What a disgrace

Facebook is another web vehicle for scumbags, pedophiles, criminals, losers and egotistical showoffs to bring attention to themselves.

The website serves absolutely zero purpose yet is used by millions and possibly billions of people around the world.

What is the Purpose of Facebook?

Not unlike the Jews in what became  Nazi Germany, Facebook is a network that caters to Jews and Jew backers.  Facebook claims it is about “connecting with people you know already such as classmates (homosexual partners), friends (cell mates), family (incest) and co-workers (people you hate)”.  This is a front for the real purpose of allowing Jews and Jew backers to plan their hostile takeover.

The ridiculous System

If facebook was in the real world, every person would spend their entire days masturbating in their mother’s garage to scat porn.  Fagbook encourages censorship and antisocial behavior.  Facebook also places importance on things which are not important.

For example take a look at what happens if God Forbid, you try to “Connect” with new people on facebook (below).  It is if to say, when you walk outside the house, you cannot talk to anyone who you don’t already know.  Oh well, there’s always homo-erotic fecal scat porn masturbation in the garage.

There is so much negativity associated with facebook this post is being cut short due to the writing of the Reasons To Hate America book, soon to be available on Amazon.


18 responses to “Facebook

  1. You are obviously a looser with a gruge because you are such a looser, why dont you just kill yourself and end your misrable life on earth? I have 2502 facebook friends and your jellous you don’t have any

  2. Down with CuntBook!

  3. I do not have a Myspace nor Facebook account. The reason being, I do not care what others are doing in their “real” or “computer” lives. And Ben Mohmmad, it is jealous not jellous. I would rather know the American language then have 2502 “computer” friends. FAIL.

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  5. Mark Zuckerberg is a cute boy and I’d love to put my gay piece in his rear end, oooh is that language acceptable?

    Facebook is cute.

  6. American language? No such thing exists. I think you mean the ENGLISH language since Americans speak English.

  7. YOU PINCHE IDIOTO Imbecile, Americans speak the American dialect of English, so in fact they do speak American you fucking retard.

  8. I would say hello and shake his Jew hand, After all us Jews have to stick together. It’s easier since we rule the world. Problem, anti-semitic Slavic scum faggots?

  9. Domingo cruz dumb beaner

    What is more disgrace about this jew boy? His taste of women! Did anyone see his 3 bagger asian fatty?

  10. internet. only shit head people ,,,, no fucking body talk sense here.
    sad people live here.

    • in america everything is backwards. jews are horrible people and don’t leave out anything that is politically wrong they don’t deserve credit for anything that’s for sure just look at all the garbage the filthy jews give us in Hollywood that’s why youth are headed where they are 58 reasons to hate america is the utmost in truth look at where america is headed.

  11. Go fuck yourself, you foul piece of shit. Do something productive with your life instead of wallowing in jealousy and paranoia.

  12. You’re such a sad attention whore.You didn’t mention anything that’s actually wrong with Facebook,I agree it has it’s dark side,you don’t seem to care about the actual problems Facebook causes,you just want attention,go fuck yourself pathetic racism piece of shit.

  13. Don’t listen to these people. This site is awesome! Tell it like it is brother!

  14. jews muslims christones (sorry about spelling) ore whatever fath your into to hate is never the right answer my heart is with god if somthing is bothering you let god deal with it

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