Quit Smoking Today

One of the more Annoying things about the Hypocrisy known as America is the Non-smoking Movement

Every country in the world allows cigarette smoking and it is commonplace amongst the young and the old.

Then comes America.  America is supposed to be the land of the free and yet everywhere you look, the basic human right of smoking being taken away.

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco has been made out to be the leading cause in cancer which is a bold faced lie.

Countries in Asia have a far greater smoking rate and yet cancer rates are far less than in America.

Non-Smokers just don’t get it.  They are in a smoker’s world and they have no right to give smokers dirty looks for lighting up outside a restaurant.

They can spray on 2 cans of their cheap cologne or Tag body spray and permeate the air with artificial chemicals but you can’t satisfy your urge to smoke?

This is Every Toddlers Right and it Should not be Denied

This is Every Toddlers Right and it Should not be Denied

Then there are the people who are allergic to smoking.  There are no allergens in cigarette smoke as well as less carcinogens than your average fast food beef paddy and yet America decides to punish non-smokers.

Yet another reason to hate non-smokers in America is their propensity to hang no-smoking signs.  Not one or 2 but sometimes as many as 10 non smoking signs surround the average commercial building and it not only looks unsightly but undermines the intelligence of all smokers.

If smoking is so bad for you, why does 8 out of 10 physicians smoke?  If it so bad for you why do 97% of NBA basketball players some of the finest athletes in the world smoke marijuana?

Non-Smokers are All Boring People

People who don’t smoke are often socially retarded.  They cannot fit in with interesting people so they tend to become introverted into their groups of non-smoking nerds with no life outside of their job.

Non-smokers also have the habit of becoming disgustingly fat.  People who smoke look better as well as function better in society.  If you don’t smoke, don’t be a loser.  Go buy an overpriced pack of American cigarettes and smoke away so you won’t be yet another one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.

Quit Smoking Today


22 responses to “Non-Smokers

  1. Only one issue on reading this article, there are many tolerant non-smokers, my husband being one of them. The tolerant non-smokers and the smoke haters are a world apart, so it is unfair to band them together. I am part of a campaign group in the UK, we have many non-smokers fighting against these smoke-haters draconian bans. We are losing on average 30 to 40 pubs a week, we also have an internationl area, and have friends from the USA giving us true information on what is going on over there. We also have polls we participate in,

    The forum area is the above link – this is our frontpage – is getting some great information out also (USA and international ) they are fighting back in the USA. I boycott many things in the UK, I also boycott anything that comes from California, Scotts miralce grow and many other things, “smokers money” is important collectively, so I spend it where it is welcome, like holiday places.
    Thank you for your article/blog
    I agree with the so called land of the free, I also think “Liberty” yes that is what they are taking.

  2. I hate cigarette smoke, except for after sex. Cigarettes should only be allowed for after sex!

  3. i live in new york state the first of many state to pass the “clean air laws”, or the law that state you cant smoke in a public building. i personally disagree with this law and i feel that anyone living in a state that has these kinds of laws should as well; and here are some reasons

    1. when the goverment that we so proudly pay thousands and thousands of dollars each year was first started the based it upon the saying “Life LIberty and the Persuit of Happiness(sp). And if I go out for a nice dinner and wanna smoke then that sould be my right to smoke as it does make me happy with out having to leave my friends family or date ect.

    2. This time i would like to point out the Civil rights movement… Seprate but equal which as been deciede that seprate is not always equal; therfore and smoker in a state with clean air laws by that deffanition is being saggrated as will as discramated

    Based on this two major happenings within our own country it show that there are tempory answers for problem s but the we resort back to the same actions just for different problems.

  4. Sorry if I prefer not to smell like a trashcan after I go to a restaurant? It’s not about the smoking itself but rather one who doesn’t smoke doesn’t want to smell that nasty stuff on their person.

    That smell can stay on your clothes and in your hair etc. for hours even if you personally did not light up.

    Then we get into the debate of separate but equal or not equal… tell me, how is it equal if I have to breathe in that nasty stuff?

  5. Hold it right there.

    If you tell me ONE GOOD REASON why smoking helps, except making “look cool” (for those in need of such) and (lying to yourself that it helps) reducing stress, I swear I’ll start smoking. Word.

    I hate smokers, but since most of my friends do it, can’t help but tolerate it.

    >>People who don’t smoke are often socially retarded. They cannot fit in with interesting people so they tend to become introverted into their groups of non-smoking nerds with no life outside of their job.

    Only cigars make people more interesting?
    And EVERYBODY else is a nerd/loser/retard/uninteresting person?

