Sales People

salesman are annoying mofos

salesman are annoying mofos

“Buy my Worthless Shit to Make Me Undeserving Money”

Regardless of the American business you deal with on a regular basis you will have to deal with sales people.

The purpose of sales people is obvious.   Large and small companies alike know that the American people on average are about as stupid as retards trying to spell the word retard.

So what they do, is find the most obnoxious, annoying assholes to pitch their products to 1.  everybody who does not need them, and 2. people who hate salesman and 3. Everyone who doesn’t need them again, and 4.  People who hate salesman again.

The Point is, People who want to Buy a Good or Service Aren’t Influenced by Salesman

The way America works is annoying ex-frat boys who want to make money for being themsleves (arrogant, narrowminded, pushy assholes) get a job trying to get idiots to buy shit they don’t need.

When you go into a store the salesman obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about you.  What they do, is sell, sell, sell and when you don’t buy they find someone else and sell sell sell.

What’s Worse than going to a Store and Dealing with Sales People ?

Try living with one, conversing with one or being married to one.  It is like coming your hair with a nail covered 2×4.  These annoying sons of bitches talk talk talk about what?  Sales sales sales.

Just writing about sales people is enough to make a blogger want to jump off of the Empire State Building and the final words are simply Sales People:  one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.


6 responses to “Sales People

  1. What about those pyramid schemes? ACN, Xango Juice, and NuSkin. They’re cultish in the fact that they try to recruit you-you can be a member too for $500 dollars. And they have conventions with the entire pep rally of balloons, fruit punch, and crying rehearsals on the microphone.

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    Screw them and screw you! The opinion of women means nothing to me, wash the dishes ho!

  3. Thankful American

    Meg was “agreeing” with you and “adding” to what you said. She was on your side! haha I think it’s at least a little but funny that you didn’t get that…. wouldn’t you agree? Are you big enough to laugh at yourself? 🙂

    Seriously though, I’m pretty sure you made up this whole website up for laughs. I can’t imagine anyone seriously meaning the things you say, unless of course you might be a radical Muslim, because it’s a known fact that they’re brought up to hate all Americans and Jews. Sad, but true.

    Radical Muslims, from my understanding, will sadly never know love or compassion for themselves or for others. Without love, you have NOTHING. I’d rather be the most pathetic American on the planet than be without love and compassion for others.

    Love and compassion… those are the *foundations* to a meaningful, happy life. If you don’t have it, I sincerely hope that you one day find it. I’m American, and I feel very thankful and humbled by that. You can hate me if you want, but in the meantime, I pray you find love and peace in your life.

    God bless…

  4. And usually none of the stuff they sell works 50% of the time….

  5. I wouldn’t buy shit from a sales person not even a car dealer. I would rather buy from ebay or get lucky at an estate sale. all the people at local stores where I live are rude annoying pieces of shit they are only there for one thing help themselves.

  6. Thankful American

    I have actually just recently gotten into sales. I told my boss when he hired me that I’m honest to a point and will absolutely tell the person I’m speaking to what I sincerely believe is best for “them.” If I don’t believe my product is best for them, I’ll tell them. I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I didn’t conduct myself with integrity. I guess there are some greedy salespeople out there, but know that we’re not all like that. Do be careful out there though and always do your research. Most people don’t know what they’re talking about. Research is key.

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