People who Watch Entourage


Americans are Douchebags

So naturally when a show about a douchebag, starring a bunch of douchebags comes out, every douchebag in the nation will tune in to watch some douchbaggery.

What is even worse than a show with a bunch of douchebags about nothing but douchebaggery is that every douchebag who watches the douchebaggery will try to explain the entire episode to you even you’re not a douchebag.

People who watch the show have major problems which usually includes not having a clue.

The shoe is pointless and every episode is the same which gets the idiotic American addicted.

The writer of this blog actually feels like a douchebag for even bringing up this douchebaggery.

Sorry this couldnt be a longer post but this blog writer obviously doesn’t watch the most pathetic and idiotic mess of a TV show ever created so we will leave it at the fact that not just Entourage, but People who watch Entourage are one of 58 reasons to Hate America.


4 responses to “People who Watch Entourage

  1. This is the only thing I agree with on the site.

    Marco Matos is a fag.

  2. In my place of employment, I have encountered the parents of the the producer of this terrible show, and I just thought you’d find pleasure in knowing that they too, are douche bags. And Jewish, actually.

  3. I have tried to watch this show a few times and I’ve never seen a group of people so arrogant, so unapologetic for being arrogant, and so arrogant without reason in my life(essentially). An irritating obnoxious show. By the way, the author of this article does not think Jesus Christ is real. That’s pretty sad. It pretty much makes me not want to read him. There is no real truth in writing observation or elsewhere without him from what I know.

  4. I have problems with public media and by the way jews are running fox but let me just say if you notice typical airing of shows they are stupid you learn nothing pointless garbage racist crap it’s all about either being rich or poor or criminal and further more you can disconnect yourself from this worthless brainwash and do something on your own.

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