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American Football


Typical American Football Game

They call this violent mess of a sport football yet only 1 player on each team actually touches the ball with their foot.  To top it off the ball isn’t a ball, it’s a weird egg shaped thing with stitches in it like a pastry for dessert.  They obviously shape it like a pastry to please the obese black Africans and white fat slobs that make up 1/2 of the team.

American football is played on what amounts to a prison yard.  The players are encased in hard plastic exoskeletons to help avoid the battering by the defensive players which are the equivalent (literally) of violent criminals and rapists.  The field is surrounded by cameras to catch every single criminal offense and to shield the violent, sociopathic crowd, consisting with a mix of homosexuals looking at the grown men wearing tights with their testicles and penises protruding, n0-life losers and of course alcoholics and inbreds.

60-80k Scumbags in 1 Arena

The fans and players are separated because even though the sheer number of obese American alcoholic fans are more dangerous than the ex convict players on the field.   If the fans and players intermingled, a bloodbath would no doubt ensue but the American Football League found a way to remedy the problem.

To dissuade the fans from trying to come to the field and violently assaulting the violent criminals known as players, the white supremacist, racist, slave-owner team owners raided the nearby brothels for the finest whores and assembled “cheerleading squads.”  These groups of disease ridden prostitutes were given drugs and often given silicon breast implants and told to act themselves (selfish, fake, Godless whores) to take away the violent tendencies of the fans.

The Most Racist Sport in the World

American football is by far the most unjust and racist sport in the world today.  Only black African niggeros are permitted to be the stars at most positions while whites are appointed the kicking or throwing positions.  The referees are dressed like zebras to remind all the black African Niggeros that just like Africa, they must run from the slave masters.  The slave master of course, is the white man playing the throwing position or quarter back.

Asian, Persian and small people are not permitted to play and although the league is made up of 99% black Africans the owners of every team are white, 99% of the fans are white and all the zebra wearing referees are white.

Dangerous Violent Criminals

The sport is filled with almost 90% violent criminals including rapists, child molesters, murderers as well as too many to count  drunk drivers driving down streets with the intent of mowing down innocent pedestrians.  The violence taught from an early age in the juvenile detention centers is carried on through each player’s career in this horrendous and violent sport.

When players decide to leave the game they usually have more money than people of their color deserve and they buy guns, knives and vehicular weapons that they assault innocent people with.  The sport of American football makes no sense and is easily one of 58 reasons to Hate America.

American Football Player's Pension Plan

American Football Player's Pension Plans



Teacher Can I leave Class to Stab Rival Gang Classmate?

Teacher Can I leave Class to Stab Rival Gang member Classmate?

American Students Represent an “Epic Fail”

This is a time when “One in 10 high school seniors in the class of 2008 failed to pass California’s exit exam by graduation, the lowest rate of passage since the test became mandatory to earn a diploma three years ago, according to data released Tuesday 9/9/08 by the state Department of Education.”

It is the fault among many things, firstly the horrific American school system along with a combination of parents, media, and the students themselves.

Exactly like the fictional portrait of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy American people are getting progressively more stupid.  The students of America are at the forefront of this.

Why are American Students such a Failure?

The students themselves may blame it on external factors which are well warranted but the blame can be assessed on none other than the United States of America on a whole.

The United States of America, Obama or Mccain, Palin or Biden is a lost cause.  The downfall is imminent and there is nothing which can be done.  If anything the students across America are accelerating the downfall of this short lived world power.

Evidence of the failure of the American education system is the failure to pass the retard level intelligence exit exam for prospective graduating California high school students.  How can a student spend 4 years in a school and not get the basic information?  Learning disabilities or developmentally disabled?  NO.

American Students suffer from a Mild form of Mental Retardation

The gene which has mutated over the years and thrives in America has created hybrid retarded American children which will only get worse.

Students have no attention span, and bi-polar violent tendencies.  American students have no ability to learn and spend their time in school formulating the future of violent crimes which they can commit in the future, whether it be a university or suburban shopping mall.

Worst of all, there is a possibility that an American student will eventually become a postal worker and then the problems will escalate.

Not like students in other countries, American students are a vile and evil entity which is far more destructive than productive and equal one of 58 reasons to hate America.

Mexican People

A hard working Mexican

A hard working Mexican

“Mexicans” are the poor people who come across the southern border of the United States. It doesn’t matter what country they come from, these Mexicans come across the border legally and illegally and spread like locust of the biblical plague.

While America won’t allow European, Australian or any other civilized people with money and good intentions stay in the country for longer than 90 days, Mexicans can come and stay at will.

Stay they do and spread. Mexicans reproduce at alarming rates. Immigration should not be the concern because the legal Mexican residents are the ones reproducing at such a large rate. The word, “condom” must not exist in the Mexican language.

A formula for a Mexican girl can determine how many children she has. Each 2 years after 13 = 1 kid. An 18 year old Woman will have an average of 3 kids with one on the way. That equals 3 likely inmates or dead gang members.

Mexicans are born gang members. You have to hand it to Mexicans. Unlike the gutless black people who become gang members, Mexican gang members tend to stab, shank, cut and knife their victims up close and personal.

If you walk down the street in an urban city area you can avoid Mexicans very easily. When you start hearing the oompa-loompa accordion and banjo it is time to turn the opposite direction.

Mexicans are the cockroaches of the United States and nobody likes roaches inhabiting where they live. You don’t shit where you eat and you don’t have any reason not to hate Mexicans or America.

A mexican in its natural habitat

A mexican in its natural habitat