Chapter 1: The People

The People of America

Believe it or not, you are most likely a sucker. An idiot who believes what you see on TV

An uninformed, brainwashed since birth to believe something passed down by barbarians of thousands of years ago.

You have no mind of your own and your intelligence carries very little beyond what you do for a living.

This blog is by someone who has an open mind. Raised in the video game generation by American values but has learned to break from the censored, military dictatorship which truly runs this fake democracy.

There is no ill will towards any single person just this diseased country. The views and opinions expressed are based on almost 30 years of observations, nothing more.

If you don’t like it, you can blame yourself and America because living in this country for 30 years has created every single word on this blog because of the horrible experience of being raised and living in this stolen land built on murder and lies, known as the United States of America.

58 Reasons to Hate American People includes

Black People





American Women

Terrorists & Jews

Asian People

Conspiracy Theorists

White People

Rich People

Christians & Muslims


Loud People


Fat People

Girlfriends & Wives

Dogs & Pets

American Youth

Internet Trolls

Sales People

Profane People


55 responses to “Chapter 1: The People

  1. Cool. Hey, why don’t you come out of the woodwork and say this shit to someone who isn’t a 5 foot tall tofu eating hippie piece of shit? Nobody likes you either, but they especially don’t like you because of what you stand for. You stand for lies. You stand for hate, you stand for everything that will be your end. When your on your death bed, you will understand all of this better. For now, you can go on being a tofu eating faggot saying shit about a country that gives you the right to do so. And you can continue making yourself look like a dick online. The only thing you have is your anonymous crowd of overgrown hippies that hate America for no reason other than for what you aren’t given. Your a pathetic scum bag and I hope you realize how fucked up you really are soon.

  2. reasonstohateamerica

    It’s always good to hear from a violent Neanderthal peace and love loser

  3. lets see here… you made fun of every single ethnicity, every animal and mammal and every single touchy little thing in the world
    dude stop embarrassing yourself, you’re making fun of yourself…
    and your family, and your friends, and everyone. It’s not America that’s the problem it’s people like you who just say what they want to. Yea American can suck, but doesn’t every single country in the world have one damn screw up to them? Geez

  4. He has a point… about everything… America fucking sucks.. i’ve lived here all my life and it’s the worst thing I could imagine..

  5. I asked Mexico if they wanted their land back. They said “NO!”.

    Anyway, I know it’s cliche to invite you to Canada, but have you ever thought about moving there? I’m serious. It really isn’t that hard to move there. And it just may make all your troubles go away.

    I hope that you get better soon. 🙂

  6. you need help or a friend or a hug from your momma i seen something you wrote about a innocent animal that should be bleed to feed people what kind of people would you like to feed it to you dont like anyone. people care about pets because there not soulless like you. to bad your mom was not a nice obediant woman maybe daddy would have got that bj he wanted instead of havin to fuck the fat bitch which resulted in the unfortunate creation of you eat shit and die you fucking cunt oh and if it sucks so bad in america get the fuck out take responsibility for your life and quit cryin about everything

  7. You suck and so does your country.

  8. You obviously need to goto a head doctor and quit trying to suck your own dick

    You are a pathetic piece of shit like most americans

  9. Ok…i’m going to give you some advice that will make you happy, and, everyone you have ever come into contact with even happier.

    Step 1: Take a gun. Preferably a really big one.

    Step 2: Put the end with the hole into your mouth.

    Step 3: Pull the trigger.

    I’m sure you’ve been wanting to do this since you were very young (god knows your poor mother probably wanted to) but havent been able to find the courage, which is why you feel the need slam everyone and everything. Well i say, if your so unhappy, why not just blow your brains out?…It would definately make my day a little brighter knowing your fuckin dead…

    Its a good thing you dont have your real address printed anywhere ( i looked) otherwise you probably would be dead..

  10. Internet Retards


    and all you fucking idiots who spend your time reading and typing these ridiculous responses confirm everything said in this blog which isn’t too far from the truth.

