John McCain

John McCain Fire Marshal Bill Burns

John McCain has been an Absolute Disaster his Entire Life

Any mindless idiot who supports McCain and Palin running for presidency should be required to re-enter elementary school.

The chances for McCain being in the middle of a giant disaster is very high.

It seems wherever this Fire Marshal Bill wanabee is disaster follows.

Take the time McCain was almost killed on July 29, 1967, when he was near the center of the Forrestal fire. He escaped from his burning jet and was trying to help another pilot escape when a bomb exploded.

Countless soldiers died during this fire and this was before he was shot down and became a famous POW.  After his amazing ordeal as a POW and coming you would think there would be no more disasters.

After Return, his 1st Wife Suffered a Crippling Car Accident

Would a true leader and presidential candidate do to support his crippled wife?  Divroce.

McCain who obviously needs to take an anger management course while he takes daily visits to the phychologist to stop his Vietnam flashbacks which wake him up in the middle of every night.

McCain is a feeble 72 year old whose ticker could stop ticking at any minute and the only backup is a retard bearing, white trash, failure of a mother who has been governing all 20 igloos and drunk eskimos in Alaska for the past 6 months.

McCain is a miserable agent of imperialism, puppet of Israel and a person who could are less about the average American, than a sperm droplet in his pubic hair.  This republican conservative is just licking his chops at a chance of making billions of dollars for himself and his supporters while letting others suffer.

This man with 12 houses does not understand the problems of the 95% of people with only 1.  How can a flamboyantly rich old man run a country full of 99% of people which he has nothing in common with?  There is only one way.

John McCain is sure to cause the next disaster for the United States but now you can consider John McCain one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.

If this creepy republican doesn't creep you out, you've got problems.

This Creepy Republican deserves all Mindless Idiots' Votes


4 responses to “John McCain

  1. This cracker is the anti-Christ. I can not see how any idiot would vote for such a momentous AssHole.

  2. John McCain is a war hero dude! Get your facts straight!

  3. why does he bash mccainin this blog and then praise him in another?

  4. out with the old on with the new. hire young good looking people.

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