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Digg and Reddit

Digg and Reddit Suck

Digg and Reddit Suck

You thought Fox News was Bad

Americans are the most informed people in the world.  If they are not on the internet, they are watching tv, and if they’re not watching tv or on the internet they’re listening to the radio driving their SUV that is stuck in traffic.

Americans are the most uninformed people in the world.  The average fat and lazy American sits around and takes in multiple forms of media.

On the television they watch American news stations which broadcast all the happenings from the skewed perspective of Jewish owned news media.

On the radio they listen to social outcasts on NPR who talk about everything under the sun which matters to other social outcasts.  On the internet with regards to news, there are 2 types of Americans.  1.  Americans who visit the websites of the Jewish owned news media stations and 2.  Americans who view Digg, Reddit and other social websites such as facebook, technorati, etc. etc.

There is no other way to put it, people who use Digg and Reddit which are the largest bookmarking sites are complete and total losers!

These people have no motivation to find the meaning of life so they find the most insignificant stories about some complete hogwash and then comment about it.

These immature comments from immature idiots are then rated by other complete morons until there is a giant pile of E-fecal matter piled up in cyberspace.

What happens is these Diggers and Reddit Retards start looking for different versions of the same story and try to make smart allec comments to get thumbs up from other losers that thing their comment is witty.

The E-fecal matter which is the result of these American “social bookmarking sites” is becoming some crude form of reality for these people who couldn’t function in a functioning society.

Lucky America is not a functioning society so Digg and Reddit and all other social websites are one of 58 reasons to hate America.



God may Not Forgive American Infidels

God may Not Forgive American Infidels

America is a Wasteland of Zero Faith

Spiritual Advice which will Save Your Soul

Further evidence that the United States of America is nothing but a sinking ship.

A country which was founded because of the desire to practice religion is now mostly filled with infidels.

A combination of science and the infestation of unintelligent people who have no respect have began ruining America over the years.

These very small people have the audacity not to believe in God.  Some refuse to even believe their parents who brought them into this world not to mention the billions of people around the world who live every minute of their life under God’s rules.

American people think they are above God or even the belief of God which creates a horrible, devilish society which is the equivalent of a gigantic battleship which is ready to sink under the pressure of God’s anger and fury.

Infidels in America have helped bring it down for years and they continue to do so, believing in things such as man, influenced science and technology.

Everything foretold in all religious scripts has come true and yet Americans still put themselves above God.  Everything required for human existence is a gift from God and Americans do not appreciate any of it.

Cows eat grass in a field all day and are happy to be slaughtered for food because God chose to do so.  Plants are edible and are not poisonous because God chooses to allow humans to eat them.

Next time YOU, an American infidel disrespect god think about this, but for now you know you are an American Infidel and one of 58 Reasons to Hate America.

The Future for Most Americans

The Future for Most Americans

Dogs and Pets

Devil Bitch with a Bitch Beast

Devil Bitch with a Bitch Beast

Animals are beasts.  They are lower than humans, filthy and disgusting.

Why is it that Americans find it acceptable to dine with beasts?  Everywhere you go, there are these filthy animals everywhere.  Restaurants, grocery stores and even airplanes you will find these filthy beasts, whether they be dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, etc. with their American beast master.

This disgusting habit is evident everywhere you go.  Why do Americans dine and sleep with beasts under their blankets?

It is just further evidence of the de-evolution of the human being.  During evolution, human beings hunted down, speared and ate the raw flesh of such beasts.  At some point things changed.

There are many reasons to hate America because of this.  The average American obviously cares about beasts more than their fellow human beings.

An example is the famous American football athlete Michael Vick.  He was doing what black people in the South have been doing for years.  During the days of slavery, black people fought dogs who cheefully ripped eachother to bloody pieces of filthy flesh.

Michael Vick was doing something passed down from generation to generation.  Pit bull dogs exist to rip other animals, even humans apart limb, from bloody limb.  They are not cowards like the American people.

The corrupt American justice system took away the money and freedom of Michael Vick because he is black, and white people love dogs more than black people.

Dogs are beasts which Americans treat as equals.  Americans say they stand for liberty and justice for all.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on pets, if Americans were still worthy of life on this earth they would help other human beings rather than treat their beasts better than people of other countries.

Goto your local restaurant and dine with a filthy, flea infested beast and you will know that dogs and pets and the superior attitude about them as opposed to other people and you will see it as another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

A Beast that Should be Bleeded for Food for the Starving

A Beast that Should be Bleeded for Food for the Starving


Rasist White family on Beach, to Avoid Black People

Rasist White family on Beach, to Avoid Black People

I hate America.  Living here is painful every day seeing the people who I and many across the entire plant Earth hate so much.

It is easy to see why YOU are so terrible that it causes people like me and millions of others to hate the United States so much.

One of the most hated types of Americans are racists.  Racists are not the classic white pointy hat wearing white trash of the 1960s, not the black glove wearing negros of the 1970s, not the shaved head scumbags of the 90s YOU ARE THE RACIST today.

You are more racist than the pointy hat white trash, black glove wearing negros and shaved head scumbags.

You are not alone.  You have support of the entire media.

The American Media is the Most Racist Entity in the Entire World

The US government is not far behind.  The media glorifies racism as it glorifies everything which graces CNN, FoxNews and your local newscast every day of your racist life.