    I didn’t know that.

    >>Non-smokers also have the habit of becoming disgustingly fat.

    Wrong. For example, my mothers’-side grandpa had severe health problems BECAUSE of smoking and had to quit it. But the “cigar addiction reflex” made him eat stuff until he went disgustingly fat. The irony. Next time, do the research.

    Smoking is lung poison. And smells nasty. And it’s expensive.

    And since it’s a bother and a danger to us, smoking should not be permitted in the public.

  6. Honestly…this is one of the most retarted texts I have ever read in y whole life!
    Bad sentence structure, no research, and a simply unreasonable oppinion!

    You SUCK!

    • Not to mention you spelled “opinion” wrong. For someone is interested in grammatical errors and structure, you should check your spelling.

      I love to hate America. 🙂

    • pffft nice job retart.

      everyone that reads this blog smokes or doesn’t.

      sometimes people smoke cigarrettes. sometimes people smoke pole.

      these are facts. this article is not. hahaha.

  7. reasonstohateamerica

    I guess it makes you even more retarded for reading it douchebag

  8. Hey,

    I’m german! Fuck the US….

  9. Wow this is pretty ignorant…

    Have fun committing slow suicide, dear. :]

    • It’s comments like yours that inspired this article. I know this comment is old, but I’ll reply and direct it at everyone like you: I hate (love) to break it to you, but NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. I’m sure you don’t just type to people this way, but you speak to them in person like this as well. Being a sarcastic dick isn’t gonna help people do what you want. It doesn’t make you better or smarter to be a non smoker like you seem to think, just ruder. Not everyone in the world has to make the same personal choices as you. Thank you for being the only informed person in the whole world, we all really need you to tell us how bad cigarettes are, because it’s not all over the TV or printed right on the side of the package. As for “slow suicide”, I’m sorry to tell you this, but cigs aren’t the be-all end-all decider of life or death, plenty of things can kill you. But I’m sure you never drink/eat junk food/drive fast, so this doesn’t apply to you.

      Damn I need a stoge. Fuck you all.

  10. If I call any of you or anyone else ignorant, I am at the very same time saying that I am smart. If I call you a douchbag, then I am saying that I am not one. So basically any judgment is really a round about way for the ego to establish itself, even though it is a complete illusion, and therefore the very definition of insanity. So, I would be insane to call someone else a name or to put anyone else down so I can feel higher.

    If I’m trying to make you look lower, then I am trying to make me look higher. But the initial belief inside would be that I am actually lower and thus I have to put you down in order to make up for this false belief about myself that I carry.

    World Peace Is Inevitable

    Everyone Is Going Conscious

  11. I smoke and I am a fucking polite one at that. I hold my cigarette away from people, and exhale my smoke in the opposite direction of non-smokers. What I can’t fucking stand is the assumption of the intelligence (or supposed lack of) of smokers. “Ya know, smoking is like really bad fer youu” Shut the fuck up you retard. Do you not think I realize this?? Are you assuming I can’t read warning labels? Do you want me to put my cigarette out on your eye? Then shut the fuck up. Everyone will be more than willing to say how disgusting you smell when you smoke, but would anyone have the audacity to be so forward to someone who had incredibly bad B.O.? I think not. So smoker haters: Shut the fuck up. SHUT THE FUCK UP. I won’t smoke in your car/house/face. If you make a big deal of my smoke then guess what?? I PURPOSELY blow it at you for being such a fucking pussy. Smoking tax (sin tax) pays for your non-smoking asses new bills/rights/WHATEVER. So fucking thank me you pieces of shit. So you don’t have to foot the bill. I DO IT FOR YOU. Alcohol also has sin tax on it but we’ve yet to see that increase drastically. That’s because “Ohhh I don’t like smoking cause it’s bad for me but OHHHH let me drink myself in a stupor; here we go, liver!”


  12. @lulz


  13. go ahead nd get canser so u kan just die already fukkin dip shit

  14. I smoke only as a social thing in the weekends but my old hobby was growing. I grew and smoked oh and I can make pipes too. I made a pipe out of bamboo and once took apart a florecent bulb I can make spice pipes.

  15. yahoo!!!! This is hilarious

  16. This whole thing is really funny because there’s no place in the world called “America.”
    There’s North America and South America, but no “America.”


    • reasonstohateamerica

      Out of all the stupid comments this has to be #1. Only some from the United States of ‘America’ would say something as stupid as this. When 99.9% of people from all around the world refer to ‘America’, they are referring to the USA.

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