Barack Obama

Barack Obama as President would be a BLACK EYE for America

Obama is not qualified to be a president of the most powerful country in the world.

Obama stands for everything which is wrong about America.

An actor in the public eye, the real Obama is evident in his home life.

Obama gets home every night and puts in his gold grill, sips on a 40 and goes downstairs.

Downstairs with his homies, Obama has been video taped taking part in dog fights.

After Obama finishes his 40 he pulls out the angel dust laced weed joint known as “wet.”

It is here in his semi buzzed, drunk, angel dust induced haze where Barack Obama formulates his political views.  Obama is the wrong presidential candidate and the American people are completely stupid for voting for this man who is more qualified to be a rapper than a president.

Obama represents the liberal democratic party which is famous for its non-action and avoidance of important issues.

Obama Should be Shining John McCain’s Shoes Not Opposing him as President

Comparing John McCain and Obama is like comparing Abraham Lincoln to MC Hammer.  They should not be mentioned in the same sentence.  John McCain is a hero who has served America as a POW in Vietnam where he was subjected to torture daily while Obama was playing craps on the street corner.

Obama is leading a fake life as the politician you see on the television while at home he is as foul mouthed and crude as the latest gangster rapper.  Obama is easily one of the top 10 reasons to hate America.


17 responses to “Barack Obama

  1. You are a discrace.

  2. so is your spelling, george k.

    however, i might have to agree with you. anyone who thinks that mccain (who is really only a bush replica (and let’s not have to review this: i think we can all agree that george bush is the worst thing to ever happen to this county)) has any right to even set a toe in the white house as president needs a SERIOUS reality check.

    then again, since this whole website is based upon the fact that you hate america, i suppose you’d like to see it burrow even deeper into the hole dug by the bush administration. in that case, vote mccain!

  3. in the first paragraph: by county, i meant country. my bad.

  4. All Blackies should move back to Africa

  5. Everything in this article is true nigga.

    peace to my niggas.

    B. Diddy

  6. The Man in the Middle

    It’s amazing that nobody gets it. I’ve read a bunch of your comments and nobody gets it.

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    I don’t get this shit, WTF are all you dickshits talking about?

  8. To Blacky hater- why don’t you go back to where you originate from and stay there! You don’t own America and you certainly have no authority to send people ‘back where they belong’. Such a freakin’ hipocrite!

  9. Obama is a genius, sorry blogger and racist commenters, the guy is brilliant.

  10. All of you say go back to africa and shit…but everybody here is the descendant of a fucking immigrant…indians were here first you idiots

  11. LOL where does this idiot get his information from?

  12. fuk u white pice of shyt

    • here’s an idea. go in the smallest closet fart as many times as possible see how oxygenated the room might be repeat farts as many times as possible.

  13. Obama yes I can’t or I think I can’t I think I can’t

  14. FUck obama.. Actually hes done the niggers the worst so far so

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