Selfish People and Flakes

Stood Up by a Selfish American Flake

Stood Up by a Selfish American Flake

Have you Offered an American Something Free?

If you did, what is the response?  If you offered something to drink, “did you spit in it?”

If you offered them a wrist watch, “what is wrong with it?”

If you stopped them to ask for directions on the street you would probably get an unfriendly response.

The reason why these responses happened was not because the people are no friendly or because you look like a criminal (although you most likely are) the problem is all Americans are selfish.

These people responded in the way they did because everybody in America cares about only one thing, themselves.

There have been numerous examples of American selfishness so far in this blog from rich white people and Asians hoarding their money to poor black and Mexican people hoarding their murder weapons.

Some of the most selfish Americans out there are the flaky people such as yourself or the people you know.

Flaky Americans are the most Selfish People

These people either have a serious personality flaw, are cowards or completely disregard the lives and feelings of others.  We all have undependable people in our lives.

These people are the worst kind of friend or co-workers to have because they completely ruin your plans and days for what is most likely an insignificant reason of their own which they put ahead of the commitment.

You’re sure to have many stories about your American friends flaking on you so you know that selfish people are one of 58 reasons to hate America.


4 responses to “Selfish People and Flakes

  1. I hate when idiots say they will be somewhere when they obviously don’t intend to be there in the first place. Should be a felony…. fuckers!$%#$!

  2. Actually I find that shallow, flaky inability to understand others (while imagining oneself better than them) nearly ubiquitous among Briton below the age of 40.

    But then again, I don’t spend all day choking my chicken spewing hateful generalizations about them.

  3. looking at the classified ads under free it says hello I have a old couch with holes all over and stains. or free used up old tires come by and get. americans are so stupid going broke on giving them a dollar a shot brainwash at sunday school go home all of you and burn your rock music.

  4. I have never offered anything to anyone but people often offer me boogers sicknesses and spit. I am not worth one dime anyone but you selfish pricks would take something from me if you could.

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