People who use Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

What Should happen for Use of Profanity

Americans all Speak 1 Language:  Functional Illiteracy

There is a saying that goes around which goes like this:  Most bright people speak 2 languages.  Very intelligent people speak 3 or more languages.  What are people called who only speak 1 language?


This is only partly true.  Americans speak a crude form of English which is only understood by other Americans.  The language which most accurately could be called American makes the country as a whole look completely idiotic.

The problem with American is people create their own words and combination of words.  While this may sound like a productive way to advance a language it is NOT, in America.

In America people string together words with profanities.  Profanities which include a slew of four letter words and various combination of words actually have no defined meaning.

These words are used by unintelligent and uneducated people to express feeling which they are not smart enough to express without profanity.  Profanity causes the idiotic to look completely moronic and vice versa.

Profanity is often used to be loud and make an insignificant point.  This happens often when people want to voice their loud, yet insignificant opinion.

Case in point this blog called This blogger obviously has nothing to say, or observations to discuss so he uses profanity.

It looks like it may be a collaborative effort between in-the-closet homosexual lovers Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh but then again it could be this individual.

This blog is not about opinion.  This blog is about observation.  There are no prejudiced opinions on this blog only years of observations and there is not 1 word of profanity.


10 responses to “People who use Profanity


    If the best criticism you have is our choice of language, or a weak attempt at insulting our sexuality, then you’ve come to a battle of wits Unarmed.

    Judging by your stance on guns, unarmed is how you like it.

    I’ve scraped things with more class than you off my boot.

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    Sorry Bill and Rush, we don’t argue w/ internet Trolls 😉


    1. We are not fans of Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.
    2. You cite your “observations”, but your positions on almost everything are logically untenable.
    3. No matter where you live, you’re throwing stones from a glass house.

    I would have preferred to e-mail you directly, as Trolling is no hobby of mine. However, your lack of contact information made that impossible.

    You can e-mail us at if you’d prefer to broaden us with your intelligence.

    I’m certain we would all be humbled by your erudite conversation.

  4. Laugh at yourselves people!

    Yay! Let’s lump everyone who lives in America under one catagory!!! There’s nothing like some good, old fashioned pesimism and generalization. :]

  5. FAIL! i know a LOT of americans who dont swear – they even think swearing is wrong so stop being rascist

  6. So true! Any conversation with a typical American is littered with profanity. Swearing seems to be as essential as the grammatical verb to the American conversation. If you don’t curse at least once, you come off as dishonest, fake and elitist to Americans.

  7. My boyfriend and I (both 27 years and swiss) were for two weeks in LA . The pool house from our hotel was also used for locals to party.
    so even at the hotel there were a lot of americans (20-35 old ones, so it can’t be the age difference ) who acted like they were the super pimp or bitch as they were a part of a rap music video, especially the colored ones. (i’m colored too, by the way)
    All that wouldn’t be that tragic, but almost everybody was arrogant and superficial and didn’t took any effort to give a polite answer.
    The Americans went so much on our nerves, I was glad I had my favorite music with me to calm myself down by turning the volume up in the car everytime I could 😉
    I was quite surprised and disappointed about how they are, so different from the Europeans. We’ve never been so happy when our vacation
    was over and we had to fly back to Switzerland!! Well, I really do prefer the UK and British english as language since then.

    ps: the enourmous number of all those prohibited signs they hava at every corner is kinda sick, well, for us it was amusing 😉

    pps: great site, by the way, I enjoyed it.

  8. profanity is my shit. yeen kno

  9. LOL That blogger who talked about you sounded like a moron….I mean seriously….he really sounded like a douchebag.

  10. it is a daily occurrence you stub your toe with a hammer you pass a red light on a photo enforced intersection your toilet is clogged up someone cut you off and you tell em to fuc# off it’s like smocking cigarettes it damages you a little bit at a time.

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