  11. THIS SITE IS SO TRUE , I have observed most of this in this shitty country… and canada is not that much better you fuckin little weasel,you bastards cant even keep french alive there you worm… I imagine Iceland as being nice…

  12. reasonstohateamerica

    Thank you all for your ignorant, idiotic comments which are wasting .0000004% of your pathetic time on this planet.

    With any luck you’ll butt heads while burning in Hell

    • what do you know, do you live in america
      the ignorance of few can not be used against the population
      You yourself are ignorant because you dont lookm further into the title
      Open your Mind, Open Your Eyes, Don’t Lie to Yourself

  13. You speak words of truth! We’re all a bunch of hypocritical fucks (you included as I am sure you’ll admit). We care only about others when it makes us look good. Anyway I have to go check out the retarded people article cause that is probably the one describing me bestest.

  14. You need to relize you dislike a system of order that is only an idea. There are thousands of ideas the run around this tiny planet and thousands of more ideas from the outer reaches of it. Stop focusing so hard on the bad that surrounds you and more on the good, there is soo much more out there thats uncomprehendable at this very moment that heavy thinkers like your self can occupie youself (then again who am i to say you dont, for this is only one of the ideas that floats in your head). Try to love you self first , then maybe you can open your eyes to all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

  15. You are scum and should kill yourself. How’s that for a constructive comment bitch?

  16. I’ve read everything and I can’t say I’m 100% with you on everything. But I will say you have many good points.

  17. Blogger, You have problems. I have issues. America is just plain Fucked!

  18. C’mon everybody. Ya’ll know that you have problems with a lot of people in America!

  19. Wait, you have a Chapter entitled “White People” Are you a African American? Is this stemming from a extended stay in one of America’s fine correctional facilities?

  20. This website and every single thing on it is the 59th reason to hate America you people are so fucking ridiculous.

  21. your country is fucking society

    ive been watching your country from this little corner of the world for years now, and i must say that you never seize to suprise, discust or anger me.
    even though some of the ideas you mention are a bit exessive, i guess so is your country.

    Ill tell ya what, come over to new zealand for a beer, and we can talk about your lovely country until the sun comes up. ive got some aspects i think youd be very interested in.

    Waiheke Island, NZ.

    p.s. do you dickheads know that your national debt clock is averaging 3.41BILLION dollers a day? your alltogether debt from today (7/2/2009) is $10,721,975,374,067.52. THATS TEN TRILLION! god bless amercia.

  22. America doesn’t care if you hate it. Save your feelings for mommy.

    America is best when it’s feared.

  23. Comrade, I love your blog.

  24. Woaw thanks buddy, You helped me with the essay about fast food… Really guys let him alone, everyone has his own to hate his own country… I hate romania.. I would move on an island in the middle of the Antlantic near the bermuda triangle…

    Life is a shit, in the funny way.

    P.s. You all should take life over new, thanks again buddy.

  25. I do think you can be a bit mean but I do agree with alot of what you say. The worst part of it though is that we Americans most of the time can’t admit that we do things wrong and keep a closed mind against any body who says we are wrong

    And the people out there that say those rude comments especially the ones telling someone to kill themselves is taking disgusting behavior to the next level.

  26. If you hate it so much, GET THE FUCK OUT. Don’t let the door hit your sore faggot ass on the way out, we don’t want you here.

  27. I’d like to think that he doesn’t hate America, he more so hates the asshats that run the country, and the douchebags who inhabit it.

    80% of Americans are fucking sheep, I agree with you.

  28. Obviously the person who wrote the 58 reasons to hate America just exemplified everything they hate… EVERYTHING YOU WROTE YOU HATE YOU ARE, YOU INCOMPETENT SOLE!!!

    You hate racists, yet you speak condescendingly about Mexican’s, Black People, etc…?

    Your TITLE is an oxymoron, you HATE something, which in-turn hates something…?

