Presidential Inaugurations

Nice Prayer for a Guy w/ Curtains on his Minivan

Nice Prayer for a Guy w/ Curtains on his Minivan

One thing Jumped out at the Presidential Inauguration of Hussein Obama

While some people out of the 2 million who attended or the millions and billions who watched  around the world were tuned in to watch the great Hussein Obama speak it was this fat pedophile who stole the spotlight.

Looking like a man who drives a minivan with curtains covering the windows or an ice cream truck this fat pedophile bowed his head and started uttering nonsense for 20 minutes.

Watching this and the millions of people in attendance must have shocked most of the world.

The great Hussein Obama had to take a back seat, (hopefully not in the curtain covered minivan) to this man who showed just how stupid Americans are.  Most people believe in this science fiction uttered by a pedophile just equals one of 58 reasons to hate America.


12 responses to “Presidential Inaugurations

  1. Im not going to flame because most of his points actually are valid despite the form in which they are given. My only question is this. Are you American ? my personal opinion is that you are not. I suspect that most Americans like myself realize in the real world no country is free of their own form of propaganda and guilt. but that’s just me

  2. WOW if this isnt the most narrow minded website I’ve ever seen, First attack our governments foreign policy, attack the american corporations thats all free game but to attack the people and culture of my country you got some kind of issue. First I’d like to know what country can claim this idiot that wrote (fabricated) this. I am an american football fan and obviously your a futbol fan (dont get me started on that stale sport, by the way only 7 year old girls play “soccer” over here men play football). Now do a little research its called foot ball not because it indicates the use of the feet in relation to the use of the ball, but has to do with the measurement “feet” now if you spent 5 minutes watching you would know that you have to move the ball 10 yards at minimum with in 4 plays therefore it refers to measurement so hand egg or whatever term you may coin is pure ignorance, as for the violence have you ever seen a “Soccer” riot, yeah we dont kill each other if we lose, so the violence exist but stays spectral. now I know you listed 58 reasons, most are insane, so I choose a few aside from the incumbent paragraph. Now I’d like to say one thing we are not a perfect nation we have our social issues as does anybody, but one thing is for sure you cant throw 300,000,000 people into one catagory without looking like a douche. Now lets get brass tacks, you are obviously a nazi lover and dont have a handle on your own life and have insecurities to the point that you blame everyone but your self and for some reason jews (of which I am not one, i’m agnostic) but to think the way you do has balls, I have a sneaking suspicion that you are English, and wow make reasons to hate america is the pot calling the kettle black, I mean isnt Brittan one of the worst most selfish nations in history that took over countries of people because the deemed them inferior slaughtered, raped and piliaged breathren up north. Let me know your origins so I can write a long bullshit list about your county, that obviously feels scared of us americans and our society. Long story short your a faggot loser and if I just could meet you in person so I could have you begging on your knees to spare you the pain in which I would inflict, fucking with americans is really a bad thing Im sure my county has more guns then yours so watch your fucking mouth pussy.

  3. Heaven Only Knows

    it is obvious that this person was brought to America by his parents and now regrets it. I find this site very entertaining with all the comments and all. Some of you people are proving his observations by put threats of violence in your comment and by you pure disrespect for grammatically correct English. Some of you are showing him that he might be right by displaying your ignorance in this manner. For him to hate America he does not hate the first Amendment. Sir you are everything that you every one of the 58 reasons to hate America. Do yourself a favor and go back to Europe. That should solve your problems of hatred…

  4. fuck you and your 58 reasons, come to my house i’ll give you reason 59.Hate america lol this country probably allowed you to be free to wright this shit which is profanity on it’s own i really don’t care if you want to be here so please leave and go back where you came from if you feel that strongly about it. So to you i say fuck off! homo’s and bad grammmer are everywhere if you can’t see it your blind FUCK OFF! did ya catch that you stupid mother fucker?

    • reasonstohateamerica

      Sorry we don’t take homosexual pedophiles seriously here

      • muteyew0949

        Wow, you call football racist? Look at your own shit sport soccer or futbol whatever the fuck it is to you. I’ve never seen
        African-Americans play soccer in FIFA or whatever. And you are obviously a lonely 30 year old jobless fat sack of shit who lives in his parents basement. And I bet you have no Girlfriend, so obviously your A homo-sexual, but that’s ok I don’t judge

      • You have low intelligence.

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