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The News

Good Morning, 3000 People were Just Beheaded in North Afghanistan, We Hope you have a Wonderful Day

Every time Americans pick up a newspaper…  Not likely… Every time adult Americans turn on their television they are most likely flipping channels looking for the easiest to follow sitcom.  Sometimes, every so often they will accidentally turn on the news.

The first time 95% of Americans flip through the news they have never watched it before.  The first story they see is most likely something like this:

  • 3 Year Old gang raped to death by gang of Mexicans
  • African country of Ginnea massacre, 10,000 dead
  • Jewish house wife murdered & dismembered by serial killer
  • Black man arrested for robbing bank and shooting 10 tellers
  • White supremacist guilty of rape, murder and mutilation of Asian transsexual

The examples are very off of the truth.  The American news seems to make the number one story the most horrendous, vile, despicable crime which kills the most people.

Of course, this is not the complete fault of news agencies.  The American people are the reason why the news broadcast such ridiculous wastes of time stories.  Stories to install fear in American people who are already known as weak minded cowards.

News that matters to the average person’s life is delegated to the last 3 minutes of the average American news broadcast.  What if there was a channel which broadcast the most important news in the average person’s life?

There is Such a Channel

It’s called reality.  The American people are so wrapped up in their own pathetic existence they fail to open their eyes and try to use their underdeveloped, brainwashed pea which has replaced the glorious human brain in their head.

They would be free to see that black people shooting Mexicans, killing the innocent but clueless Asian bystanders while white people look from the hills.

They will see Mexicans stab each other over a run down, urine and human feces covered urban city street.  They will see homeless people with mental problems roam the streets when nobody cares.

They will see good as well.  They will see good people intermix with bad people and create this mess which is called America.

The sad fact is that most people never see this good.  Why?  Because they get their dose of reality from such terrible sources as the republican government controlled fox news and the sensationalist CNN and the other host of American news channels on TV, even TMZ.

It cannot be denied.  The blindness and low intelligence of the American people have created the news, which is one of many things on the list of 58 reasons to hate America.

Because American People Really care about this White Trash Criminals Execution

Because American People Really care about this White Trash Criminal's Execution