    You HATE women in AMERICA, because they have a level of freedom and security, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, or other third world countries…? OR, is it because they HAVE THEIR OWN CULTURE!!!??????

    Your article clearly addresses the fact that your incompetent, illiterate, and unintelligible… If your going to make a point, make sure it contradicts what your trying to prove…

    Also, your title stereotypes that all Americans participate in these 58 reasons, is not that stereotyping? Maybe prejudicial?

    If you HATE this country and our PEOPLE why don’t you move somewhere where you would fit in, maybe Communist North Korea? Well… Even they want freedom, I better not stereotype… You may fit in with Kim Jong Il….

    Long story short… Your a retard that needs to go to school.

    America is about equality, opportunity, advancement. If people are self-centered and greedy I’m sure God will frown upon that, and they will have their time before him…

    I can’t believe I just lost minutes on my life reviewing any of the material on this site….

  29. Wow. You must really have a lot of time on your hands to write up all this bullshit. The fact of the matter is – you only pay attention to the negative aspects. Then you get on this stupid waste of your life site and post exaggerated propaganda about a country that you don’t know shit about. Do us all a favor and kill yourself.

  30. If you’ve hated living here for 30 years, wouldn’t it have occurred to you that you might be happier living elsewhere?

    Although I guess someone with your obsessively hateful personality might not be happy anywhere.

    Or perhaps you are incarcerated…

  31. I never realized that the internetz were such serious business. Lighten the fuck up people.

  32. Its idiots like you that make me realize how fortunate I am to walk upright, although I agree with 99% of your observations, I agree objectively with my head high. Take the advise of “Fay”, its the best advice here. I would however add step (4.) 1 more wart off the ass of society. You annoy me far more than any rap song or fag ever could you steaming pile of wasted space. Stop breathing asshole and save the Oxygen for someone who deserves it.

  33. Hatred that has been nourished for almost 30 years is a wall hard to break. You have reasons that many, who are surely not wearing the same shoes as yours, won’t understand. But, there is no point in blaming. What has been done is irreversible. Sometimes, you have to put hope on small things though it’s difficult in your perspective. Learn to forgive as well the people not only because they were wrong but also because they were right.

  34. You know what?

    You remind me of one of those close-minded Americans, who spend all their lives on the internet, ranting on and on about the things they hate while providing no sensible argument to any of their opinions.

    You are one of the reasons I hate Americans.

  35. interesting

  36. I don’t see white men….

  37. Another group of Americans to hate, the people who ride around in Giant Stretch Humvee Limos. That’s why I made this…

    TIP TOP TRANSPORTS – A meditation on excess & Douchebags.
    (contains FOUL language – NSFW)

  38. Wow, this entire blog is either made by some hateful fag in prison, a fucking stupid ass, a fucking retarded ass, or an ignorant self righteous fuck who goes on ranting about a country he obviously has NO IDEA about, let alone many of the commentators who support his idiocracy. The dumbass sounds so hateful, its a surprise he hasn’t killed himself… Cause all this shit he explains about in America, is everywhere else. No Country on this earth is perfect, as far as I’m concerned this guy is extremely insecure or has some sort of inferiority complex. And wow, judging by the hate and constant vulgarities and insults.. let alone complete stupidity of alot of the comments… im sure im striking some stupid asses nerve right now. I have pity for you completely brainless asshats.

    My regards to PATRIOT and Fay for their educated words of truth, rather than just plain hatespeech coming from the rest 🙂

  39. There are a LOT of people defending the USA here and I have to say I am surprised. Blind patriotism has a lot to answer for. America is a s***hole and if you can’t see it then you are deluded. Death to America.

  40. Anybody who doesn’t like this website is an ignorant asshole that makes America worth hating. ARE YOU ALL FUCKING MENTALLY CHALLENGED? DON’T BE MAD AT PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY’RE SMART ENOUGH TO FUCKING PAY ATTENTION


    Mentally incompetent inbred lunatic ghetto fucking wastes of skin

    • reasonstohateamerica

      You’ve made your point, you’re a white trash whore, go suck a cock and gargle the semen from your pimp.

