No Americans are More Annoying than the Loud Ones

Loud people come in many different shapes and sizes.  From the Asshole in the grocery store line yapping at the top of their lungs to the Mexican, black gangsters, or wigger gangster wannabees driving down the street with 10 bass speakers loud people are everywhere in America.

Most loud people are dissatisfied with their own lives so they decide to make themselves heard in one way or another for everyone else.

This includes wearing Gothic clothes, tattoos, bodybuilders, sluts, and even beautiful women trying to show off their plastic surgery and anorexic physiques.

Loud people exist in large quantities in America because of the obvious lack of equality which is present in a society in which everybody is supposed to  be equal.  People choose to draw attention to themselves because they believe they have to receive the attention of others to lead a meaningful life.

What most idiot loud Americans don’t know is they are trying to achieve the basic and most advanced human need of self actualization in a way in which they will never obtain it.  All different kinds of loud people in America are wasting their pathetic short time on this planet trying to receive attentions from all the different idiots in America.

Loud people are all over and with no doubt are one of the most annoying reason out of 58 reasons to hate America.


22 responses to “LOUD PEOPLE

  1. Lover not a Fighter

    That is the most disturbing video I have ever seen. I hope there’s nobody like that where I live in North Dakota.

    I’m scared to travel now, thanks jerk.

  2. That was a typical jiggaboo in his natural monkey habitat…

  3. reasonstohateamerica

    The Video Title is Classic and Deserves Mention. Crack Head Gangsta!

  4. That is a truly disturbing video. I can’t believe all the people in the other cars just stayed there like robots!

  5. reasons to hate america was some of the worse most uneducated prejucated crap i have ever read. Instead of hating so much why don’t you poor all that energy into trying to come up with some things to better your 58 reasons. That would impress me!

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  7. I would love to see the gangsta try that with some biker rather than some girl in her compact car. As a firm believer of concealed carry I would have gave him a golden sabre wight thru the noggin.

  8. I would’ve backed up and hit that dumb ass with the car. Why sit there and take it? He won’t do anything when you hit him.

  9. she should have ran the fecker over – then reversed and had another go………….

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  11. 1 reason to hate where ever youre from:

    1. You live there.

  12. HAHA!!! I would have beaten that nigger SENSELESS…. right before shooting him… I hate cities…and people…..

  13. I am a loud person by nature. It is quite fun, I hate stuffy people. I’m like, just scream at the top of your lungs! No one cares. And it is fun. Besides you need to speak up to get your point across.

  14. Fuck you, this bullshit is not even accurate, go fuck yourself you pathetic waste of a life. Why do you even waste part of your life making up reasons to hate people you don’t even know jack shit about. You have way too much time on your hands.

    • most people don’t really give a shit about anyone else about 85% mostly are like a bunch of retards and mindless apes wondering around aimlessly I seldom run into anyone that has a personality.

  15. maybe you just have a problem with black people. most are loud and annoying.

  16. This guy has some real emotional issues, honestly who would put the effort into coming up with this if they were mentally well balanced?? I am not american, sure some are loud and egotistic but seriously there is good and bad ppl in every country. A lot of the reasons he hates america he is doing right now (eg – being controversial, trolling on the net, being in your face, being judgemental and haters of others, all these qualities this guy has, I think he is just focusing his faults on someone else to feel better about himself

  17. I wonder if blogging should be considered in this category? I seriously think people blog to get attention.

  18. I have had problems with loud meighbors in apartments for some time, in several different establishments. I agree with the author-they feel inferior, need attention, are adult babies, and are usually big pussies who need a whoopin’……Aggravating societal members who management usually side with, weird enough….

  19. I tell you what if that was me in the PT cruiser I would have rammed that nigger.

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