Bad Drivers

Fake wrestler

Above the Law Fake wrestler's Son's Car Crash

Get Paid To Drive!

America has the Most Strict Traffic Laws in the World

The laws of driving in the streets are very strict compared to other countries in the world with traffic signs on every corner and traffic lights on many intersections.

There are also overweight cops paroling the streets on a sugar and caffeine highs from eating doughnuts and drinking endless cups of coffee.

Why is it then that there are so many “accidents” with injuries and fatalities due to car crashes in America?

The problem is pretty obvious for anyone who isn’t a complete moron to figure out.

Americans lack common sense and they are often too stupid to learn how to do anything properly (unless they spend 4+ years in school studying it).

Bad drivers litter the streets and highways of America and range from the drug addicted tweaker, to the inexperienced hoodlum American youth, to to old people who can barely see.

Bad Drivers are not just the Idiots who Race down the city Streets just to be the First at the next Red Light

Bad drivers are those who make decisions for no apparent reason that any idiot with a shred of common sense could have made.  This can include people who slow down to merge onto the highway and start traffic jams, to the people who slam on the gas when the streets are covered snow.

Besides the fact that ALL ASIAN PEOPLE and MOST American Women ARE BAD DRIVERS , bad drivers can be conservative or aggressive, young or old, male or female.  The problem is they lack the common sense and the general intellectual capacity to operate a deadly weapon which is an automobile and equal one of 58 reasons to hate America. – Get Paid To Drive! Drive A Free New Car Or Get Paid Up To $3200 Every Month To Drive Your Own Car Like You Normally Do.


3 responses to “Bad Drivers

  1. I hate bad drivers just as much as drivers who are too safe, just about as much as drivers who blast loud ignorant music, just about as much as drivers with Jesus stickers, just about as much as drivers with Darwin stickers, just about…. Damn, I’m just a hater, I hate you and everyone reading this.. Goto Hell!

  2. I whole heartedly agree with everything I’ve read on this website.

    Here’s reason 59 for you: All of America’s downfalls, and ailments drug abuse, gang culture, youth violence, etc. Is affecting every country around the world including my homeland, Australia. FUCK AMERICANS!

  3. most of them think they are still playing wii so when they go out their minds are still off so they are in a video game in the middle of busy traffic. most peoples driving sucks and they do not care for the safety of others its like gogogogoogogogo weeeeeee boom game over.

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