  41. If you don’t hate things, you’re a passionless retard
    If you fucking love everything you’re an idiot
    Ignorance is truly bliss
    By the way, how did all of you fucking morons get on this site if you hate it so much?
    Fucking trolls
    You’re hateful for coming here and fucking with someones opinion
    It’s disgusting

  42. I love your blog.

    LOVE. Your blog.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  43. Don’t ever FUCKING mention the crazies the TEA PARTY IS STUPID INSANE AND RACIST, deer hunters, fisherman, evangelicals, people who ride on RV’s the Fat Slobs who do sit around the house all day the the Nice person next door who never shuts up with bratty kids and mean angry parents who wanna fuck you and allow his fat slob husband to get drunk and go to wrigley field to watch the cubs those damn losers and while he should be at work making a living pay for his childrens trust fund and college education, mortgage, car payment, bills, groceries, church tything, clothes, I hate FUCKING SCARCISM AND LAZINESS AND STUPIDITY AND INSANITY.

    People Is why don’t don’t go out on dates, and meet people I know I will get screwed


    Walk or running a hour or 2 everyday
    Clean apartment
    Check e-mail
    Life off of coffee, cigarettes or anything you can get sweet

    They ain’t no FUCKING HAPPINESS Not If people are disgusting hateful and Ignorant

    666 Describes RACIST, INSANE AND STUPID need to place the DEATH CAMPS like they suggest fall of the republic It will be a reality but the middle class the fucking workforce ain’t to blame WHOSE ADVOCATING VIOLENCE AND WHO NEED TO SHUT DA FUCK UP THE KILLERS ON THE FAR RIGHT THAT’S WHO DON’T HELP AMERICA THEY ONLY KILL IT.

  44. this sucks, like you and your dad

    “Cool. Hey, why don’t you come out of the woodwork and say this shit to someone who isn’t a 5 foot tall tofu eating hippie piece of shit? Nobody likes you either, but they especially don’t like you because of what you stand for. You stand for lies. You stand for hate, you stand for everything that will be your end. When your on your death bed, you will understand all of this better. For now, you can go on being a tofu eating faggot saying shit about a country that gives you the right to do so. And you can continue making yourself look like a dick online. The only thing you have is your anonymous crowd of overgrown hippies that hate America for no reason other than for what you aren’t given. Your a pathetic scum bag and I hope you realize how fucked up you really are soon. ”

    LOL, couldn’t agree more

    America is a country because we were brave enough to make one.If you don’t like American traits than go somewhere else, who cares! And if you hate the internet, why is this biased review here? Also, you think AMERICA IS RACIST? Maybe you should look at this retarded article and THEN decide who’s racist. Dogs aren’t beasts, either, and the one beast that should die and go to hell is you! Also, do you hate everything? Even yourself? Why don’t you write about something that ACTUALLY sucks; e.g., you and your dad ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐. If you live in America, do us a favor and get out, since you seem hate it soooooo much. If you don’t, do the world a favor and stick a gun up your ass and pull the trigger. :p

  45. probably u are a person with light n a open mind.

    80% of people dont like that.

    but to show them the reality directly makes them even more afraid.
    But thats what they absolutly dont like, fear.
    So the reacton is extreme.

    step by step and a lot of art. step by step, easygoing

    great you do something, thats allways better than nothing.
    greatings from europe.

    200 wars from us in the last 50years without the persmission of the nato or uno.
    500 000 fat people on the one hand and 1 000 000 chronical hungry people in this crazzzy world.
    where will the crazzyness go further way?

  46. You should write about people who can’t take a joke because it would apply to the majority of your readers!! 🙂

    • reasonstohateamerica

      The only joke is pieces of human excrement like you who don’t have an opinion and have no balls and/or uterus

  47. I’m a gay sexual predator of little boys and I am highly offended by your blog. Maybe I should just wank off in my own fecal matter instead of writing any more comments…. ?

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