All Midgets are Show Offs

All Midgets are Show Offs

Midgets are Ruining America 3 Feet at a Time

Midgets are sometimes known as little people, dwarfs or hobbits.  These small people are all over America and their small stature hides the fact that they are a huge problem.

Being a midget in America is considered a disability therefore they get everything in life paid for.  Midgets use this “disability” to gain attention.

Midgets use the attention to amuse people and take away from the hard work of others.

Midgets think they can be the center of attention at all times.  When they gain the spotlight all others must watch them and get jealous about the easy going, high life which midgets live.

In America midgets are celebrities just because they are different.  In the land of equality which is supposed to make every man equal, midgets are placed on a pedestal which hurts the social structure of America.

Only Sharing his Gold w/ Midgets

Only Sharing his Gold w/ Midgets

Human beings are a race that is supposed to be dominated by the testosterone emitting alpha male and in America these little people have even more power than women.

The alpha male who was supposed to help the human race progress have become homosexual cowards who let midgets and women take their power.

Midgets also possess the secret wealth which they keep for themselves and hide from all other Americans.  These little people are even more greedy and ruthless than even the whitest honky scumbag republicans who hold political office around the country.

In what is supposed to be an equal society midgets have more rights than taller Americans and are constantly the center of attention.

These midgets are secretly creating an underground elitist society which plans to take over, emerging from underground once America reaches its inevitable demise.

Midgets exist all over the world but only in America are midgets a huge problem.  Most Americans don’t know that when they laugh at a midget, the midget is really laughing at you because your the complete idiot and the midgets are one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Midget Stealing Attention from Impressive Fat Slobs

Midget Stealing Attention from Impressive Fat Slobs


26 responses to “Midgets

  1. I hate those little fuckers, I was pick pocketed by a midget last year, they escaped by crawling under a fence where I couldn’t fit.

    This is the truth, fuck midgets!

  2. i sort of have a soft spot in my cold, stone heart for midgets. one time a midget repaired my ac unit. i tell you, i’ve never seen a person of any size fit inside one. i paid him an extra hundred bucks to crawl around and dust the vent shafts.

  3. LMAO, I’d pay a midget extra for crawling around in my house and play with my dog.

  4. There are midgets in other countries too.

  5. you guys should really get your facts straight before using the term “midget” for every little person. there are midgets and dwarfisms…

  6. oscar de la renta mama mia bellagio uno duos tres’ bush bush fuck me in the arsehole!!! i’m so horny over them fat midgets!!! getting me all randy and shit!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! needs a good fuck. call me on 0400830993

  7. Whoever wrote this is unbeleivebly misinformed. Dwarfs have a VERY hard life. NO ONE is ruining the world. Any one can live in the world. Just because they are short doen’t mean that they are different. So, how about you get your facts straight next time.

  8. reasonstohateamerica

    Mary Jones = ugly fat cunt

  9. reasonstohateamerica= Small penis/pinhead.

    i am sorry u were born with such a small pecker.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Thanks for your intelligent comments. Let me know which corner your gape is for sale at and I’ll donate some spare change to your mental midget ass.

  10. Wat up lose wieght fat rolls

    and y is the migett looking down his pants when he doesnt have anything down there cause fat people doesnt have anything wat so ever my aunt told me tht

  11. ill beat da fuk out a miget

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  13. I have been unamused by midgets always, not hating, but unamused. This article which contains much truth makes me see I probably should be even less amused and disturbed by them even before. Midgets could be a tool, as explained, to take away attention from those somewhat more worthy and undermine the American male. They sure attract more of today’s American woman than most so-called normal dudes. Interesting article….

  14. amanda hugginkiss

    hey fuck midgets and all of you people!

  15. amanda hugginkiss

    and niggers fuck those creatures too. ugly fuckin antique farm equipment!

  16. midgets are unusual it’s like a half pint human. I collect old light bulbs and like the odd balls and midgets are the odd ball of humans kinda like a mini copper just makes it interesting keeps me on my toes.

  17. I hate midgets too. Look at Pitboss. They don’t do their jobs

  18. I hate them so much. They think the world owes them something

  19. you guys r all fuckin stupid man dnt u see? migets arent tool they r toys. u should try it some time throwin or kickin a midget. seriously. and just imagin if u had a midget sidekick that would b fuckin awesome!!! fuck all u guy midgets dwarfs and all the little ppl are the fuckin shit. just like niggah!!! peace fuckers hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  20. you know I used to own a midget. it was a 73 duel carbs 70cc 2 seater I don’t have anything bad to say about midgets other than their fun.

  21. My Height 4'8"

    You are a moron! Midget is not a medical term, and although some get things paid for, what about all you dope fiend bastards robbing everybody? The truth in the matter is, being a dwarf in a grand number of cases does extremely limit the PERSON. I would rather help a dwarf than a junkie or dunbass spewing garbage and lies on the internet.

  22. Who ever wrote this article is an animal w/o heart. Midgets do have a hard life. You thought that they are happy on what they are but in the inside the are not. Imagine you are a midget, can handle being one? I’m proud of them being brave and trying to survive in this cruel world.

  23. You people are insane…Is your life so boring that you have to talk badly about everyone? Your life must really suck and I feel sorry for you because of that. My aunt is a midget and she has NOTHING paid for. She works her ass off, goes to school, holds down a household and never complains. While some may want the attention tall people are the same way. Obviously the person who made this site is starving for attention. I feel bad for you and any person with hate and racism. Or shall we say jealousy because you are in no way special and these “midgets” and “niggers” are?
    I am also married to a mixed man and he has treated me better than any white man ever has. He holds down a job, isn’t on any kind of wel-fair or government checks and takes care of his business. He doesn’t sale drugs or use them and he is a wonderful father who takes care of his child.
    Again I apologize for your ignorance.

    • reasonstohateamerica

      You’re aunt’s a midget whore, makes only 50% of what real sized whores make but I’d still bang her midget asshole

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