American Fast Food

Killing Fucking China

Killing Fucking Chinamen

American Fast Food; A Secret Government Weapon

The powers that be in America realized after dropping the 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki that killing people from other countries with nuclear bombs is very limited.

They figured out there is a more efficient way to slowly and systematically kill much more people in the world over the next 50 years.

The surprising super-weapon which America unleashed to the rest of the world is now on every corner of every major city all over the world.

The slow death for other nations comes in many forms. It may come in greasy buns with a steroid filled piece of low grade beef, the meat of a headless abused chicken, or a corn tortilla filled with pesticide laden beans.

American Fast Food = Slow Death for Poor People

The powers that be in America know that fast food restaurants which have now spread from Kentucky to South Africa all the way across Europe have the dangerous, cancer causing ingredients and filth to cause diseases such as heart disease, obesity and cancer in people all over the world in its quest for global domination.

American fast food restaurants know no boundaries when it comes to low quality, high calorie food.  The food which has caused the last 2 generations of Americans to increase their cancer rates and exponentially increase the rate of obese children as well as fat lesbian women.

America is killing itself and this is okay.  Rich people will never be seen at any fast food restaurants for the reason that they know that in order to be part of the ruling class which will rule over the poor and uneducated people they must stay strong and healthy and spend 3x what poor people spend on organic fruits and vegetables.

The US government turns a blind eye at giant fast food restaurant chains while they produce tainted food which causes many of the health problems in the US and abroad.  Whether it is the fault of fast food chains or the government is anyone’s guess.

It is only obvious that American Fast Food chains equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Life Expectancy...  12?

Life Expectancy... 12?


8 responses to “American Fast Food

  1. My dad owns a McDonalds and I’m tired of hearing you bash it. It is a legit business, not like creating a fake blog about hatred and anti god messages.

    You are going to burn in hell because you are an infidel and a dirt bag.

    Have a nice day and don’t forget to die.

  2. dude, seriously? that’s the nastiest “food” if you want to call it that i’ve ever had. seriously. scientific studies have PROVEN it! legit business my ass. FUCK YOU, my mcdonalds owning friend, for helping make the world an even more disgusting place to be.

  3. I’ve never heard so much animosity towards the best French fries on the planet. Got ketchup?

  4. reasonstohateamerica

    I just bought a bucket of KFC from the store and on the way home I was mugged for my KFC by a young gang of African Americans…. Life Sucks Indeed!

  5. maybe they read your blog about them…

  6. just throw the whole dam salt shaker in there. salt me up 13.000 milligrams. most mexican wo-men work there at McDs and mexicans LIKE salt i don’t know why salt is like adding treble in your stereo but goddam to much. do you like crisco? what about lard? lard balls are liked by disgusting fat slobs and eaten all day everyday.

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