Scientific estimates show that 85% of Americans are racists.  Racism is when you cross the street because there is a group of knife weilding Mexicans on the other side.  Racism is when you choose the black cashier at the store because, “you ain’t gettin’ served by no honkey!”  Racism is when you goto the beach on a weekend because you know black people are off from McDonalds on the weekend and you don’t want your kids around black people.  Racism is living in the suburbs.

The racist behavior is exibited almost every minute of every day.  Some may think of this as reverse racism, but it is now RACISM.  Reverse racism now is buring a cross in someone’s front yard.

There is no reason to hate America because it is infested with racists.  Racism is a natural product of natural selection.  You see the group of Mexicans with knives and the groups of blacks with guns, the Asians with ninja stars and the white cops with their tasers and you learn hate and avoid them out of survival instinct.

The reason to hate America is because 85% of the people will not admit they are a racist.  Walk down the street and call a random person a racist.  They will deny it immediately and repeatedly tell you they are not a racist.  This is true with 85% of the people you see in the street.

The person who denies the most is often the biggest racist of them all.  Racists suck and are another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

In-the-Closet Racist Scumbags which is America

In-the-Closet Racist Scumbags which is America

American Women

Confused American Female?

American Women.  Nothing further needs to be said.  Using the word women may be a push.  The women in America are about as far from females as you can get.  Females in America are similar to women, in the fact that they have a vagina, uterus and ovaries but that is where the similarities end.

A genetic mutation unleashed sometime during the 20th century has began to destroy American females.  De-evolution has began in the United States at multiple levels but none further than with the female population.

Unless you are a moron, idiot or even worse, Christian, you believe in the theory of evolution.  The only true purpose of the female gender is to serve men, carry a child, and raise it, cleaning the house and washing the dishes along the way, of course.

In America, raising a child is 2nd or 3rd nature to most women.  Instead of being the feminine, motherly queen bee, which ensures the survival of the human species, females in America are robotic, masculine worker bee drones who serve no purpose to the survival of our human species.

American women care more about manly things such as voting, working and building their career, than raising a child.  American women are basically men.

American women think they are above men, higher beings who are equal or even better to men.  The fact is, women are physically and mentally weak from the hormones that god, evolution or whatever you believe gave them.

They are weak for a purpose.  So men can dominate them.  Take them home, and install their seed in the womb to create life.  American women have turned into something different.

People from far away lands come to America and are shocked.  Females in America consist mostly of disgusting fat slobs who are proud of their absolute hideousness.  Even the beautiful feminine looking females shock foreigners.

Instead of a womanly attitude, American women have a poor attitude and no values outside of the self only attitude which is consistent

Proud to be a fat slob

Proud to be a fat slob


If everything written does not sound right, you are either an American female who can’t believe that people know exactly how you think, or a brainwashed American who has their eyes closed.

Get away from the TV, internet, or your church and walk around your local city and just open your eyes and observe what is going on around you.

It may be hard not doing what the mass media, your parents, and your American government have told you your entire miserable life but try.

You are not a racist if you see black people shooting others, Mexicans stabbing others, white people walking their small dogs or Asian people wandering aimlessly about the street.

All you are is someone who has unplugged yourself out of the matrix and became a free person.  That is, until the man of the relationship, your American wife, bitch slaps you and tells you to get back to work.

American women rule the country because spineless, in-the-closet Christian homosexuals who call themselves Americans have no spine and are brainwashed to let women, amongst other things ruin this country and give yet another one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Terrorist and Jews

Past & Present Terrorist Leaders

Past & Present Terrorist Leaders

We should all fear the terrorists in this country.

But who really are the terrorists?  Osama Bin Laden?  The late Saddam Hussein?  All of those guys with bandannas covering their faces wielding AK-47s?

No, the real terrorist are the 5.3 million Jews who live in Israel and their murderer leader who terrorizes and kills the poor rightful owners of the land.

Not that a single asshole American really cares what goes on in anybody else’s life other than their own, but this terrorist state in Israel and all the Jew backers are just another reason to hate America.

This illegal seizure of the land of Palestine has created something which may even be worse than Jews themselves, middle eastern, Persian, and Arab people, who shall be solely referred to as terrorists exist as a direct result of the Jews and the Jew backers.

The main reason for the illegal state of Israel is the so-called holocaust.  The holocaust was a made up, false event used to give sympathy for the Jews.  There is absolutely no debate about this.

WORLD WARS claim many victims.  All the money in the world couldn’t save all the Jews who died in the war.  Five times more Russians died and yet Jews are remembered.

If the money grubbing cowards stood up and fought, perhaps less would have died.  Now the Jews resort to using American firepower to kill the innocent terrorists of Palestine and the rest of the terrorist world.

This brings the main point of this blog.  Reasons to hate America.  The small minority of Jews in this country serve no purpose to the rest of the populace.  They only care about the survival of Israel which does not have any right to exist other than to steal land and murder the native people of the land.

This does not leave out terrorists.  Which is worse?  The rat that carries bubonic plague or the flea who transmits it?  They both should be destroyed and so is the case with the terrorists which the Jews have created.

Middle eastern people aka terrorists have no reason to live in this country.  They have no other interest other than to rape the United States and its people of money and resources to bring back to Arabia and fund terrorism to fight the Jews.

America has simply become a middleman in between a war of the illegal state of Israel and the rest of Terrorist lands.

The whole situation and the downright scum which is Jews and Terrorists warrants another 2 reasons to hate America.

Poor Terrorists running from Real Terrorists

Poor Terrorists running from Real Terrorists