilianko is a good testimony to that.

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