People who Lack Common Sense

This Topic is Obviously Over the Head of 99.58% of the Viewers of this Blog but…

One of the biggest reasons to hate America is the people who have no common sense which unfortunately make up the majority of the people in America.

These people range from normal hard working people, to retards to even geniuses.  Believe it or not, most of these people are not stupid.

The American way has made all people in America mindless retards perusing the American dream.

These people may be a highly educated professional but they lack the common sense to realize that the American dream is a made-up way to slave your life away for the extremely wealthy 3% of the American population.

The American dream forces people to specialize in a certain subject.  Some people tend to focus on their occupation while others may focus on video games or drugs.

The fact is, this specialization causes people to spend a majority of their lifetime focusing on a single aspect of the experience which they could have during their time on this earth.

Common sense would tell any idiot not to smoke a cigarette and yet why does your doctor smoke a cigarette?  Your doctor is not only a hypocrite but is one of the 58 reasons to hate America, people who lack common sense.

The very small minority of people reading this blog have the common sense to understand everything that is written.  For those that don’t it is important to point out that most people in America lead their lives more like animals or retards than sophisticated human beings.

If you are one of the 99.58% of Americans who lacks common sense you don’t realize that speeding down the street in your car will only get you to a red light faster.  You don’t know that voting for John McCain for president is going to raise your taxes, not lower them.  You don’t know a lot of things…

The worst part about Americans who lack common sense is how they act and the decisions they make.  If Darwin was alive today his theory of natural selection would be proven and become a law based on the behavior of American people.

There are so many examples of people who lack common sense in America it is not worth the cyberspace.  You can be assured that people who lack common sense is one of 58 reasons to hate America.


6 responses to “People who Lack Common Sense

  1. That was the easiest question I have ever seen in the history of the internet, you must really be a moron.

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  3. wow….so whatever country it is that you are from must have it spot on huh? must me the magical land of fuckin OZ. What a narrowminded waste the originator of this blog must be.

  4. A. Ton of Feathers 27% (15 votes)
    B Ton of Bricks 73% (41 votes)
    I pissed my self hahahahahahaha

  5. Wow..who the f*** voted for tons of feather? I know I didn’t…basic gravitational physics…unless I’m brainwashed by the illusion of reality by who know who (genius? retard? ???)

  6. The semantics of this poll will make anybody either drop their jaws that anybody would answer feathers or cause them to be ROFLTAO from seeing the majority of votes be for bricks… perhaps the statistics would change if it was re-worded:

    2000KGs worth of Feathers
    2000KGs worth of Bricks

    (For the fun of it I would like to throw in 2000KGs worth of Helium while it is in Outer-Space)

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